Friday, August 26, 2011

WWE PPV Venue Gets A New Name‏

Buffalo's HSBC Arena has a new name. It's now called the First Niagara Center. The building will host the WWE Night Of Champions pay-per-view on September 18th, 2011. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Generation Me Heading To Stampede Wrestling‏

Generation Me will be part of the Stampede Wrestling show at the Tsuu T'ina Nation Sportsplex near Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 9th, 2011. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Vintage Collection Summary: Clash Of The Champions‏

WWE Vintage Collection on August 26th, 2011 featured these matches & segment:

Johnny B. Badd vs. Arn Anderson
WCW Clash Of The Champions - January 25th, 1995

Eric Bischoff interviews Sting, Dustin Rhodes & Davey Boy Smith
WCW Clash Of The Champions - June 17th, 1993

Sting, Dustin Rhodes & Davey Boy Smith vs. Vader, Rick Rude & Sid Vicious
WCW Clash Of The Champions - June 17th, 1993

Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin
WCW Clash Of The Champions - August 24th, 1994

Lex Luger vs. Rick Steiner
WCW Clash Of The Champions - November 19th, 1991

Go to for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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NXT Changing Nights In Canada‏

The Score in Canada will be airing NXT on Wednesday nights at 9 PM (ET) beginning August 31st, 2011. College football will air in NXT's old spot on Thursday nights. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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CZW vs. Hurricane Irene - Wired TV Post-Poned‏

Due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene to the Philadelphia area and for the safety of our fans, CZW is post-poning the 'Wired TV' taping scheduled for THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2011.

CZW will be rescheduling this event in the near future.

CZW WILL RETURN TO ACTION in just TWO WEEKS with The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Event 'Down With The Sickness 2011' on Saturday, September 10!

In the meantime, you can also watch great CZW footage at HybridEnt.TV.

The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial, 'Down With The Sickness 2011' returns Saturday, September 10 to The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm bell time

BOTH the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title AND the BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Title WILL BE ON THE LINE as CZW UVU champion MASADA defends against BJW superstar "The Deathmatch Dragon" Ryuto Ito.
(See what MASADA has to say on CZW's Official YouTube).

Japan's Samurai TV will also be on hand to film the action on September 10.

CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole has issued an open challenge to ANY previous CZW champion.

CZW Wired TV champion Jake Crist will defend against the winner of last month's 8-Man, 2-Ring, Aerial Assault, Chrisjen Hayme!

In a special Wired TV challenge, Latin Dragon faces Alex Payne.

All this and MORE to soon be announced.

Tickets available now at the CZW Pro Shop. Show your support at the 'Down With the Sickness 2011' Facebook Event site!
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Audio: Unplugged Following WWE Smackdown 8/26/11 At 10:30PM EST

Tune in tonight starting @ 10:30pm Est, 8:30pm Mst on the SNS Radio Network located at as UnPlugged returns to the airwaves. JJ will review the 8/26/11 edition of WWE Smackdown, also Chris Kelly of joins the show to talk the latest “News of the Week”.In the second hour, “The Sensational Sequel” Sean joins the show to talk the latest Gaming News and JJ will open the skype sponsored by and take your phonecalls @ (501) 588 7957 or send your emails to and join the “Live” chatroom to be an interactive part of the show.
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Recently Released WWE Star Appearing In Saskatchewan On September 17th‏

David Hart Smith will be at the GDW show in Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada on September 17th, 2011. Go to for more info and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide
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WWE Set To Replace Talent Who Portrays Sin Cara

According to PWInsider, WWE sources indicate that Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the original Sin Cara, was sent home from Tuesday's SmackDown taping in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He left the venue before the event's conclusion.

Company sources state that developmental talent Jorge Arias (a/k/a Hunico) will exclusively portray the Sin Cara character going forward. WWE wants to maintain the character since its been very popular among kids and in merchandise sales.

Many employees expect Alvirde to part ways with the organization, but it is not 100% confirmed.
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Update On Shane Helms Being "Arrested"

Its being reported that Shane "Hurricane" Helms on August 24th for an DUI offence. The arrest is not a new event, it is linked to the accident Shane was in a few months back on his motorcycle and since then, he has been bed bound thus unable to be trailed for the accident. The report is being credited to
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CHIKARA: Hurricane impacts this weekend's Young Lions Cup IX

Due to the impending severe weather, please note these changes to the scheduled CHIKARA events this weekend:

1) Our Saturday, August 27th card will now begin at 5:00 pm!

