Monday, August 8, 2011

Melina Responses To "Splits" Comment On Raw

On Raw, Beth Phoenix took a shot at former WWE Diva Melina whilst cutting a promo. She said: "No more booty popping, no more splits, no more stink faces.

Melina then tweeted:

"PS- Any Diva can try 2 do a split from here on out but what the WWE confirmed is that the SPLITS will always remind the world of me. Thank u
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Update On Gail Kim

Gail Kim posted the following on Twitter:

"This is the current situation 4 every1 who’s asking: I quit last mon. And apparently after a total of 5 yrs of working for a co. where I was not utilized or appreciated,I’m now 4 some reason,valuable enough 2 keep me under the remainder of my contract so I can't work elsewhere. Controlling? Thoughts?"
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Jay Lethal Signs With Ring Of Honor

The following was posted on the Ring Of Honor Website:


Ring of Honor management are happy to announce that they have come to terms with Jay Lethal and he is now officially under ROH contract. The former ROH Pure Champion was a part of Ring of Honor from 2003 – 2006 and in that time frame captured the ROH Pure Title, contended for the ROH Tag Titles, and battled everyone from CM Punk to Samoa Joe to Christopher Daniels.

Returning to the fold at “Best in the World 2011”, Lethal defeated “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and is now scheduled to challenge for the ROH World TV Title against champion El Generico THIS Saturday night in Chicago Ridge, IL!

“Jay Lethal is a wrestler that the ROH fans have watched grow up right in front of them.” Said ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette, “From his days with Special K to his battles over the Pure Title, Jay Lethal became a man in front of the ROH fans and now that he’s back in Ring of Honor, we can all see how much of a fighter he has become. It’s exciting to have him back here with us, and I for one look forward to seeing him and Generico go at it on SBG TV!”

Tickets for this weekend’s SBG TV Tapings where Lethal will take on Generico are still available right here in the ROH Store at this link!.
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Colt Cabana Says He Did Not Wrestle Dark Match At Raw

Following reports he wrestled Curt Hawkins in tonight's dark match at Raw, Colt Cabana tweeted:

Um. I'm at the gym in Chicago. I'm definitely not at RAW. Someone must have confused me for Batista, we look alike.

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CZW 8.8: New Vids; Final Name for THIS SATURDAY's Aerial Assault‏



– TODAY – you can pre-order ‘Tangled Web 4’ airing LIVE on
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How did Scotty Vortekz vs. Drake Younger in a TWO RING, PSYCHO CIRCUS
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The CZW World Heavyweight Title will be defended in a LUMBERJACK STRAP
MATCH where FANS can purchase raffle tickets for their opportunity to
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The FINAL name for the TWO RING, AERIAL ASSAULT MATCH has been
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tHURTteen, Ryan McBride, Latin Dragon, & Ty Hagan THIS SATURDAY!


* *2 Ring Psycho Circus Death Match*: “The Golden Boy” Drake
Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz.

(See what Scotty Vortekz
and Drake Younger
have to say)

* *CZW World Heavyweight Title, Lumberjack Strap Match*: champion
Devon Moore vs. BLK JEEZ

(Fans can buy a raffle ticket for the chance to join in on the

(Watch BLK JEEZ’s message to Devon Moore & the Fans


* *Ultraviolent Table Match*:

Matt Tremont vs. Rory Mondo

(See what ‘Not So Little’ Mondo has to say


* Sami Callihan vs. BJ Whitmer

(Read’s look at BJ Whitmer’s CZW history


* *2 Ring Aerial Assault Match*: Ricochet, Tony Nese, tHURTeen,
HyZaya, Latin Dragon, Ryan McBride, Ty Hagan, Ricochet, & Pinkie

* Greg Excellent vs. a DJ Hyde mystery opponent

(Hear some words from Mr. Excellent


* A Drew Gulak Wired Invitational Match

(NEW interested talent may submit materials to

(Watch Dewey Donovan & Mr. Tofiga explain why they are aiming for
August 13

* The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater) vs. BLK OUT (Alex Colon &
Ruckus) vs. Azrieal/Bandido, Jr. vs. The Set (Lance Lude & J-Sinn)
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(See how The Runaways pissed off Maven Bentley

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* Will Men’s Club USA make an impact


* More to be announced soon!

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– From Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 21, CZW World
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Lee, & Rory Mondo will be on-hand and available for autographs and
photos at Monster-Mania Con 19 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry
Hill, NJ.

For more information, visit's preview of the CZW


- - - - - - - - - -

– On Sunday, August 28, a special Wired TV taping will take place
at the Parkwood Youth Organization, 3301 Mechanicsville Road in
Philadelphia, PA. Doors open at 1:30 pm. Admission is free with a
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CZW heads to the United Kingdom for ‘Project Mayhem’ at Planet
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* Friday, September 23 at 20:30 at Fight Club Pro

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So far confirmed – DJ Hyde, Danny Havoc, Adam Cole, Devon Moore, Jon
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The following weekend, CZW heads to Germany!

* Friday, September 30 at 19:00, CZW joins wXw ‘Fight Club 2011’

* Saturday, October 1 at 17:00 bell time with CZW ‘Back in

* Sunday, October 2 and Monday, October 3, CZW, wXw and BJW join
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 8/5/11

According to PWInsider, the 8/5 edition of WWE Smackdown scored a a 1.81 cable rating.
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Update On Gail Kim/WWE

According to PWInsider,WWE has yet to remove Gail Kim from their website's talent roster or announce her departure from the company. WWE sources say since she quit the organization, an official decision regarding her departure has yet to be made.

