Thursday, August 11, 2011

Audio: The Pro Wrestling Rewind With Jeremiah Riggs 8/10/11

Without a doubt one of the hardest hitting Rewinds in recent memory. Jeremiah Riggs joins the program to discuss his time in MMA and the WWE. It’s a frank discussion where he pull no punches about his time and his choices during Tough Enough and his time in FCW. Afterwards a brief comment about the Miz turns into an all out verbal war as Crelly and others call in to challenge The Power on why The Miz should not have been number 1 in the PWI 500. It’s must listen to radio as things get very heated as The Power kicks things up a notch. A very special extended edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind on the SNS Radio Network.
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Woman Claims WWE's Heath Slater Assaulted Her

ATLANTA -- A security officer says a popular professional wrestler she was assigned to protect assaulted her.
Now police said they are investigating.

The officer said World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Heath Slater thought she was pretty and tried to get her up to his room.
She said Slater put her in a chokehold started dragging her inside a downtown Atlanta hotel.

“When he grabbed me I immediately tried to grab his arms back,” security officer Corinne Oliver said.

Oliver said it was the worst moment of her life. “And I was saying ‘turn me a loose.’
He wouldn't turn me loose,” she said
That’s when she said the professional wrestler put her in a chokehold.

"I just started fighting with him, trying to get his arm from around my throat,” Oliver said.
She said as she struggled to get away, Slater kept “begging me to go to his room with him,” Oliver said.

Oliver said she managed to get away and was later able to identify her attacker as popular wrestler Heath Slater.

Oliver said her ordeal took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Atlanta during Wrestlmania last April.
Oliver was working for the security company Allied-Barton. She said it was her job to

keep fans away from the wrestlers.
Oliver said Slater attacked her as she walked with him inside the hotel.

“She was emotionally injured, physically injured. She had to seek medical treatment.

It was a really bad situation,” Oliver's Attorney Jackie Patterson said.
Atlanta police are now investigating.

Officers sent Channel 2’s Tom Jones the incident report that says Oliver told detectives Slater choked her.

A WWE spokesman told Jones by phone that Oliver's claims are against Slater individually and have nothing to do with the WWE.

Oliver said she won't stop until she gets justice.

“Heath Slater should be arrested for assaulting me,” Oliver said.

Police told Jones the incident is an active investigation and they still have to interview several key people.

A source in the wrestling world told Jones Slater says nothing happened and he was with his fiancé that night.
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WWE Returning To Ontario, California In December‏

WWE returns to the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California on December 2nd, 2011. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Update On Melina/TNA

Credit:Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding the possibility of Melina going to TNA, she had a fan in Bruce Prichard when they both were working for WWE. Prichard now works as the head of talent relations for TNA so it's possible she could be offered a deal. No word yet if TNA is interested in any of the other recently released WWE talents.
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Current Plans For Jeff Jarrett/Mexican America

According to PWInsider, The current plan for AAA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett is for him to be the front man for the Mexican America stable. After putting together the recent relationship with AAA, Jarrett pushed for the Mexican America angle to be stronger by putting him in the group.
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CHIKARA + Aja Kong + Manami Toyota = JoshiMania in December!‏

Although our regular season ends in November, we have a post-season extravaganza planned for December you are sure to love! Two of the greatest female athletes to ever set foot in a ring - Manami Toyota and Aja Kong - are coming to CHIKARA for a weekend to be forever known as JoshiMania!

To find out what all the talk is about, check out the just-released video posted up here:

Come see our upcoming live events:

Young Lions Cup IX
Saturday & Sunday - 8.27.2011 & 8.28.2011
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Rd
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm on Saturday!
On Sunday, we start @ 4:00 pm!

"Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman"
Saturday afternoon - 9.17.2011
Live @ Brockton Boys & Girls Club
233 Warren Avenue
in Brockton, MA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact 8/25/11


It was thought that the first match was a re-tape of the Gauntlet Match from Tuesday night’s taping.

