Monday, September 5, 2011

WWE Confirms A WWE Network Is In The Works


WWE ran a promo on tonight's Raw using a lot of footage from the Bruno Sammartino era to present to tout the planned debut of the WWE Network, billed as coming in 2012. While they have been publicly discussing the project in stockholder conference calls for some time, this was the first public disclosure of those plans to the viewing audience.

WWE set up a fan facebook page that can be found at this link
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*Spoiler* Results For Superstars 9/8/11

Dark Match:

*Drew McIntyre pinned Primo.

WWE Superstars:

*Mason Ryan pinned JTG.

*Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks defeated Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil.
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JBL Comments On WWE Return And Possibly Going To TNA

Over on his Facebook, JBL wrote the following in his blog:

Will I return to WWE? I doubt it, but you never know. I am not looking for a job and they are not asking me to return so it has not come up. I had to retire due to injuries, and yes, the 23 second match with Rey at Wrestlemania was my idea-at that point in my career due to injuries I could not have had any type of real match.

I was so hurt at that point that I literally couldn’t walk anywhere of distance and didn’t have the ability to work out. I hated being out of shape and realized I was tired of smoke and mirrors to hide my inadequacies-I didn’t want to be one of those old guys who had held on too long and I was in danger of becoming exactly that."

"Would there be any scenario I would return? Yes. I enjoy commentary and love performing-I am a lifelong wrestling fan who loved the art of the business. I hate travel and as you can see, for me; my life is just what I want right now. But, if the right spot opened up than WWE is my family and I would think strongly about returning. The one return I did in Dallas with Stone Cold and Michael Cole made me remember how much I loved the business.

So, we’ll see-odds are no return, but you never know.

Will I go to TNA? One of my best friends Bruce Prichard is there running talent relations and I have always gotten along great with Eric Bischoff as well as Dixie Carter-all I consider friends. I also have some wonderful friends working there as talent. It would be an enjoyable experience working there and their schedule is very appealing.

However, at the end of the day, I am a WWE guy-and would have a hard time working anywhere else. I had an offer to do radio somewhere other than TRN-who I worked for several years and I turned it down out of loyalty. I do my Internet show but that is with TRN’s blessing. Loyalty to me is always above money.

I’m not saying it’s 100 percent no option, but right now I have no desire to go anywhere other than WWE-even though I am not under contract and may never work there again. Odds are I will do something in the future, but maybe a one off-who knows. Wrestling though is pretty much off the table
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Kevin Nash Fired By Triple H

It was just announced on WWE Raw that Triple H has fired Kevin Nash from the WWE. Nash then left the building with John Laurinaitis.
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Mason Ryan Returns To WWE TV

Mason Ryan returned to WWE TV tonight in Columbis, Ohio as he competed in a match against JTG. The former Nexus member had been sidelined since late June due to an undisclosed injury.
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Update On Bo Rotundo's Injury

According to Seth Rollins Formspring account, Bo Rotundo will be missing some ring time after Rotundo suffered a lacerated kidney.

Seth posted:

He has a lacerated kidney. Very serious. Could be months before he is well
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CZW World Title Match THIS SATURDAY at Chri$ Ca$h Memorial‏

THIS SATURDAY, the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial, 'Down With The Sickness 2011', heads to The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm bell time.

CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion MASADA takes on BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight champion Ryuto Ito TITLE VS. TITLE! (Ito responds to MASADA in an exclusive clip at CZW's Official YouTube. Watch MASADA's statement.)

Japan's Samauri TV will also be on-hand to film the action!

JUST ADDED, as a reward for beating the living hell out of Sami Callihan last month, CZW owner DJ Hyde is granting BJ Whiter...A CZW WORLD TITLE MATCH against champion Devon Moore!

* CZW World Tag Titles Match: champions Philly's Most Wanted (Joker & BLK JEEZ) vs. Team Fight Club Pro (Trent 7 & MK McKinnan)
* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole's open challenge to ANY previous CZW champion!
* CZW Wired champion Jake Crist vs. Chrisjen Hayme! (See what Hayme, the winner of August's Aerial Assault Match, has to say about his title shot)
* Danny Havoc w/ tHURTeen (Havoc promises "We'll Find Out How Tough You Really Are") vs. Mr. Tofiga w/ "Full Price" Dewey Donovan (who is demanding Mr. Tofiga "Ends Danny Havoc")
* BLK OUT (Alex Colon & Ruckus) vs. The Runaways (Joey Gacy & Ryan Slater) (Watch what BLK OUT & The Runaways have to say)
* Latin Dragon vs. Alex Payne for 'Wired TV'!

Tickets available now at the CZW Pro Shop. Show your support at the 'Down With the Sickness 2011' Facebook Event site!