There is hope Kim would change her mind and the situation would blow over, but given her dismissive stance towards the organization on Twitter, it appears unlikely at this point.

Kim has been vocal with her unhappiness for the past several months. No one within WWE was surprised that she quit
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Live Results for WWE Raw 8/8/2011

Stay tuned right here for live results for WWE Raw 8/8/2011, and don't forget to join us over in the chatroom at to talk about Raw, and WNL right after Raw ends tonight at 1130 EST.

We start Raw off with HHH coming out, and he stands in the ring soaking up the cheers from the crowd. He says that in 6 nights, it will be the most historic night in WWE, that the entire face of the WWE landscape will change. He says that it will be Cena (huge boos) versus Punk (mixed reaction). He also says there has been a lot of change, from no WWE champion, to Vince being in charge, then himself being in charge, to 2 WWE Champions. But he will rectify that, there will be 1 Undisputed champion, but how do you make sure that there will be 1 Undisputed champion, you empower 1 person, 1 person who won't back down, who won't take nothing from no one, and that one man, is HHH. He will stand in the ring, and call it down the middle, and when the dust clears at Summerslam, we will walk away with 1 Undisputed WWE Champion, but that is this Sunday. Tonight we will have the official contract signing between John Cena (loud boos) and CM Punk (another mixed reaction) but before we get to that, each man will have a match, and John Cena's match is right now.

Before HHH gets out of the ring, Cena stops him and they start arguing about something, the camera can't pick it up.

1st match
John Cena vs Jack Swagger
Winner: John Cena

We go backstage, and they introduce Alberto Del Rio who is CM Punk's opponent. ADR calls CM Punk not the voice of the voiceless, but the voice of the gutless, because Punk ran when ADR wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Next we see a video of Morrison and Truth from when Morrison was put out by Truth 4 months ago. We then see R-Truth yelling out hes a good R-Truth. He gets asked why he would take advantage of his friend. Truth just keep saying why, and asking questions like why do hot dogs come 10 to a pack but buns come 8 to a pack. Why did God create spiders? Why does R-Truth hate spiders? R-Truth talks about his grandma making spider soup, but the only person who would eat the soup was Little Jimmy (1 for the Little Jimmy count), and that tonight Truth is going to crush himself a spider, and that spider is John Morrison.

2nd match
Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

Before Rey Mysterio even gets off the stage, Miz attacks him from behind and begins throwing him into the steel around the big W sign, and starts kicking his head against it, and Cole says he is going to go find out what that was all about.

Cole tells Miz that was a huge audacity he just committed. Miz asks Cole who is the Miz facing at Summerslam, no one, because the emphasis is all about the WWE title match, Miz is all over the tv, and all over twitter, that if he has to make some heads turn and get some attention then so be it. He tells a ref to get down there and make him the winner by forfeit. The ref goes over to Justin Roberts, who tells everyone that HHH says that the Miz will face someone in a new match.

2nd Match
Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
Winner: The Miz

Josh Matthews stops CM Punk backstage, and asks Punk what his reaction to HHH being the ref for his match on Sunday, Punk says that HHH has a bigger ego than his father in law. Whats good for business is HHH staying out of it, but its the biggest match in WWE Title history. But right now, Punk has to go out and kick Alberto Del Rio's teeth down his throat.

3rd match
Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk
Winner: CM Punk

Before the next match, they show the ending of the Diva's battle royal from last week, and what happened after the Battle royal with Beth Phoenix taking out Kelly Kelly.

4th match
Beth Phoenix vs Eve
Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match Beth gets a mic, and says she is sick of diva's like Eve and Kelly Kelly making a mockery of the Diva's division, no more booty poppin, no more splits, and no more stinkfaces. As Beth starts walking up the ramp with her back to the entrance way, Kelly Kelly comes from behind with a forearm, knocking down Beth Phoenix, and gets in the ring to help Eve up.

Before the match, Alex Riley asks for a mic, and tells Vickie that her breath smells like Death took a dump in her mouth, and the ref tells Vickie to get out as she is yelling at Riley.

5th match
Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley
Winner: Alex Riley due to DQ.

Vickie got in the ring and slapped Alex Riley causing the disqualification. Vickie then starts walking up the ramp away from Dolph Ziggler waving bye to him yelling at him in the highest shrill voice she has.

6th match
R-Truth vs John Morrison
Winner: R-Truth

We HHH and John Laurinitus backstage looking at the contract for the Cena and Punk match, and will be signed next.

They go to the tron where Christian is talking about Smackdown, and he says he has a announcement to make, and that HHH should show up, because he will want to hear what Christian will have to say in person.

Out now is HHH and John Laurinitus for the contract signing. Next is CM Punk, then John Cena. HHH says lets get started, but Punk stops him and asks why are we out here. Are they just going to flip the table and start beating each other, but Punk feels like he is at Conan with a clip he has, and Punk does have a clip to play, and says Take it away Dwayne. And we see a video of The Rock video from a few days ago talking crap about John Cena, talking about his clothing, saying Cena looks like a red version of Wonder Woman. The Rock just continues to trash Cena, as they cut the tape and go back live, and we see Cena laughing and smiling. Punk says theres a lot wrong with what he said, but he felt that they aren't saying Cena Sucks, they are saying CM Punk. But Punk says he will shut up and sign the contract, but Cena says no, lets talk for a minute, that he was caught off guard by the video. Cena starts rambling about what the Rock said. Cena says this is where he hits Punk with the truth, the Rock is a star, the Rock has the millions, even with Cena battling the Rock he will never win over the millions. Cena says that Punk made a scary comparisi