Saturday, September 3, 2011

Update On New Jack/Terri Runnels Court Case


The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that New Jack/Jerome Young and Terri Runnels were back in a Florida court today battling over the naked pictures that he took of her while they were a couple. Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover had issued a temporary restraining order three weeks ago against Jack that kept him from distributing the pictures, with today being the day that sides could present their respective cases in court.
Neither side presented an argument today. Instead, New Jack's lawyer said that there was no need to make the injunction permanent as his client had destroyed the pictures. Runnels' lawyer argued that a permanent injunction be issued in case Jack kept copies of the photos. The judge continued her temporary order and said she would decide in the future whether to make it permanent.

Also, Runnels filed a defamation suit against Young last month. Young's lawyer said today that his client will counter-sue Runnels, claiming that she infected him with a sexually-transmitted disease.

After love subsides all that's left is fighting over who gave who the STD
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Tommy Dreamer Teases TNA Return

A few days back on Twitter, Tommy Dreamer wrote the following:

Having a fun time in Nashville, TN now getting ready to have an IMPACTFUL meeting. The result if all goes well could last till Xmas

Dreamer would then reveal what the meeting was about the next day:

"I had a great time @ the TNA fantasy NFL Draft @jeffjarretttna has the nicest house. @karenjarrett makes it a home. Thanks 2 both bigtime"
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Update On Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio tweeted the following:

"Wut up Raza!Hope every1s having a beautiful day,1st week after surgery & recovery is coming along Can't wait 2 start therapy nxt week!619luv."
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Raw Talent Pulled From Puerto Rican House Show

According to his Twitter page, Michael McGillicutty was pulled from WWE's Puerto Rico show just before the talents were set to leave. He tweeted:

Yea man, wish I could have been there. Got taken off last night.
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Audio: The CAWsCast 8-30-11 Archived

CAWsCast returned to the airwaves with “The Phenom” Charles Shane & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. Charles and JJ kick the show off talking about the Super Smackdown show that aired live tonight on SyFy.They then opened the phone line and transitioned into WWE’12 talk and as always with the CAWsCast, Random things happen throughout the show.