X Division Gauntlet featuring Mark Haskins, Alex Shelley, Robbie E, Zema Ion, Jesse Sorensen, Anthony Nese, Kid Kash, and Austin Aries to determine the Number One Contender for the TNA X Division Title.

The match featured a series of singles matches with the winner of the fall advancing to the next opponent until all eight men were in the match.

Mark Haskins defeated Alex Shelley
Mark Haskins defeated Robbie E
Zema Ion defeated Mark Haskins
Jesse Sorensen defeated Zema Ion
Jesse Sorensen defeated Anthony Nese
Jesse Sorensen defeated Kid Kash
Austin Aries defeated Jesse Sorensen
After the match, Christy Hemme interviewed Aries and he said he would take the X Division title from Brian Kendrick. Kendrick came out and tried to shake Aries’ hand. Aries blew him off and the two brawled to the back.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and calls out Crimson since Crimson called him out last week. Crimson comes to the ring and takes a mic. Angle said that last week Crimson showed that he had balls. Either that or he is a jackass. Angle says that Crimson wants to be famous. Angle said that tonight he was going to defeat Crimson to end his undefeated streak as well as his career. Crimson says that Angle wants Crimson's respect, and he will get his respect. If he wants to take out the young guys, Angle start with Crimson tonight.

Immortal (Bully Ray, Abyss, Scott Steiner, Gunner, Jeff Jarrett, and Karen Jarrett) comes out and Ray asks Angle if he knows who he is talking to. Ray puts over Crimson's accomplishments. Kurt cuts Ray off and says let him handle it himself. If any of Immortal gets involved with his match tonight, there will be a problem. Angle says to Crimson that it is time to make him famous.

Jackie Moore, ODB, and Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love, Rosita, and Sarita (with Hernandez) when Velvet pinned Angelina. During the match, Angelina was trying to have ODB and Jackie attack Velvet. Angelina had Velvet beaten and she offered ODB and Jackie a chance to attack Velvet. Instead of attacking Velvet, ODB and Jackie attacked Angelina, allowing Velvet to get the win.

Kid Kash defeated Jesse Sorensen with a roll up using the tights. Christy Hemme interviewed Kash after the match and Kash said that he whipped Jesse's ass, much like he does his son when his son disrespects him. Kash then called Jesse a prick. Jesse got in Kash’s face and Kash slapped him. Security broke them up.

In a Bound For Glory Series Match, Rob Van Dam defeated D’Angelo Dinero by submission with a surfboard. Van Dam worked on Dinero’s leg throughout the match. Matt Morgan was on commentary during this match

After the match, Joe came out and attacked Dinero. Devon limped down to the ring because of what happened to him last week. Devon’s kids are trying to encourage Devon to help Dinero. Devon gets into the ring and Joe leaves. Devon helps Pope to his feet and then Devon leaves.

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair come to the ring for a promo. Hogan says the main problem that they have right now is that we have a problem and Hogan calls out Sting to the ring. Sting comes to the ring and Hogan says that this thing has gone way too far and it has to end tonight. Hogan says that Sting is not in his right mind. Hogan says this show is a family show and we can't have all this craziness going on. Sting laughs at what Hogan had to say. Hogan says that we have learned from our mistakes and that him and Bischoff will run the company with impeccable precision.

Hogan offers a hand to Sting to end the madness. Sting says that he will do this under one condition. Hogan says anything that Sting wants him to do. Sting says how about milk and cookies, rainbows, unicorns, and then he says he wants flowers. Sting hugs Hogan and even kisses him. Flair throws off his jacket and takes a mic. He says Sting is out of control. Flair says Sting was crazy when he was saying that he was sucking his mother's tit. Sting says that he won't be able to go for the kill on Flair and Flair said he will "kick his f***ing ass."

Sting says he will go through Flair and says he is looking at his calendar and is thinking Bound For Glory for him and Hogan. Flair says tells Sting not to get ahead of himself, but Sting cuts him off and says that's it and tata for now and leaves.

AJ Styles comes out and he wants Christopher Daniels to join him in the ring. Daniels wants a rematch for their match at Destination X in July. AJ criticized Daniels for asking for the match last week while doing commentary. AJ says t