Tuesday, August 9, 2011

COLUMN: "Shooting from the Hip" #3 by Tony Mirabella

Ah, summer! The birds chirping, the beaches being packed, the heart attack victims from the 1500 degree heat, and, of course, the “Biggest Party Of The Summer,” WWE SummerSlam!

On last night’s Monday Night Raw, we saw another shoot-style exchange between John Cena and CM Punk. As I’ve said in a previous column, I like the shoot-style that the WWE and, especially, Punk seem to be implementing.

Watching the contract signing last night, I found myself wondering who got the better of whom between Cena and Punk. Punk’s promo skills are never in doubt, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see how well Cena is handing himself. His promo skills have definitely improved over the last year or so, and I like the fact that he’s able to seem more real.

Here’s the thing. Cena said something very relevant last night when he told Punk that he NEEDS to win at SummerSlam, or he’ll just be a one hit wonder. Let the Don get this out right now. I agree 100%! In my opinion, this entire CM Punk storyline will have been a waste if Punk doesn’t go over. Cena started out as champion, and if Cena goes over then we’re right back to where we started! Punk is over like crazy. Cena doesn’t NEED the belt right now. In fact, I don’t think he needs it at WrestleMania against the Rock either. But, there’s plenty of time to put the title back on Cena, if they insist on going in that direction.

Also, I firmly believe that one of the many reason’s the WWE has pushed Cena to Neptune is because of merchandise. Well, I saw a HELL of a lot of CM Punk shirts in the crowd last night. Believe me, Punk as champ will sell merch. Let’s just hope WWE does this the right way.

Now, a question to the millions, AND MILLIONS, of Don’s fans. Why the hell did they put Money In The Bank on Del Rio? This guy has done more jobs than a temp agency worker. His momentum is... Well, he doesn’t have any momentum. Now, a lot of people say that that briefcase is a get out of jail free card. It can instantly turn a jobber into a champion. But, will anyone out there believe Del Rio as WWE champion? I won’t.

Let me bring up the SummerSlam card from WWE.com. (Waits 4 hours for advertisements to end.) Okay, I’m back. One match I am actually looking quite forward to is Sheamus vs. Mark Henry. I think Sheamus can potentially be a great babyface. If he can take down Mark Henry, who has been steamrolling over everyone lately, it might just push him into that full blown face I know he can be.

Christian vs. Orton for the 4,000,212th time. Hopefully the last. Picking this one isn’t easy, because we don’t yet know what Christian’s big bombshell is going to be.

My last thoughts are about HHH. Wait, that didn’t sound right. I do NOT think about HHH in my spare time. Seriously, I’m starting to see some heelish tendencies by him. I’m praying that we don’t see him screw someone over at SummerSlam. What’s the point of replacing Vince McMahon with HHH, if HHH is just going to start acting the same way? Anyone else see John Laryngitis as HHH’s new Patterson and Brisco? Too soon, WWE! Stop rushing damn storylines! HHH should NOT be refereeing this match at SummerSlam. It’s a screwjob just waiting to happen, and it’s too damn soon.

In the end, I’m looking forward to the summer ending festivities. Hopefully, all goes well and all ends well, but with the WWE, you never know. And, knowing is half the battle. The other half is shooting people with a big gun.

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DH Smith Heading To StrikeForce?

Diana Hart,the mother of David Hart Smith, tweeted the following:

Good nite! I predict Harry Smith(DH) will b the new Brock Lesnar 4 Strikeforce. Onward &Upward.Easy for 6’5″ monster w strategy!Can’t wait!"
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King Of The Ring DVD In The Works

According to his Twitter, Booker T will be hosting a King Of The Ring themed DVD that will be released later this year.
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Update On Rey Mysterio

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rey Mysterio had an MRI done over the weekend but as of yesterday, did not have the results back. Rey is reportedly very worried as it's the same knee that he has had several surgeries on.

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Update On Melina Being Banned From Arena

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials were not happy with Melina joining John Morrison on the WWE live events this past weekend and as a result, did not allow her into the building for last night's RAW in San Jose. Officials informed Melina that she was not welcome in the arena.
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Who Will Play Sin Cara On Smackdown

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, FCW star Hunico wrestling under the mask at tonight's SmackDown tapings and this will likely lead to him feuding with the original Sin Cara.
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Chris Masters Comments On CM Punk Name Dropping Him On Raw

On WWE Raw, CM Punk mentioned recently release talent Chris Masters during his in ring promo with John Cena and Triple H. The former "Masterpiece" wrote the following on Twitter:

CM Punk telling it like it is tonight.

Earlier in the week, Masters hinted at what his future holds:

After a day of digesting,I must say WWE wasn't doing anything with me.So its probably best I go make my IMpact somewhere else."
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 8/11/11


In a dark match, Jerry Lynn defeated Jayson Cyprus.

