Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alberto Del Rio Cashes In Money In The Bank And Wins WWE Title

Alberto Del Rio cashed in his money in the bank case on CM Punk after Kevin Nash power bombed the new undisputed champion. Del Rio hit the shinning Wizard to become the new Undisputed Champion.
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Kevin Nash Returns To WWE

Kevin Nash returned to WWE at Summerslam and power bombed CM Punk.
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CM Punk Becomes New Undisputed WWE Champion

CM Punk defeated John Cena at WWE Summerslam to become the new WWE Undisputed champion.
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Randy Orton Wins World Heavyweight Title

Randy Orton defeated Christian to become the new World Champion following an RKO onto the steel steeps. Head over to snsradionetowrk for live analyse on WWE Summerslam 2011
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Edge Returns To WWE At Summerslam

Edge returned to WWE at Summerslam to be in the corner of his former tag team partner Christian as he defends the WWE belt against Randy Orton. Head over to snsradionetowrk for live analyse on WWE Summerslam 2011
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Jimmy Hart Returns To WWE

Jimmy Hart returned to WWE as he appeared in a segment with R-Truth during WWE Summerslam. Head over to snsradionetowrk for live analyse on WWE Summerslam 2011
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Stephanie McMahon Returns To WWE At Summerslam

Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE TV as she appeared backstage in a segment with CM Punk. Head over to snsradionetowrk for live analyse on WWE Summerslam 2011
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Live Results/Coverage For WWE Summerslam 2011

Stay tuned right here for live results of WWE Summerslam. And don't forget to go to for a live episode of Sunday Night Showdown with the entire crew.

Show starts out with America the Beautiful being played on a electric guitar.

1st match 6 man Tag Match
Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison vs Miz, Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth
Winner(s): Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison

2nd match
Mark Henry vs Sheamus
Winner: Mark Henry via Countout (Henry powerslammed Sheamus through the ringside barrier, and Sheamus could not get back in the ring in time)

Cee-Lo Green is out singing now.

3rd match Diva's title match
Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix
Winner: Kelly Kelly

4th match
Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett
Winner: Wade Barrett

Before the match between Orton and Christian starts, Christian gets a mic and says that there will be someone in his corner, and that person is.......EDGE. Edge talks about a few different things, and then tells Christian that he didn't know that Christian would become a whining, little bitch, and drops the mic and leaves the ringside area.

5th match World Heavyweight Title
Christian vs Randy Orton
Winner: Randy Orton after a RKO on top of the steel steps. Randy Orton is your new World Heavyweight Champion.

6th match WWE Title Match with HHH as the special guest referee
John Cena vs CM Punk
Winner: CM Punk but John Cena had his foot on the bottom rope, but HHH still counted the win, and didn't see the foot on the rope.

After the match, HHH puts his hand out, but Punk doesn't shake it, so HHH raises the arm of Punk and claps for him as he leaves the ringside area as Punk celebrates in the ring. Kevin Nash aka Diesel is standing behind Punk and turns Punk around and hits the Jacknife on Punk. Down comes HHH asking whats going on, and out runs Alberto Del Rio with the Money in the Bank case.

7th match WWE title match
Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk
Winner: Alberto Del Rio is the new WWE Title match.

Alberto Del Rio cashes in and wins the title. HHH is walking around shocked and surprised at what just went down, and the camera fadesto black as we see Alberto Del Rio holding the WWE title.

Thanks for joining us for this packed Summerslam, and don't forget to join us over at for the post-show to Summerslam.
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Video: Chris Masters Invades WWE Summerslam Axxess

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Breakdown Of TV Rating For WWE Raw 8/8/11

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The opening segment with Triple H and John Cena did a 3.15 quarter rating, lower than usual openers. Jack Swagger vs. Cena lost 202,000 viewers. The Miz attacking Rey Mysterio gained 52,000 viewers and Miz vs. Kofi Kingston gained 74,000 viewers. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio at 10pm gained just 15,000 viewers, which is the lowest number for the 10pm timeslot in a while.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres and Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 115,000 viewers, which is a better number than usual for that segment. R-Truth vs. John Morrison lost 315,000 viewers, bringing it to a 2.82 quarter rating. The final segment, the