Sunday, September 11, 2011

Live results for TNA No Surrender

Hey guys its the Sensational Sequel himself, the Sensational Sean back again with another ppv. Tonight it will be TNA's No Surrender. Don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for the chat during the show. (NOTE: There will be no Sunday Night Showdown tonight) Thanks for tuning in and hope you enjoy.

1st match #1 Contendership for the X-Division Title
Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorenson
Winner: Jesse Sorenson after a amazing reverse drop suplex

2nd match Semi-Final match in the BFG series
Bully ray vs James Storm

Winner: Bully Ray via dq

(What happened was James Storm went for his beer, and as he sprayed it at Bully Ray, he accidentally sprayed the ref, James Storm then placed a armbar on Bully Ray and as Bully Ray taps out, the ref calls for the bell. But instead of calling it for Storm, he calls it for Bully Ray.)

3rd match Knockouts Championship match
Mickie James vs Winter

Winner: Winter after a Great Muta like mist spray

4th match Tag Team Title Match
Pope and DVon vs Mexican America

Winner(s): Mexican America

5th match
Matt Morgan vs Samoa Joe

Winner: Matt Morgan

6th match Semi-Final match in the BFG series
Gunner vs Bobby Rhoode

Winner: Bobby Rhoode by submission, which means he is tied with Bully Ray in the BFG series

7th match X-Division Title match
Brian Kendrick vs Austin Aries

Winner: Austin Aries

8th match Finals of the BFG series
Robert Rhoode vs Bully Ray

Winner: Robert Rhoode who will be facing the TNA World Champion at Bound for Glory

9th match TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson vs Sting
Winner: Kurt Angle

Thanks for tuning into for your TNA No Surrender results.
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WWE Smackdown Taping Draws Low Number

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Last Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Toledo, Ohio was one of the worst attended WWE events in years as it drew 3,200 fans, with only 1,600 paid.
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Rosa Mendes Comments On AJ Lee

Smackdown Diva Rosa Mendes wrote the following about AJ Lee:

But what one thing I don't miss is looking at rookies that call themselves divas when they can't get a hold of some proactive to clear their Awful skin up, and start dressing like actual Divas instead of shopping at consignment stores in the kid section. You want to be a Diva? Look like one AJ. You look like a cashier that works at my local grocery store.

"Why you are on the roster boggles my mind!!!!!!!!
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Update On Maryse's Surgery

WWE Diva Maryse tweeted the following:

I met with my surgeon today and she said everything is perfect. There’s a little bit of fluid inside by the incision and where the repairs were done, but its totally normal apparently. The scar healed really good and there is no infection. So the surgery was a total success. I’m sooooooo happy!!!
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William Regal Comments On Possible Retirement

William Regal tweeted the following:

"Let me make this very clear.I have not once said that I'm going to retire.I've said I don't know how long I have left.Big difference.

Having had a decent brake from in ring I am feeling ready to go for a while.But the fact is that's down to two things.One is how long my body holds out and two is if people want me to wrestle."
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AAA-TNA Notes‏

Latino718 sent the following in:

Credit goes to

AAA announced Sting will face El Mesias at the next AAA PPV Heroes Inmortales V (Immortal Heroes) on october 9.they also announced Abyss & Magnus will appear at the next Tv Tapings in Puebla on september 16
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"Sickness' Results; CZW, BJW, DDT, K-DOJO, FREEDOMS Double Header w/ Cage of Death in December

Saturday night in Philadelphia saw Kamikaze Death Match INSANITY; THREE matches featuring INTERNATIONAL STARS; Adam Cole & DJ Hyde play a very dangerous game; & a huge announcement with INTERNATIONAL remifications involving Big Japan Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling - all in the memory of the late Chri$ Ca$h and PA Athletic Commission Chief Inspector Frank Talent.

* For Wired TV, Ricky Reyes defeated the debuting Kekoa, The Flyin' Hawaiian
* Also for Wired TV, Latin Dragon continued to impress by defeating Alex Payne
* The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater) defeated BLK OUT (Alex Colon & Ruckus w/ Chrissy Rivera and Robbie Mireno) with an assist from Kimber Lee!
* Wired TV champion Jake Crist retained against surprise opponent, Dustin Rayz (selected by an injured Chrisjen Hayme who withdrew from the match). But Dave Crist seems more concerned about his brother's title, then his brother's well-being.
* Mr. Tofiga w/ Dewey Donovan defeated Danny Havoc in a hard hitting match after Alexander James provided an assist. But after the match, Drew Gulak was none to pleased with the fans, the ref, Alexander James, or Mr. Tofiga.
* wXw Westside Dojo representative Earl vs. Kit Osbourne was interrupted at the bell by Matt Tremont and Rory Mondo, only for CZW Owner DJ Hyde to then come out and make the following announcements:
- BOTH Tremont and Mondo need to prove themselves in a Death Match Trial
- NEXT MONTH, Rory Mondo much prove himself at Big Japan Wrestling!
* DJ Hyde then says Sami Callihan is at home, injured...until the lights went out and Callihan's music hit...until people realized it was Adam Cole, MOCKING Sami, wearing a Cal