Thursday, August 4, 2011

WWE Supershow In Alabama: Sin Cara Advertised‏

The WWE event at the Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama on October 1st will be a Raw & Smackdown Supershow. Here is the official press release:

WWE SUPERSHOW -- Saturday, October 1st at 5pm

You've waited over a year-FINALLY WWE returns with your favorite Superstars from RAW and Smackdown!

Scheduled to appear: John Cena; CM Punk; Randy Orton; Rey Mysterio; Christian; Sin Cara; the Divas & more

What drama will unfold on the eve of Hell in a Cell?? Who will leave Mobile as WWE Champion??

Ticket Prices: $60; $45; $35; $25; $15 (additional service charges & facility fees may apply)

Tickets go on sale Saturday, August 27th at 10am.

Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Amazing Red Leaves TNA

Amazing Red wrote the following on Twitter:

Heys Guyz, I just wanted to let Ya kno 1st...TNA & I parted ways do to the "creative has nothing for you" line, so we r gonna future endeavor each other right now. Thanks to my @ImpactWrestling famo & fans... Now "On to the Next one" (Jay-Z)
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Sin Cara Expected To Return To Main Roster

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The decision was made yesterday to bring Sin Cara back to the WWE roster after all. Cara's future with WWE had been up in the air as of late but is now expected to return to the main roster
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WWE Second Quarter Financial Numbers


If you looked at the WWE Second Quarter financial numbers today, it was obvious that they were skewed by the fact that WrestleMania took place in the second quarter this year, vs. the first quarter last year. Therefore, that must be taken into account when looking at the numbers that were released today.
After adjusting for WrestleMania, the operating income for quarter two was actually down 2%, or $500,000 while adjusted net income was up $400,000. In a nutshell, WWE ran a tighter ship and made more with less.

WrestleMania 27 generated $35.9 million of revenues, $16.7 million of profit contribution ($11.4 million, net of tax) and $0.15 of EPS from across various business lines to our current year second quarter results. That is exactly why as Mania goes, so goes WWE.

On the buyrate front, WrestleMania did 1,059,000 this year vs. 885,000 last year. Obviously, The Rock was a big success.

Extreme Rules was up this year, doing 209,000 buys to the 182,000 that it did last year. Over The Limit on the other hand did 140,000 buys this year vs. 197,000 buys last year. Capitol Punishment/ Fatal 4 Way was up doing 170,000 this year to last year's 143,000. That means that the B PPV business was down slightly overall in the quarter due to Over The Limit's massive drop. But the increased buys from Mania more than make up for it.

Vince McMahon will be conducting his shareholders call later today. We will have full coverage of the call here on the site, as well as a hotline analyzing the numbers and call later today.
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Michael Cole Set To Become Manager?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There was talk this week of making Michael Cole a manager since he has so much heat. The idea would be for Cole to transfer some of that heat to heels on the roster who need a boost. If Cole would begin to manage, he would likely stay on commentary as well
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Possible Date For Undertaker's WWE Return

The following was posted in this month's WWE Magazine:

"On October 23, Vengeance rises from the grave in the form of an all new Pay-Per-View. What better time and place for The Undertaker to make his return to a WWE ring. After all, it was a year and a day to the date that the Deadman lost a Buried Alive match against Kane with the help of the Nexus at the WWE Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View in 2010. The Phenom hasn’t come calling for revenge on that score (some streak got in the way), so if we were Kane or Wade Barrett, we would watch our backs come October, because if you happen to hear that ominous gong, you’ll know the bell tolls for thee."
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*Spoiler* Plans For The WWE Title

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan as of this week is to have Alberto Del Rio win the WWE Title just before WWE head to Mexico on their next tour in mid October.
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Dixie Carter's Thoughts On Sting's New Character

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dixie Carter was at the most recent set of Impact Wrestling and she is said to be a fan of Sting's new gimmick. Dixie was telling everyone how great it is that Sting has been able to re-invent himself at this stage of his career, and how everyone in the locker room should learn from.
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Update On Mick Foley Return And Wrestlemania Plans

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been talk within WWE about Mick Foley having a major match at Wrestlemania. As for a possible re-debut date, Foley is unable to appear on TV until September as part of his agreement to leave TNA Wrestling.
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Melina Removed From WWE Live Events

According to her Twitter page, Melina has been taken off this weekends live events. She tweeted:

"To everyone I told I was going to be at the WWE Live Events this weekend I will not be attending. Sorry about that."
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