Monday, August 29, 2011


Triple H announces that for the forseable future Smackdown talent will appear on Raw

Kevin Nash has signed a WWE Contract he is officially a WWE Superstar


Here comes Randy Orton and he will face US Champion Dolph Ziggler

Great match and Randy Orton picks up the win

Here comes John Cena & he is gonna call out Del Rio

He does indeed call out ADR but he gets Mark Henry, who tells us that no matter who wins the cage match tomorrow night he will beat them and become world champion. That brings out christian he and Henry surround Cena, Sheamus makes the run in to even the odds.

We go backstage to Laurenitus he says he is gonna make a tag match tonight Christian & Mark Henry vs Sheamus & John Cena. In walks Triple H he says he already made that match & he reminds Laurenitus who he works for.

Next up CM Punk vs The Miz

Punk wins by DQ after a run in by R-Truth

Truth and Miz are joined by Nash and he Jackknifes Punk to leave him laying in the ring

Sin Cara in gonna be up next goin one on one with Jack Swagger

Vickie is out to get a closer look at her potential client Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler follows her & distracts Swagger so Sin Cara can get the win

(as a side note it appeared to me to be Hunico portraying Sin Cara)

Tage Team Title rematch from last week Otunga & Henning vs (the newly named) Air Boom

That was quick the champs retain with ease

After the match Otunga & Henning go over to the announce table and have an altercation with The King over his recent comments about them as a team

Kelly Kelly set to go one on one with Brie Bella

Bella wins after some Twin Magic

Its Main Event time Tag Team action as Christian and Mark Henry will face Sheamus and John Cena

Brouge Kick and an Attitude Adjustment to Christian gets the win for Cena and Sheamus

We go backstage to Triple H's office and he is talking to CM Punk, he tells him he just got off the phone with the board of directors the match with Kevin Nash has been CANCELLED but CM Punk still has a match at Night Of Champions only now it will be against TRIPLE H

*Show ends*

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TNA Pulls Mickie James From UK Indy Date

Preston City Wrestling wrote the following on Facebook:

I am sorry to announce that Mickie James will not be appearing on September 23rd for Preston City Wrestling.
I agreed the deal and fees for Mickie James plus one other TNA wrestler on the 23/07/2011, announced the booking on 24/07/2011. Then on the 26/07/2011 I received an email from the talent saying TNA are not happy because they hadn’t told them about the booking. Well I had agreed a deal with both wrestlers to appear for me so I was frustrated that I was put in the position after I had agreed everything and announced one of the wrestlers. I have been exchanging emails with the talent every couple of days and each time they led me to believe it will be okay but my patience has grown thin and I sent a blunt email saying I understand your position but is this happening? I received a reply a few hours ago saying its probably best I cancel. The reason is because TNA had seen my promotion for Mickie then TNA were being stiff about the booking.

I did hold back on ticket sales the moment that I got wind that things were not 100%. I could of sold tickets and used the 'card subject to change' line. I could of sold a lot of tickets to be honest. I have took a hit financially but long term I hope this shows I am not out to rip people off for talent that do not make my shows. I did everything above board and it is the talent who underestimated my power of spamming the internet. I understand the risks of using imports and I will continue to gamble by booking them. Its just one of the things that can happen. The show will still be a very strong card!

I will continue to try attract the best names to Preston City Wrestling and I am sure Mickie James is as stressed as me she cant appear in a PCW ring. If anybody has any questions then please ask? I might not reply today as I fancy an ignore the internet day as its been a long week but I will repl
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