Monday, August 15, 2011

TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 8/12/11

According to PWInsider, the 8/12 edition of Smackdown scored a 1.83 cable rating.
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Report: WWE Tough Enough Winner Suspended

According to PWInsider, Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine, who is currently down in WWE developmental, has been suspended for a violation of the company's Wellness Policy.
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Live results for WWE Raw 8/15/2011

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Right out of the gate we get the pictures of last nights WWE title match, showing Punk winning, Nash coming out of nowhere and jacknifing Punk, and Alberto Del Rio coming down and cashing in the Money in the Bank to win the WWE title.

After all the pyro, HHH's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says he wants to apoligize to the WWE Universe, more importantly he wants to apoligize to John Cena. He watched the video from last night, and he saw the foot on the rope, and he counted it, he said he would tell Cena hes sorry tonight. He had no problem raising Punks hand. But for what happened after, he wasn't expecting that. He left tickets at will-call for Nash and that was the last time he heard from him. HHH has called and texted Nash and told him he can give his story. When they made their way to San Diego, there would only be 1 Undisputed champion, and here he is, and out comes Alberto Del Rio with the WWE title.First thing he says is, "MY NAME, MY NAME IS ALBERTO DEL RIO, THE UNDISPUTED WWE CHAMPION." He makes the comment that this was his destiny.  He says it was never his intention to cash in at Summerslam, that destiny, can do whatever destiny wants, but after what Nash did, he couldn't resist.That some people are just born to be great.That as the WWE champion, he wants to represent every single one of the members of the WWE universe with passion. That he will be in the lobby signing autographs and taking pictures with everyones kids. Thats the kind of champion, Alberto Del Rio is going to be, a champion for his people. And tonight I amg oing to face Rey Mysterio. ADR says he loves Rey Mysterio, and a 619 chant starts up from the crowd.He says he loves Rey Mysterio, and he loves beating Rey Mysterio, that he started his WWE career beating Rey Mysterio. Tonight in San Diego, ADR says he is going to beat the little chihuahua, that everyone should go change their area code from 619, that after tonight everyone is going to have a new hero, Alberto Del Rio.

1st match Falls Count Anywhere match
R-Truth vs John Morrison
Winner: John Morrison after a shining wizard in a rolling chair.

CM Punk is shown in the back entering the building with a angry look on his face.

Out comes the Miz walking slowly down to the ring. He says the reason why he is out there, is because someone asked him to come out there and say hello to someone in the audience, and that person is Jared from Subway. Reason why he came out there and did it is because he heard Jared was a huge Miz fan, but Miz isn't a fan of him. Miz feels that he could do his job better than Jared does it. Miz grabs a Subway sandwich from Jared and starts to cut a promo for Subway. Miz tells the Subway Executives, that the only reason why baked chicken crisp is twending, is because of him. And that he will be champion again.

Backstage we see a limo pulling up, and Kevin Nash comes walking out of the limo with a bit of a smirk on his face.

2nd match Divas Tag Match
Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Nikki and Brie Bella
Winner(s): Eve and Kelly Kelly

After the match, Beth Phoenix and Natalya walked out on the stage and clapped for both Eve and Kelly Kelly and then have a staredown with them.

Justin Roberts introduces Kevin Nash who comes out to no theme, no video, basically, he comes out to nothing. He says he first off wants to thank HHH who is giving him the chance to come out and explain his actions from last night. Nash says that he asks HHH for some tickets to go to Summerslam, and then right before the main event, he got a text, and the text read, "Hey big man, whatever happens, stick the winner for me." He said that whenever a friend asks for something, he does it, that last night, what he did to CM Punk, was