Sunday, September 4, 2011

CM Punk Comments On WWE's Article About The Diva

Earlier today, post an article comparing the divas to former talents and it came under fire from some divas, mainly the Bella Twins.

CM Punk just tweeted:

So wait. The divas are mad about an in house article on that is potentially designed to garner them attention/TV time? Awesome
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Video: Trailer For Upcoming Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart DVD

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Gun Fire Following WWE Live Event

According to live reports, Shots were fired in the parking lot last night after a live show in Trenton. Stars such as CM Punk and John Cena were rushed back into the building for safety.
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The Bella Twins Comment On WWE's Diva Article

After posted an article looking at the current Divas and comparing them to past talent, the Bella's took to twitter and wrote:

Niki wrote

Wow @WWE definitely woke up 2 an embarrassing article you wrote... Well u wanted to know everyone's thoughts @WWEUniverse, Here's Nikki B's

First off.... Um you want me to slap you with all of my awards and championships I have won? I was a #1 athlete... Which other Diva was?

Secondly, Bri & @RealKellyKelly have been the only entertainment that has happened 2 the Diva's Division & have worked harder than anyone!

Thirdly, I've seen 2 girls the past few weeks try as hard as they can to be "models" while us "models" have busted our butts....

Oh and good luck with the up and coming Divas.... Sure you'll make a lot of money with them.... Um actually NOT!

Lastly, @RealKellyKelly & Us are better than anyone in the past so Katie Raymond check your self and come read this article to my face! NB

Brie Bella wrote:

"Wow, I just woke up to the craziness! The words spoken by Katie are laughable, but I'm a women who will stand for what I believe

I know what I've given to the fans and that's all what matters. WWE might think your a bunch of puppets that are persuaded by their words..

I know how you all feel :) good and bad, I love it! I mean if WWE cared about Divas why do we have such little time on tv?

Why were divas such as Mickey James, Melina and Gail Kim released. Why aren't wrestlers like Sara Del Ray hired? All amazing!.......

Kelly Kelly and myself have worked to hard to have an unknown, untalented writer say the things she did. Katie (whoever) Suck it! Love Brie"

Former WWE Diva Melina tweeted back:

@thebellatwins You know I love you but everyone needs to seriously calm down and think before tweeting. This is not worth it

"Everyone, these are all good girls. All of them. Yes everyone's experience level varies but I'm damn proud to step into the ring with them.

Wrestling is not easy on so many levels. It's not only physical grueling but mentally & emotionally. Against ALL odds you have to overcome.

Through the hardest of times you have to pretend ur ok, pick yourself up & think about others because we are role models. Even when we hurt.

2live our life in wrestling is not easy. Even though it looks like it is... If it does that means we r THAT good. but it isn't. Far from it.

I love wrestling. No matter what promotion... This is art. This is an extension of me. I may not be in the WWE but my heart is still there.

I'm going 2do what I love & Friggin go all out at @WSUWrestling. I'm so excited about it. U have no idea how much I miss being in the ring.
Read more » Covers Sin Cara's Mood Lighting

Perhaps the WWE Universe couldn’t see the truth in the dark of the arena during Sin Cara’s gold and blue hued in-ring performances.

Competing in the glow of alluring, uniquely colored arena lights, the masked man seemed like a superhero that’d landed in WWE with pure intentions when he debuted this past April. But some uncertainty has surfaced regarding the radiant beams that’ve accompanied Sin Cara’s matches, leaving many wondering if the lighting is an unfair advantage the Mexican sensation has leveraged for months. Can his success be attributed to the custom-lit squared circle?

Not since Kane’s initial fear-inducing first few months in WWE has an entire arena light scheme been adjusted to the taste of an individual Superstar. In 1997, the masked Big Red Monster used this element to intimidate opponents, the scarlet lighting significantly modifying not just the actual environment but also the mood of the match. From Vader to Mankind, many men fell to the dominant demon, who thrived while his challengers struggled with their disorientation within a crimson red murk.

Over the course of four months, Sin Cara has trumped foes of all sizes, including his share of former World Champions, while soaked in the indigo haze now associated with the fleet-footed Superstar from Mexico City. Given his unsportsmanlike kick to a defeated Daniel Bryan on Tuesday’s live SuperSmackDown (WATCH), the costumed warrior and his practices have been called into question.

