Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Valley View Casino Center Comment On Mouse Appearing On Raw

As seen on Raw, a mouse made its way into the arena and was seen during the final segment of Raw. The following is from TMZ:

The arena that hosted WWE RAW last night wants to make it perfectly clear ... they do NOT have a rodent infestation -- they were just the innocent victim of a mouse prank.

Ernie Hahn -- GM of Valley View Casino Center -- tells TMZ, the mouse that made a cameo during a bout between Alberto Del Rio and John Cena on last night's show was a white "feeder" mouse bought from a store ... NOT your average wild gray/brown variety.

Ernie claims the color theory proves it wasn't an in-house mouse -- and even if it were, it wouldn't survive long ... because according to Ernie, the arena employs a full-time pest service to keep critters under control.

As for who the vermin vigilante might be -- the GM's stumped.
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The Young Bucks Comment On Working WWE Dark Match

Nick Jackson tweeted: Had a great time in Bakersfield with @ScorpioSky @JoeyRyanOnline, @THETOMMYDREAMER thx again for helping us out!

Matt Jackson tweeted: Big thanks to @WWE for the last few days & matches. Had a fun time seeing some old friends & making some new ones. Great experience!
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Audio: Beyond the Bell: The 1980′s

Throughout the 1980′s, the WWF was at an all time peak, selling out arenas nationwide and establishing pay-per-view as a major source of revenue. It was in this decade that some of the biggest names in wrestling history would debut, WrestleMania would take over the wrestling world, and WWE would be thrust into the mainstream pop culture phenomenon of the 1980′s. To a lot of fans today, the 80’s still remain one of their all time favorite decades in wrestling. Most became fans during this era, including host Sean Beckerman, but throughout the decade it seemed that the wrestling world changed overnight, and the superstars who entered the ring were larger than life. In this episode Sean breaks down the 25 signs that you are a true 1980′s WWF wrestling fan. Listen to audio clips from this illustrious era as well as biographies of some of the biggest stars to come out of the decade. Rewind and relive the 1980′s WWF era on Beyond The Bell… BROTHER!
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Audio: Running The Ropes With Shelly Martinez 8/17/11 Archived

Maveric sent the following in:

HUGE show we have for you this week! The guys quickly breakdown WWE Summerslam 2011 and Raw followed by a replay of the Cary Silkin interview from last Thursday. Plus, a surprise appearance by former WWE and TNA talent, Shelly Martinez! Find out why she was released from WWE and why she quit TNA in 2008. So many things revealed in this exclusive interview on Running The Ropes.

Be sure to check out for all upcoming news, events, and information and find out how you can talk to her yourself!
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Mick Foley Returning To The UK

Mick Foley has announced that he was be touring the UK on a comedy tour. He has announced the following dates:

Wednesday 9th November – Manchester
Thursday 10th November – Nottingham
Friday 11th November – Newcastle Upon Tyne
Saturday 12th November – London