Impact started with Immortal (Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, Gunner, Abyss, and Ken Anderson) in the ring. Ray calls out Abyss about how he has gone soft because all he seems to do is lose matches. Ray also mentions that there is going to be a Bound for Glory Series Match tonight and it is going to be a Four Way Match with him, Gunner, Scott Steiner, and Crimson. Ray says that he is going to be winning the match because he is on the road to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

Ray then turned his attention to Ken Anderson and he said that he had to commend Anderson for being able to take some of the more brutal punishment that Ray had dished out in quite some time. As the promo progressed, Anderson started to laugh at Ray. Ray attacks Anderson before Anderson has the opportunity to do anything. Ray, Steiner, Gunner, and Abyss attack Anderson and beat him up to the point that Anderson had to be stretchered out of the ring.

In a Number One Contender’s Match for the TNA Knockouts Title Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne.

In an X Division Title Match, Brian Kendrick defeated Robbie E (with Cookie) to retain the title. Austin Aries joined Taz and Mike Tenay at the announce table to do commentary for the match.

In a Bound for Glory Series Match, Beer Money defeated the team of A.J. Styles and Rob Van Dam and the team of Devon and D’Angelo Dinero when Roode pinned Dinero with the Pay Off. (Roode earns the seven points for the win). Christopher Daniels was at the announce table with Taz and Tenay to provide commentary but he went to the back before the match ended.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle came to the ring to talk about his victory over Sting at Hardcore Justice. Angle apologized to Sting for what happened during the match with the chair after the nice talk that they had last week. Angle says that he meant everything that he said to Sting before Hardcore Justice. Angle did what he did at Hardcore Justice because Dixie Carter lied to him in the past about Jeff and Karen. Angle is not going to let Dixie ever get her company back. Angle walked up the ramp and Sting came out onto the stage. Sting was attacked from behind with a chair by Hulk Hogan. Angle egged on Hogan while Hogan attacked Sting on the ramp to the ring with the chair. Sting had to be helped to the back.

In a non-title match TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Tara and Brooke Tessmacher defeated ODB and Jackie Moore when Brooke pinned Jackie.

They showed a video of one of the new TNA signees Mr. Pec-Tacular (Jessie Godderz) walking in the back talking about how good looks and how he deserves the best. He goes into catering and he cuts in front of many of the wrestlers who are in line getting food. The wrestlers were not happy with him but Mr. Pec-Tacular ignored their complaints. He then saw some of the Knockouts and he showed himself off to them, but the Knockouts got disgusted with him and walked away.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett come to the ring for a promo. Jeff had the AAA Heavyweight Championship with him and he was wearing ‘traditional’ Mexican clothing including a sombrero and a serape. Jarrett then insulted Mexico before bringing out two Mexican janitors to ask them who the King of Mexico is. The janitors did not speak English so they only said ‘Que’ to everything that Jarrett said. Eventually they said ‘Guerrero’ and that led to Jarrett attacking them. Hector Guerrero came from the Spanish Announce area to help the janitors. Jarrett left the ring when Hector arrived on the scene and Hector helped the janitors.

(The janitors in this segment were Florida independent tag team Los Ben Dejos)

In the main event, in a Bound for Glory Series Match, Crimson defeated Gunner, Bully Ray, and Scott Steiner in a Four Way Match when Crimson pinned Gunner with a rollup. The match was a three-on-one handicap match.

After the match, Kurt Angle came to the ring and he attacked Crimson as the show ended.

For Xplosion

In an Xplosion Championship Challenge Match, Alex Shelley defeated Douglas Williams with Sliced Bread #2. Magnus joined Jeremy Borash and Taz at the announce table during this match.
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Audio: Wrestling News Live 8/8/11 Archived

WNL Returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network on 8-8-11 with “The Outlaw of the IWC” The TreyDawg & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay.
The boys started things off with the “News of the Week” sponsored by
Wrestling-Online.com including the recent WWE releases and the apparent resignation of Gail Kim. After the break the boys were joined by
Pro Wrestler/Promoter Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson. Devon discussed his 6.5 million dollar lawsiut against Abdullah the Butcher in which Devon believes he was infected with Hepititus C in a match with Abdullah.Devon discussed his longtime rivalry with Abdullah from 2006-2009, Going to the WWE Training camp and be offered a contract…only to lose it after testing positive for Hep C. Devon discusses his outrage over the 2011 HOF Induction of Abdullah, His Documentary Dont Bleed on Me, The Dangers of a Double Blood match , The status of the lawsuit, Abdullah’s reluctance to give a blood sample, Pro Wrestlers who have Hep C and have wrestled for promotions , Devon gives updates on his upcoming Indy shows including a Randy Savage Tribute show authorized by Lanny Poffo, an upcoming movie on his life in pro wrestling , and warnings to up and coming wrestlers in the bussiness. Devon gave JJ & Trey nearly an hour in this very candid interview and his story is very heartfelt and you learn about the dangers of pro wrestling. After the break The Boys ran down RAW leading into Sunday’s Summerslam before taking a few calls and ending the show on this latest edition of WNL.

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