2) Our Sunday, August 28th card is canceled!

We will present as many of the weekend's scheduled matches as possible tomorrow at the Palmer Center. This will be an abnormally long card as a result. Please bear with us as we attempt to make the most of this unusual situation.
We will honor all tickets for the August 28th card tomorrow night instead, or for those that require a refund for tickets purchased in advance, please e-mail us directly at with a subject line "Easton tickets" and we will reply with information about obtaining a refund.
Due to this unforeseen circumstance, our Open Challenge event for August 28th must also be canceled. We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience this represents. Thank you for your understanding.

Young Lions Cup IX
Saturday - 8.27.2011
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Rd
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 5:00 pm on Saturday!

Our homebase: - Updated daily!
New to CHIKARA? Start here:
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Attedance For TNA's Impact Last Night

According to PWInsider, TNA sources estimate there was between 3,000 and 3,500 fans in attendance, higher than what was expected.
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TNA Knockout Leaves The Company

Becky Bayless aka "Cookie" wrote the following on Twitter:

Good morning booskis! New day & new twitter name...A big thank you to my TNA fam & fans, but it's time to move on...excited for what's next!

Becky can now be followed on Twitter @ Becky_Bayless
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 9/8/11

1. The Pope and Devon beat The British Invasion to become No. 1 contenders to the TNA Tag Titles. Devon and Dinero won after Devon does a spinebuster type slam.

JB introduced the Bound For Glory Series final four - Bully Ray, Gunner, and Beer Money. Bully Ray cut a promo on how Beer Money won't be a team after the series. He put over Gunner as future and how he will make sure Bully Ray will be champion. There will be a four corners match with all four participating. Bobby Roode said they both want to be a champion and it's their dream. He says both will share victory after whichever one wins the title after Bound For Glory.

2. Eric Young defeated Robbie E to retain the TNA Television Title. Light Heavyweight champion Eduardo Alvarez is at commentary. Eric Young retains after Spike Piledriver.

3. Winter and Angelina Love defeated Mickie James and Velvet Sky. Winter blew mist in Mickie's eyes and then pinned her.

Austin Aries came out to great heat. He cut a decent promo and then Kendrick came out in a suit and did some crazy promo. It was a pretty decent exchange.

4. Gunner defeated Bully Ray, James Storm, and Bobby Roode in a four corners match. Gunner pinned Ray after a running knee.

5. Mr. Anderson beat Kurt Angle by DQ in a TNA Title match. The match ended in disqualification when Immortal ran out and attacked Anderson and Sting.

It was announced that The Network agreed to give Jeff Hardy a live mic. Hardy's promo was how he let the fans and the guys down in the back. He can't expect people to forgive him but he asks for one more shot and leave
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*Spoiler* Title Change At TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping For 9/1/11

Mickie James defeated Winter to become the TNA Knockouts champion once again at tonight's TV Tapings.
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 9/1/11

Hulk Hogan came out to start show and talked about offer Ric Flair made. Kurt Angle came out. Angle talked about taking out young veterans and added Sting. Sting vs. Angle for title later. Sting came out and accepts.

1. Gunner defeated Rob Van Dam in a Bound For Glory Series match. Gunner won via pinfall when Jerry Lynn interfered.

Eric Bischoff came out with Traci Brooks to address all the Knockouts in the ring. He talked about leadership and named Karen Jarrett the new head of the Knockouts division. She named ODB and Jackie to the roster. She then named Traci Brooks her assistant.

2. Jesse Sorenson and Brian Kendrick beat Austin Aries and Kid Kash. Sorenson pinned Kash via roll up.

3. Mickie James defeated Winter to win the TNA Knockouts Title. James won the match with a kick to the head.

Matt Morgan called out Joe and Joe and Matt brawled. Eventually, Joe hit Morgan in the arm with a chair against the ring post.

4. Christopher Daniels defeated A.J. Styles. Daniels got the win after Styles slipped on the ropes.

5. Kurt Angle defeated Sting to retain the TNA Title. Hulk Hogan was special referee. Kurt retains after interference and Angle Slam on chair. Immortal came down to beat Sting, and Anderson made the save.
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