“Blue lighting or not, I didn’t see Sin Cara’s post-match kick to my head coming," explained Daniel Bryan, who is currently performing in Geneva, Switzerland, and thus, kept his comments terse. The submission specialist agreed to discuss the Sin Cara situation more when he returns stateside.

“I don’t know if Sin Cara is more comfortable with his blue lighting but I can tell you that it was shocking for me the first time I had to compete in it. It may give him an advantage,” admitted WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne, who’s faced off with Sin Cara on Raw. “Is there anything in the WWE rulebook about lighting being considered interference? Also, I wonder if it makes his matches harder for our fans to watch.”
Read more » Asks If Diva Division Needs "Saving"

The following was posted on

Stinkfaces. Booty poppin'. If you're a purist about a woman's place inside the WWE ring, you must be wondering what Fabulous Moolah is thinking looking down on the Divas division. Would the iconic figure chalk up the current flux of the division on changing times, or would she say, "Someone needs to save this"?

Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the "Divas of Doom," think so. However, are The Glamazon and third-generation Diva just the two women to call "saviors"?

First, Brie Bella wins the Divas Championship. Diva purists cringed. Then, Kelly Kelly - who has improved markedly inside the ring - netted the butterfly title. Diva purists started pointing fingers and lashing out. This can't be happening. Not in a division that has seen the likes of Moolah, Trish Stratus, Lita and Melina bear the Women's Title. How are these "model" Divas getting their names etched in the history books? Do only "pretty faces" matter?

The WWE Universe took to Twitter to express their dismay and praise the terror-filling twosome, even making The Divas of Doom a worldwide trending topic during SuperSmackDown Tuesday night.

@ButisThisCool: @NatbyNature @TheBethPhoenix-- @RealKellyKelly is the Divas Champion. #ThingsWeNeedToChange #DivasofDoom

@Sparty1181: People need to respect @TheBethPhoenix and @NatbyNature they have earned it. They are the true definition of women's wrestling!#DivasofDoom

@WWENate: #ThingsWeNeedToChange The Divas division in WWE! They need a little more than 2 minutes a night to show what they can do! #GiveDivasAChance

And so in came these sisters of destruction, carrying holy water and a torch. One was destined to dominate the ring, the other was born to an impressive bloodline. Both have worked tirelessly on their craft. This isn't to say the other Divas haven't, but Beth and Natalya's livelihood isn't on the posters or the calendars. Their livelihood is made from breaking bones and taking names. That doesn't necessarily make them saviors, but it certainly gives them purpose.

It might be easy to constantly search or compare the current crop of Divas to Lita and Trish, though an understanding must be made: There will never be another Trish Stratus or Lita. Any comparisons made to them are unfair. With talented new Divas like A.J. impressing in their squared-circle prowess and not-quite-Divas-yet like Maxine and the exciting Naomi waiting in the wings, the future looks bright for the Divas division.

So does the Divas division need to be saved? Not just yet. But Beth Phoenix and Natalya are certainly doing their share to rejuvenate it.

What do you think? Head over to @WWEUniverse on Twitter and WWE's official Facebook page to let your voice be heard!
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Vintage Collection Summary: 1993 US Title Tournament‏

WWE Vintage Collection on September 3rd, 2011 featured clips from these matches & segments:

Jim Ross, Jesse Ventura & Rick Rude discuss the US Title
WCW Starrcade 1992

US Title Tournament - 1st Round Matches
Dustin Rhodes vs. Vinnie Vegas
Tony Atlas vs. Van Hammer
Barry Windham vs. Johnny B. Badd
Ricky Steamboat vs. Dan Spivey
WCW Saturday Night - January 2nd, 1993

US Title Tournament - 2nd Round Matches
Dustin Rhodes vs. Tony Atlas
Ricky Steamboat vs. Barry Windham
WCW Saturday Night - January 9th, 1993

Jim Ross & Bill Watts discuss the US Title
WCW Saturday Night - January 16th, 1993

US Title Tournament - Final Match
Ricky Steamboat vs. Dustin Rhodes
WCW Saturday Night - January 16th, 1993

Go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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