Thursday, September 8, 2011

3-Hour Impact Coming In October‏

According to Spike's website, Impact Wrestling on October 6th, 2011 will be a 3-hour episode, airing from 9 PM to midnight. Visit to see Spike's schedule for that day, plus check out or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Update On Jeff Hardy's Jail Time

CARTHAGE - Professional wrestling star Jeff Hardy was sentenced today to 10 days in jail, 30 months of probation and a $100,000 fine as part of a plea deal that will keep him out of prison.

Hardy, 34, who lives in the 200 block of Boys Camp Road in Cameron, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver a controlled substance and a single count of conspiracy to traffic in a substance containing opium, all felonies.

Hardy was arrested Sept. 11, 2009, in a raid on his home and charged with several felony drug counts including trafficking in opium by possession, possession of cocaine, maintaining a dwelling for keeping and selling controlled substances, and two counts of possession with intent to sell a controlled substance.

As a result of the plea deal, prosecutors dropped the other charges but said he must remain in a dug abuse treatment program.

Assistant District Attorney Warren McSweeney said the raid came after employees at a Fayetteville FedEx distribution center called police about a suspicious package. The package was addressed to Hardy from a fan in Florida. It contained a Maxwell House coffee can filled with 262 prescription hydrocodone pain killers.

Police resealed the package and had the pills delivered to Hardy at his home. When he accepted the package, Moore County sheriff's deputies raided the house and found other drugs, as well.

Hardy's lawyer, James Van Camp of Pinehurst, said Hardy got involved with the pills to cope with the pain and damage to his body that he endured as a professional wrestler.

Until recently, Hardy was the top star of Impact Wrestling, formerly Total Nonstop Action wrestling.

Hardy remains on the company's roster, and Van Camp asked Superior Court Judge Joseph Turner to allow his client to travel outside of North Carolina and the country to continue his work.

Turner granted the request.
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Location For First Smackdown Taping Of 2012‏

The WWE Smackdown taping on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 will be held at the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Jeff Hardy Gets 10 Days Jail Time + 30 Months Probation

TNA star Jeff Hardy pleaded guilty to three felony drug charges in a Moore County, N.C. courtroom on Thursday. Hardy pleaded guilty to two counts of intent to distribute a controlled substance, and one count of conspiracy to traffic in a compound containing opium.

Hardy was sentenced to serve ten days in jail and a $100,000 fine. He was also sentenced to 30 months probation, and could serve additional jail time if he violates the terms of his probation.
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Recent Attendances For WWE Shows

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

RAW on July 23rd in Pittsburgh, PA drew 3,562 fans for $155,007.
* RAW on August 5th in Salt Lake City, UT drew 3,498 fans for $137,279.
* SummerSlam on August 14th in Los Angeles drew a sellout 14,105 fans for $1,008,150.
* RAW on August 15th in San Diego, CA drew 6,103 fans for $263,640.
* SmackDown on September 1st in Nimes, France drew 5,500 fans for $450,000.
* RAW on September 2nd in San Juan, PR drew 11,000 fans for $450,000.
* SmackDown on September 2nd in Geneva, Switzerland drew 4,500 fans for $430,000.
* RAW on September 3rd in Trenton, NJ drew 5,700 fans for $175,000.
* SmackDown on September 3rd in Paris, France drew 13,000 fans for $980,000.
* RAW on September 4th in Wheeling, WV drew 3,500 fans for $110,000.
* SmackDown on September 4th in Paris, France drew 5,700 fans for $480,000.
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Update On The WWE Network

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE reportedly announced the new WWE Network early in-part because they were concerned that UFC would announce plans to start their own network first. Ever since UFC signed with FOX, they've lost all interest in doing their own channel. While WWE usually acts like UFC isn't competition publicly, word is that Vince McMahon isn't happy with several recent UFC moves including their plan to run a 100,000 seat stadium in Brazil next year
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Kamikaze Death Match THIS SATURDAY - MASADA-ITO‏

THIS SATURDAY at The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA - CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title vs. BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Title - MASADA vs. Ryuto A KAMIKAZE DEATH MATCH!

Both titles suspended above the ring! Whomever grabs a title first gets that title!
(Watch MASADA's statement and see Ito's response!)

Doors open 6:30 pm, Wired TV starts at 7 pm, and The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial 'Down With The Sickness' begins at 8 pm! Japan's Samauri TV & HybridEnt.TV will be filming the action!


JUST ADDED, Ricky Reyes takes on the debuting Kekoa "The Flyin' Hawaiian".

* CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore vs. BJ Whitmer (as a reward from CZW Owner DJ Hyde for 'punishing' Sami Callihan last month)
* CZW World Tag Titles Match: champions Philly's Most Wanted (Joker & BLK JEEZ) vs. Team Fight Club Pro (Trent 7 & MK McKinnan)
* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole's open challenge to ANY previous CZW champion!
* CZW Wired champion Jake Crist vs. Chrisjen Hayme! (See what Hayme, the winner of August's Aerial Assault Match, has to say about his title shot)
* Danny Havoc w/ tHURTeen (Havoc promises "We'll Find Out How Tough You Really Are") vs. Mr. Tofiga w/ "Full Price" Dewey Donovan (who is demanding Mr. Tofiga "Ends Danny Havoc")
* BLK OUT (Alex Colon & Ruckus) vs. The Runaways (Joey Gacy & Ryan Slater) (Watch what BLK OUT & The Runaways have to say)
* Latin Dragon vs. Alex Payne for 'Wired TV'!

Tickets available now at the CZW Pro Shop. Show your support at the 'Down With the Sickness 2011' Facebook Event site!


