Thursday, September 1, 2011

CZW 9 Days from Chri$ Ca$h Memorial! CZW vs. UK's FCP

The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial, 'Down With The Sickness 2011' returns Saturday, September 10 to The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm bell time.

CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion MASADA takes on BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight champion Ryuto Ito TITLE VS. TITLE! (See what MASADA has to say on CZW's Official YouTube)

Japan's Samauri TV will also be on-hand to film the action!

But that's not the only International action fighting for gold! Before CZW heads to Europe, Team Fight Club Pro, Trent 7 and MK McKinnan, head from the UK to make their presence they take on Philly's Most Wanted, Joker and BLK JEEZ, for CZW World Tag Team Titles!

BLK OUT (Alex Colon and Ruckus) will collide with THE RUNAWAYS (Joey Gacy and Ryan Slater) on September 10.

In the next 24 hours, visit CZW's Official YouTube channel for tons of new promos, including messages from Danny Havoc and Mr. Tofiga as they prepare to battle at 'Down With The Sickness 2011'!

CZW Heavyweight champion Devon Moore WILL be on-hand September 10.

* CZW Wired champion Jake Crist vs. Chrisjen Hayme!
* Latin Dragon vs. Alex Payne for 'Wired TV'!
* CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole's open challenge to ANY previous CZW champion!

Tickets available now at the CZW Pro Shop. Show your support at the 'Down With the Sickness 2011' Facebook Event site!


AVAILABLE NOW at HybridEnt.TV! CZW's newest release - 'Tangled Web 4' on DVD and On-Demand streaming!

Check out the FULL HybridEnt.TV catalog! Watch online and order DVDs, including the latest from CZW - 'Tangled Web 4', 'New Heights', 'Tournament of Death X', & MUCH MORE!



As part of the British leg of the 2011 CZW World Tour, 'Project Mayhem' will feature a Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament to begin on Saturday, September 24 at Planet Nightclub, Westbury ST in Wolverhampton, WV1 1JD!

In addition to the tournament, an 8-Man Light Heavyweight Extravaganza will take place (names to be announced soon).

In the First Round of the Two-Day Deathmatch Tournament:
* Devon Moore vs. Clint Margura
* Finally, Sami Callihan will go one-on-one with DJ Hyde!
* Jimmy Havoc vs. Yoshihito Sasaki
* Danny Havoc vs. Yuko Miyamoto

Tickets available NOW at
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Matt Hardy Announces Retirement From Full Time Wrestling

In his new YouTube video, Matt Hardy announced that he has retired from Pro Wrestling full time.
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Crimson Out Of BFG Series

TNA posted the following on their website:

Update: UPDATE: Officials learned on Thursday afternoon that Crimson will be unable to continue in the Bound For Glory Series due to injuries he suffered from Samoa Joe. Tune into IMPACT WRESTLING at 9/8c on SpikeTV for the full update on his condition!

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COLUMN: Spoon-Fed Wrestling #5 by Huhn Jo

Hard(L)y Worth It

As we all know, there are a ton of things going on in pro wrestling as of late. For every good to great happenstance, there are just as many bad to horrible things occurring. One such event has been the chaos surrounding the Hardy family, specifically one Matthew Moore Hardy.

Before I delve into the whole Matt Hardy situation(s) from his recent arrest, insane tweets and most recently his apparent suicide note/working the IWC, I feel the need to explain something about my point of view. I ask a favor of you all to bear with me. It may seem as if I’m going off topic, but trust me I have a reason.

First, I have to say I’ve gone from being saddened to angry, and finally livid over the last few days. No it’s not the firing of one Matt Hardy. Let me be clear, I’m not upset with the fact that he’s fired. Rather I’m focusing my anger at his actions which resulted in this firing.

I’ll explain why in a few. Before I do, I must digress.

I have regrets. Regrets about not chasing my dreams. I have to live with the fact that I’ll never know if I could have made it in music. That dream was forfeited because of many reasons. One such reason was I didn’t have the strength of conviction in my abilities to risk everything and put my all into the dream. The other was, that though I had chances, I didn’t have that one big break that would have made my trepidations of risking comfort to go all in. I’ve sat in with several bands as a fill-in guitar player and was asked many times to join, but again it just never seemed like success was in the cards. My regret is I didn’t go for it and for that I must live with the fact that I’ll never know what could have been.

