Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nash Pulled From More Shows In Canada; Replacement Named‏

Kevin Nash has been pulled from UCW's September To Remember events in Nova Scotia, Canada on August 31st and September 1st. His replacement will be Billy Gunn. Go to for more info about the events and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Ashley Massaro Announces Her Return To Wrestling

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro wrote the following on Twitter:

Not many had to learn on the spot n I'm not making excuses but I'm damn motivated n want to come back stronger harder n sicker than ever! I'm hoping y'all can understand that. I get trashed for botches or injuries wtf do u expect when u learn a move once rt before tv n on rd 330 days a yr w no off time to train it's unrealistic

But I thank the women in WWE I worked w utmost respect to Lisa Melina Jillian trish all the girls who tried to help on my off time n mostly Paul Brian Kendrick n matt n Shane n all the guys really! The talent was so supportive and I'm ready to come back n make everybody proud Especially my fans n supporters who appreciated the work I did do thanks to the help from the divas n fit n arn I love u guys for stickingby

You will see me again like I said I'm coming back harder n stronger n TRAINED this time lol they learned there lesson never didthat2nother After all the injuries n potential given ones that could've happened! I love my work w WWE don't get me wrong but I'm a fan like u guys I know how it is n I know what people think, did I want to be amazing n wrestle like the vets absolutely but it takes time n I nevergotchance

Thanks for listening. The rest will be on a radio show I'm doing, I'll explain a lot for anybody interested I f'ing love u guys thanks!!
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WWE Diva Not Happy With Theme Song?

Kaitlyn wrote the following on Twitter last night:

To be honest, I don't have any criteria really or a timeline . I just hate the generic music they have for me. And u thought it would be

She then tweeted: Oh snap! U stop reading my DM's hahah I accidently posted a message meant for a DM
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Update On Former WWE Talent In Nigeria


Luke Gallows and Cliff "Domino" Compton are still in Nigeria but have been in contact with United States officials stationed in the country.
Gallows and Compton were informed by the promoters of the tour they were on that the shows will go on despite the recent bombing in Nigeria's capital city. Tomorrow, they will be part of a live event in Lagos, while Monday they will be in Abuja, the city where the U.N. building was bombed. They will each be in main events, challenging the Nigerian champion, seconding the other for their respective matches.

The primary reason the shows are still taking place is that the promoters did not want to have to refund the live gates.
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