Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kurt Angle Claims He Almost Joined UFC

According to an interview with, Kurt Angle claimed he had spoken to Dana White about joining the UFC and was close to joining it. Here is what Kurt said:

I actually contacted Dana White again after the movie. I flew out to meet him once and got a great offer. I contacted him again, I was thinking about dropping out of Impact wrestling, and there were some personal problems with my marriage and I just wanted to get away. I contacted Dana White, I flew out, and he had me take the UFC physical. I passed it, thank God, and he gave me the offer. The terms weren’t good, I mean not for me, and the terms I gave him weren’t good for him. He wanted me ready in four-and-a-half weeks; I wanted three to six months. So I respect Dana White and I love him to death, very good friend. I knew I was capable of winning in four-and-a-half weeks, but I wanted to be at my best.

When asked on Twitter, Dana white said:

love kurt but not true
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WWE Returning To Southwest Florida On December 16th‏

WWE returns to the Germain Arena in Estero, Florida on December 16th, 2011 at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale September 17th, 2011 at 10 AM. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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WWE Tells Jerry Lawler To Stop Making Fun Of Vickie Guerrero

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter , WWE has told Jerry Lawler to stop making fun of Vickie Guerrero and her weight. Over the last few months, Jerry Lawler has been making fat jokes whilst announcing Dolph Ziggler matches.
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Matt Hardy Comments On His Apparent Suicide Note

Matt Hardy tweeted the following:

The YouTube Video was not in any way a suicide note.. No words such as death, suicide, kill, heaven or hell were included-I wanted to see people's optimism or pessimism towards my words. It's pretty clear to me what their reaction was, and I needed one last attention grabber to let the World know that Matt Hardy has re-found his true self. After the events of the last couple of weeks, even though I've made some terrible mistakes, I have come to a revelation in my life. I realized that since the "MATTHEW" videos, with the damage inflicted on my body over the last 15 years and, more importantly, how I was coping with the severe pain, "Matt Hardy" had lost his way. I went from being the guy who wanted to change the world, entertain and inspire people to being someone who was more concerned about shock value and making the world unravel my cryptic messages and videos.


Tonight's video at represented the end of the "New" Matt "MATTHEW" Hardy, as I've come full circle back to the "Old" Matt Hardy. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I believe that statement defined my last two weeks. Regardless of if its in a wrestling ring or not, I WILL change the World, make it a better place, and inspire and motivate others to do the same. I am of sane mind, completely clean of any and all crutches, and feel better then I have in years. You'll be surprised at my stories from the last two weeks, as well as my future plans and aspirations.. More videos will follow on to explain my revelation and reveal my future plans. I apologize to anyone who was taken off guard or frightened by my final, cryptic YouTube entry. I want to reassure everyone that I am doing great right now. Stay tuned, as I'll be upgrading and launching several new ventures in the days to come. Be well all, I wish you all the best.

Matt Hardy
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Sting To Appear At Next AAA PPV‏

Latino717 sent the following in:

Dorian Roldan of AAA announced on twitter that Sting will appear at the next AAA PPV Heroes Inmortales V (Immortal Heroes) on Sunday October 9th.the event will be on PPV Only in Mexico.This show is a tribute show to the former founder of AAA Antonio Pena,who passed away in 2006
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Audio: Running The Ropes With Chris Masters Interview 8/31/11 Archived

This week on Running The Ropes, the guys ponder the reformation of the New World Order as they cover Raw, Mav enjoying Sting’s epic gay voice on Impact Wrestling and conduct an interview with “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters. Topics talked about in the interview include:

His WWE Release

His final match vs Jack Swagger being changed mid match

His thoughts on Drew McIntyre

If he prefers working as a face or heel

If he preferred his first or second theme song

Would he consider joining TNA and how he would pitch his debut

Possibly working in Japan

His "Masterpiece Theater" videos and thoughts on Zack Ryder

His thoughts on never winning a title and much much more.

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Matt Hardy Posts "Suicide" Note -Jeff Hardy's Girlfriend Comments

Former WWE and TNA Talent Matt Hardy posted a apparent suicide note on YouTube. The video included the following words:

"Goodbye, World... My time here is Almost complete... I only have a few hours & minutes... I loved you all... Regardless of how you felt about me... I'll miss you all... September 23, 1974 - August 31, 2011

Later in the afternoon, Jeff Hardy's wife, Beth Britt wrote the following on Twitter: "When the cops show up to our house at 11 pm, for a "suicide call" the fucking joke is over @MATTHARDYBRAND. Stop trying to work the Internet.

When a fan asked who called the police. Brit tweeted: "Apparently someone that believed the stupid video.

"I guess you got what you wanted @MATTHARDYBRAND. Everyone is talking about you, again. But it's not in a good way

Matt Hardy's friend Shane Helms tweeted, "Don't believe the hype.And please don't bash me for it! I didn't do it, had nothing to do with it.Bottom line, I do enough dumb shit on my own. I don't need to take heat for other people's mistakes!!"
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