Why is this relevant? Well, the other day I was reading about the rise and fall of Bradley Nowell from the band Sublime in the latest issue of Guitar World. It told the story of how he had so much promise, yet threw it all away with his drug abuse. The article was written to demonstrate the sadness of the talent wasted. As I read the story about how he’d had the music world in his palm and was poised to become a huge name in the business, I found myself getting angrier by the paragraph.

Here was this young man who had the God given talent to sing and play guitar and had success staring him in the face, yet he let drug addiction take over, thus erasing his opportunity. I’m not saying addiction isn’t a horrible monster. I know all too well what addiction can do to one’s life and family. I’ve lived through and with addiction to know what a monster it can be. I do feel sadness for Bradley’s widowed wife and son, but that sadness does not extend to him. The opportunities were there for him to receive the help he needed, but he refused to listen to reason.

I think of all those like me who never had the chance or didn’t feel it was worth the risk to take a shot at a dream and here was yet another musician who apparently had it all and chose to waste it.

This brings me to another regret. As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, I’d trained in various forms of martial arts and at one time considered giving Professional Wrestling a try. There were many reasons why I chose not to chase that dream, first of which is that old fear of risking it all. The other was the fact that though I have height, I was not blessed with the physique to be a believable wrestler. My body type was more that of a basketball player not a bulked up wrestler. The only option left to me back then was to shoot steroids in my backside to gain the muscle mass I’d need to be believable. Still, I often sit back and ask myself what if? Could I have been a successful musician? How about pro wrestling? I’ve resigned myself to the fact that these dreams will never happen. I’m okay with that. I made the choices I’ve made and I happily live with those choices…most of the time.

Then after setting down the magazine, I decided to check the news on Headlocks 2 Headlines and saw the notice about Matt Hardy’s release and subsequent DWI arrest. My anger grew deeper to the point where I had to walk away and split some firewood.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think much of his run in TNA. It was obvious to me that he was only there to cash a paycheck. His ring work was well below the talent he displayed during his peak in WWE. I never considered him to be a potential top guy, but just like in any form of business, wrestling needs mid-level talents as well as top level. Music bands need people who are willing to work out of the spot light for the good of the band. The same goes with pro team sports. For every star athlete, there are numerous supporting teammates who do the dirty work to make it possible for the star to shine. It’s no different in pro wrestling.

This role was where Matt Hardy fit well. There is nothing wrong or bad about that. It’s just a fact. Many wrestlers made a fine living off being journeymen in the ring, doing the work to elevate lower card talent and supporting the business.

There is also no problem with wanting to rise to the top. In fact, I believe if you don’t strive to be the best at what you do, then you should find something else to do and let someone else take your spot.

This is where my anger resides. How many other talented wrestlers never got a chance because Matt Hardy was filling a spot he clearly didn’t care to keep. It’s been said he forced WWE to fire him just so he could go wrestle with his brother. If that’s true why did it look like he didn’t give a rat’s ass when he got to Orlando? He came in woefully out of shape, was posting videos on the internet with him clearly high and/or drunk, then putting out less than minimal effort in the gym and ring.

I’m glad he’s gone from TNA. Lord knows they have enough problems without the PR nightmare he and his charismatic enabler of a brother bring. I only hope someone who has not gotten a chance to shine will now get that chance. But we are talking about TNA and with the management and direction of the main storylines, I have my doubts.

Well that’s enough ranting this time. I need a beer. Catch you all on the archives, facebook and the internets.


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Kurt Angle Comments On WWE's Top 50 Superstars DVD

WWE recently released a DVD listing the top 50 superstars within WWE's history and Kurt Angle was ranked at 34. Kurt wrote the following on Twitter:

I have never been More Insulted By Wwe top 50.#34 to Me Is a kick to the balls!Take Me out of ratings.please.U think fans will buy that crap