After a verbal exchange from Niles Young to the members of Men's Club USA, Cole Callaway assaulted Young and carried him unconscious to the "way back" of The Asylum Arena. Find out what happened next on CZW's Official YouTube Channel.

After their battle last month, Rory Mondo and Matt Tremont have choice words to say about one another and their future in the Combat Zone!

After being crushed by CZW Owner DJ Hyde's hitmen The Nigerian Nightmares, Greg Excellent only has one message, he's not dead yet...


AVAILABLE NOW at HybridEnt.TV! CZW's newest release - 'Tangled Web 4' on DVD and On-Demand streaming!

Check out the UPDATED HybridEnt.TV catalog, with NEW entries from Insanity Pro Wrestling, Big Japan Wrestling, & the latest from Combat Zone Wrestling!



As part of the British leg of the 2011 CZW World Tour, 'Project Mayhem' will feature a Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament to begin on Saturday, September 24 at Planet Nightclub, Westbury ST in Wolverhampton, WV1 1JD!

In addition to the tournament, an 8-Man Light Heavyweight Extravaganza will take place (names to be announced soon).

In the First Round of the Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament:
* Devon Moore vs. Clint Margura
* Finally, Sami Callihan will go one-on-one with DJ Hyde!
* Jimmy Havoc vs. Yoshihito Sasaki
* Danny Havoc vs. Yuko Miyamoto

Tickets available NOW at

CZW INVADES MONSTER-MANIA 20 IN HUNT VALLEY, MD! - CZW invades Monster-Mania 20 at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, Maryland the weekend of September 16!

CZW stars Greg Excellent, Ryan McBride, and more will be on hand with the likes of John Carpenter, Tony Todd, cast members of AMC's 'Walking Dead' , a 'Monster Squad' reunion, a cast reunions from 'Halloween' & 'Hellraiser', & more.

For more information, visit's Preview of Monster-Mania 2
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Live results for WWE Raw 9/5/2011

Guess whos back???? Its me its me, its Sensational Sean. Stay tuned right here for live Raw results as they come, and don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for discussions about Raw, and WNL right after Raw.

They open the show with video footage of last weeks in ring segment between Kevin Nash, HHH, and CM Punk from the beginning of Raw. In the footage they also show what happened on Smackdown from last tuesday with the contract signing.

After the footage out comes Punk. He says he has a little bit of a nugget for the audience. He is different, he acts differently, he walks differently, he speaks differently. He speaks without a filter, especially by saying things like he is the best wrestler in the world, but he can back it up in the ring. And he pisses people off, maybe thats why R-Truth interfered in his match last week, and tonight he is facing Truth in a match, but he would rather face off against Kevin Nash. He is the status quo, same music from 1996, same beard and hair color since the first Gulf War, same notion that him and HHH are best buddies. Punk knows that Nash will be in the corner of HHH at Night of Champions, so tonight he is going to offer Nash a chance to come out tonight and give him a open forum, and out comes Nash, who stays on stage. Nash says he doesn't listen to Punk, he does what he wants, he talks to who he wants, and he fights who he wants. Punk says that Nash has more excuses than anyone else in the business, and even calls Nash Super Shredder (Ninja Turtle reference, FTW). Punk tells Nash the last time he was relevant was 1994, before Punk even could drive legally. As Punk continues to talk, out comes the COO HHH. Nash tells HHH that Punk is a cancer, and that hes getting tired of it, that the universe is not big enough for both Punk and Nash. (The universe? really.) HHH asks Nash that he wants HHH to get rid of Punk, normally he would do that, normally he would do anything Nash has to say. But this week isn't normal, this week he received footage from the Staples Center security. That Nash knows exactly who sent the text message, and it was Nash. Nash says he did what HHH couldn't, Nash made the WWE cool again, that the WWE isn't big enough for both Punk and Nash. HHH says he only has a problem with one person right now, he has a problem with Nash, and that he only has one thing to do right now. And as HHH starts to fire Nash, Nash stops him and asks him what the hell? Hes going to pick Punk over Nash, especially when Nash and HHH have been friends for over 20 years. Nash asks HHH if it was about the push last week, that Nash got caught in the moment, but whats HHH going to do now, as Nash starts poking HHH. HHH punches Nash to the ground, and tells him that they were friends, and then says your fired to Nash and walks out of the ring as Nash looks at him stunned.

After commercial we then see backstage footage of Nash going to his limo, and John Laurinitus trying to talk to him, and they both get in Nash's limo.

1st match
Air Boom (Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne) vs Jinder Mahal/Great Khali
Winner(s): Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne)

We see footage of Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez driving up after ADR's absence from Raw last week. (Glad ADR got his visa problems figured out)

Out comes Kelly Kelly who is going to provide guest commentary for the next match.

