Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Column:The Hard Way

I don’t write columns as much as I would like and that is for numerous reasons but a few things have happened recently and I just had come back. I am going to start by talking about CM PUNK

Now I love Punk, and I have from the day he debuted in WWECW, the straight edge gimmick and the great little matches he had week in week out with the likes of Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von & Kevin Thorn. Then he got a run with the title and had a really good run, I personally thought he was booked wrong but I still enjoyed it. He got a big move to raw and worked in the mid-card had a run with the Intercontinental Title, a brief Tag Title run with Kofi Kingston. Punk then got the big push and was Word Champion but again he was misused and was booked all wrong. Punk’s big chance came after being drafted to SmackDown and winning Money In the Bank again for the second year in a row, when he cashed In on Jeff Hardy and turned heel it was the real defining moment for Punk in the WWE. The Straight Edge Saviour was born and he told us all why he was just plain better than us. After Punk dropped the belt though it just seemed to go back to the same and Punk slid back to mid-card and eventually found his way back to RAW, shortly after which he got injured and was placed on commentary. This in turn worked out to be a revelation and got punk over with the WWE Universe; he returned and had a mini program with Cena that went nowhere. It was around this time that rumours and reports started to circulate that Punk’s contract was coming up and he wasn’t going to sign a new one. Was I shocked to read these stories NO and I will tell you why, it’s simple really In his 6 years with the company up to that point in my opinion was used to the best of his ability ONCE. It’s hard for me to watch someone who I love to watch perform, someone who I have seen have some of the best matches I have ever watched and he is constantly pushed aside when he could draw a hell of a lot of money.

When Punk became number one contender to John Cena’s WWE Championship I thought to myself this is the beginning of his exit program and hopefully he will be back soon. But then CM Punk cut that promo and it seemed like the whole world exploded, everybody just lost their minds and Punk became Jesus for the IWC (he was pretty close to it before hand). He talked about things that have never been spoken about on WWE programming, it made CM Punk a pop culture icon and the story was picked up by mainstream media. I loved the reaction it showed how much that a simple worked shoot can make everybody sit up and pay attention. The inclusion of Mr.McMahon was inspired and it brought a sense of reality to the whole thing that made it so much more enjoyable. I will even go as far as to really give some props to Michael Cole as the job he did from the commentary desk on the RAW’s preceding The Money In The Bank PPV was really good, the way he sold the severity of what could happen in the company if CM Punk was to leave with the Title. The match itself was absolutely superb it had me on the edge of my seat from start to end, I truly had no idea how they were going to end the PPV, I was routing for Punk and I wasn’t disappointed he came out with the win after Vince tried with the help of his newest stooge John Laryngitis to screw Punk. Cena stopped him doing that and paid for it by running into a GTS. The crowd in Chicago’s All-State Arena was as biased as it gets Punk’s pop was Road Warrior esque and it was quite simply the single worse reaction i have ever seen John Cena receive.

Punk left and the ensuing WWE Championship tournament saw Rey Mysterio crowned champion and then he defend the title against John Cena the same night where Cena regained the title. Now I see this as the legitimate title history as I think that the minute the clock struck midnight on July 17th CM Punk was stripped of the championship due to his contract lapsing. As far as I’m concerned when Punk came back Cena was the rightful Champion there shouldn’t have been a dispute. However dispute there was and we ended up with Cena v Punk Title for Title with (The newly installed COO) Triple H as the special guest ref. The SummerSlam match was better that the match at the previous PPV for me, the submission chain sequence was really great and I thought the back and forth was really good. The finish of the match was a bit of a let down (at first) I though the whole foot on the rope thing I wasn’t really feeling it, it just didn’t fit in with the theme of the program for me. However I must learn to not judge WWE before they go off air because as Cena left the ring very upset at Triple H missing the foot, Triple H congratulated Punk began to leave and Kevin Nash jumps the barrier delivers the Jack-knife Powerbomb to Punk and allows Del Rio to cash in his Money In The Bank and CM Punk fell victim to a situation that he himself has twice profited from.

Now the point to me going through the story up to this point is this after RAW it seems certain that Punk it set to go into program with Triple H it seems according to reports that this is all coming to a head at Wrestlemania when Hunter and Punk go one on one. Now as far as the involvement of Kevin Nash it can only add to the storyline as a whole. Nash is a great guy on the stick and will be able to go back and forth with Punk in promo’s. It seems to me coming out of RAW that it’s going to end up being Stephanie who told Nash to attack the winner of the match and that will cause punk to go after Steph and Hunter will not stand for that as Randy Orton can attest to. I only see this program picking up more and more speed, more and more momentum. CM Punk at this point doesn’t need the world title he is in what is going to be the 1st or 2nd mostLink prominent story on TV and in a story that is only going to get bigger every time Punk picks up a mic.

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This was The Hard Way