HybridEnt.TV - Get the latest from Combat Zone Wrestling, Insanity Pro Wrestling and Big Japan Wrestling on DVD and On-Demand stream, including:

* CZW 'Tangled Web 4'
* CZW 'Tournament of Death X'
* BJW 'Too Much Blood'
* BJW 'Death Match Wars '09'
* IPW 'Keeping The Faith'
* IPW 'Revalations'
* ...AND MORE!

HybridEnt.TV will also be on-hand for the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Event, 'Down With The Sickness 2011' THIS SATURDAY, September 10 with new CZW merchandise including hoodies, wristbands, and even a NEW BJW logo T-shirt.

New CZW merchandise added all the time at HybridEnt.TV and to the DVD/On-Demand streaming catalog. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, TODAY!



As part of the British leg of the 2011 CZW World Tour, 'Project Mayhem' will feature a Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament to begin on Saturday, September 24 at Planet Nightclub, Westbury ST in Wolverhampton, WV1 1JD!

In addition to the tournament, an 8-Man Light Heavyweight Extravaganza will take place (names to be announced soon).

In the First Round of the Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament:
* Devon Moore vs. Clint Margura
* Finally, Sami Callihan will go one-on-one with DJ Hyde!
* Jimmy Havoc vs. Yoshihito Sasaki
* Danny Havoc vs. Yuko Miyamoto

Tickets available NOW at

CZW INVADES MONSTER-MANIA 20 IN HUNT VALLEY, MD! - CZW invades Monster-Mania 20 at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, Maryland the weekend of September 16!

CZW stars Greg Excellent, Ryan McBride, and more will be on hand with the likes of John Carpenter, Tony Todd, cast members of AMC's 'Walking Dead' , a 'Monster Squad' reunion, a cast reunions from 'Halloween' & 'Hellraiser', & more.

For more information, visit's Preview of Monster-Mania 20. CZW LIVE EVENTS!

Saturday, Sept. 10 - 7:30 pm

Asylum Arena
7 W. Ritner ST
Philadelphia, PA

Tickets available NOW
at the CZW Pro Shop!

Friday, Sept 23 to Sunday, Sept 25

Planet Nightclub
Westbury ST
Wolverhampton, WV1 1JD

Tickets available:

Saturday, Oct 1 to Monday, Oct 3

Im Lipperfeld 23, 46047
Oberhausen, Germany

Tickets available:

FRIDAY EVENT, October 7 - 7:30 PM

Asylum Arena
7 W. Ritner ST
Philadelphia, PA

Tickets available NOW
at the CZW Pro Shop!

Sunday, October 9

Parkwood Youth Organization
3301 Mechanicsville RD
Philadelphia, PA
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Press Release: Kurt Angle's Lawyer Issues Statement On Kurt's Arrest

Reported Angle Breath Test Inadmissible Under Virginia Law
~Field Test Not Calibrated and Inherently Flawed for Court Use~

Front Royal, Virginia— Attorney C. Todd Gilbert who represents Olympian and professional wrestler Kurt Angle issued the following statement today to clarify erroneous media reports about the evidence against Mr. Angle following his arrest Saturday night.

Mr. Gilbert stated, "A local newspaper reported today that my client’s percentage of blood alcohol at the scene of his arrest Saturday night was 091. What the media failed to report is that the handheld field test unit used for this test is so inherently unreliable and the protocols for its use so flawed that these results are inadmissible as evidence under Virginia law.

The results which will be admissible in court, and which vindicate my client, showed that his actual blood alcohol content was a .06, well below the legal limit of .08. The breath testing machine used to determine this accurate .06 level is one that passes the rigorous scientific standards set forth by the Virginia Department of Forensic Science. This testing unit is also subject to equally meticulous written protocols and pre-test calibrations for its use. One such protocol is a 20 minute waiting period to ensure that any residual alcohol present in the mouth will have evaporated prior to testing and will therefore not cause a false positive or a result that is higher that one’s actual blood alcohol content. The handheld breath testing unit used by state troopers in this case is merely a tool to assist police in determining probable cause, but its results are inexact which is why they are inadmissible in court. For example, no such 20 minute waiting period is performed by officers in the field prior to its use. As such, the report today is both incomplete and misleading.

Mr. Angle continues to look forward to having the scientifically valid results of his actual blood alcohol content presented in court in order to clear him of this charge."
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Interesting Win/Loss Statistics For John Cena And Jinder Mahal

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jinder Mahal lost his first TV match on this past Monday's RAW when he teamed with The Great Khali to face Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Before that and with the exception of a SmackDown battle royal, Mahal had won his first 26 matches.

If John Cena loses to Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions, it will be the first time Cena has lost on three straight WWE pay-per-view events since the Summer of 2008 when he lost to Triple H, JBL and Batista at three straight events. This year, Cena has lost twice in a row to CM Punk at SummerSlam and Money in the Bank.
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TV Rating For WWE Raw 9/5/11


The 9/5 edition of WWE Raw scored a 3.0 cable rating with 4.2 million viewers. This week's first hour averaged a 3.06 rating and the second hour did a 2.94 rating
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Audio: Running The Ropes 9/7/11 Archived

This week, join Brian "Maveric" Bertrand, Chris Kelly, Randy McWilliams, and Heartbreak Mike as they talk about the sudden rise of obscurity on WWE Raw as well as what Ken Anderson paying homage to Steve Austin, pro wrestling's unsolved mysteries and more
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Bloodstained Memoirs iPhone App Press Release‏

Monday 12th September sees the debut of the Bloodstained Memoirs iPhone App.

The Bloodstained Memo