2nd match Number 1 Contenders match for the Diva's championship
Eve vs Beth Phoenix
Winner: Beth Phoenix who is the new #1 Contender for the Divas championship at Night of Championship

After the match, Natalya attacked Kelly Kelly and stood in the ring with Beth.

Backstage we see Christian and Drew McIntyre talking about how Christian got screwed out of the title. Alberto Del Rio walks up and says he wants to talk to Christian. ADR tells Christian he thought he would see Christian with the World Title, if it wasn't for John Cena. Christian tells ADR that when he faces Cena it would be on his terms. ADR leaves the conversation by saying he will see Christian later, but to remember it was Cena's fault.

Out comes Truth for his match with Punk, but he has a mic, saying how Punk says he is different, that Truth has to be a good Truth. Out comes the Miz saying that their is a conspiracy, that HHH is way in over his head. That his friends have enough air time, instead of worrying about the talent. Instead of Miz and Truth not getting their chance, at Night of Champions, instead they will be facing Air Boom at Night of Champions for the Tag titles. But Truth just had a epiphany, that Punk is going to get got.

3rd match
CM Punk vs R-Truth
Winner: CM Punk

After the match, HHH starts walking down to the ring, and before he gets in the ring, Punk grabs a mic and tells HHH that he doesn't believe in the punching and the firing thing that happened earlier in the night. HHH says he doesn't care what Punk doesn't believe, that he has changed their match at Night of Champions. At Night of Champions, NO DQ, No Countout, No holds barred, that HHH is going to hurt him. Punk says he has no problems with those stipulations, but HHH has to agree to his stipulation, that when Punk beats HHH, HHH has to resign as COO, and HHH agrees and leaves.

Alberto Del Rio walks in to speak to Wade Barrett and Barrett tells ADR to just watch what he does tonight.

New commercial aired for the new WWE Network coming in 2012.

4th match
Jerry "The King" Lawler and Zach Ryder vs David Otunga and Micheal McGillicutty
Winner(s): Jerry "The King" Lawler and Zach Ryder

We then see Alberto Del Rio backstage talking to Dolph Ziggler about being beat by Randy Orton saying it was Vickies fault that he lost. The Bella Twins walked up and started to talk to ADR and he told them to give him 5 minutes. ADR then tells Ziggler that he doesn't think that Vickie is looking for more clients, shes looking for someone who will fight for her.

5th match
Randy Orton vs Heath Slater
Winner: Randy Orton

After commercial out comes John Cena, as they show the video from 2 weeks ago of ADR brutally attacking Cena. Cena says that every week Cena walks out and wants Alberto Del Rio's head on a plate. He says that in a minute tattoo from Fantasy Island will walk out (wow what a old reference) and announce Alberto Del Rio who will drive out in a car that ADR can't even prounouce and give some excuse about why they can't fight. Then Ricardo Rodriguez walks out and announces Alberto Del Rio (Cena can see in the future?). ADR says that Cena just doesn't get it. That his attack 2 weeks ago, he gave Cena a chance to recuperate before NOC, that he protected Cena last week by not being there, because thats the kind of champion he is. But he can't say the same about these guys. And out runs Barrett, Ziggler, Christian, and Swagger to attack Cena. But Alex Riley runs out, and so does Sheamus, and John Morrison as the sides even up. Theordore Long walks out and says that HHH gave him the authority to step in when he felt it was necessary, and made a 8 man tag match.

6th match Elimination Rules 8 man tag
Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Christian vs John Cena, Alex Riley, Sheamus, and John Morrison

1st elimination: John Morrison by submission from Jack Swagger
2nd elimination: Alex Riley by submission from Jack Swagger
3rd elimination: Wade Barrett by pinfall from Sheamus
4th eilimination: Christian by countout
5th elimination: Sheamus by countout
6th elimination: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall from John Cena
7th elimination: Jack Swagger by submission from John Cena

Winner(s): John Cena, Alex Riley, Sheamus, and John Morrison

After the match Alberto Del Rio ran down to attack John Cena but got a AA for his trouble.

Well that was Raw, and thanks for tuning into H2H for your Raw results. Don't forget to join us over at SNS Radio Network for Wrestling News Live with not one but 2 special guests tonight, Chris Masters aka The Masterpiece and Harry Smith.
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Update On Mick Foley Possibly Returning To WWE is promoting a raffle where Mick Foley will appear as a host of a Raw, Smackdown or PPV Viewing party at the winner's home. It is expected that Foley will be returning to WWE in the not to distant future in some role. The drawing takes place on Friday and the proceeds benfite Surgance and RAINN. For more information click here.
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