Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TV Rating For WWE Raw 7/25/11


The 7/25 edition of Raw did 3.2 rating with 4,805,000 viewers. The show did hours of 3.01 and 3.4.
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WWE World Tour Returns to Mexico

MEXICO, July 26, 2011 – WWE announced today they will present live events in six cities across Mexico from Oct. 12-15 with the WWE World Tour. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 26 at 11am local time.

This landmark WWE World Tour will bring the first ever WWE TV tapings to Mexico City and WWE debut live events to Merida, San Luis Potosi and Veracruz.

Don’t miss WWE Superstars John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, Kelly Kelly and many more* in Mexico this October.

Event and Ticket Purchase information:

Wednesday, October 12: WWE Raw, Monterrey
Arena Monterrey, 8:30 p.m.
Local charge by phone: 1515 4100
Tickets also available at www.superboletos.com and all OXXO locations

Thursday, October 13: WWE SmackDown, Monterrey
Arena Monterrey, 8:30 p.m.
Local charge by phone: 1515 4100
Tickets also available at www.superboletos.com and all OXXO locations

Thursday, October 13: WWE Raw, Merida
Kukulcan Baseball Stadium, 8:30 p.m.
Local Charge by phone: 5325 9000
Tickets also available at www.ticketmaster.com.mxs.com and all Gandhi locations

Friday, October 14: WWE Raw, Puebla
Estadio de Beisbol, 8:30 p.m.
Local Charge by phone: 5325 9000
Tickets also available at www.ticketmaster.com.mxs.com and all Gandhi, MixUp, Farmacias de Ahorro, ETN locations

Friday, October 14: WWE SmackDown, San Luis Potosi
November 20th Baseball Stadium, 8:30 p.m.
Local Charge by phone: 5325 9000 and 8369 9000
Tickets also available at www.ticketmaster.com.mxs.com and all Gandhi, MixUp, Farmacias de Ahorro locations

Saturday, October 15: WWE SmackDown, Veracruz
Beto Avila Baseball Stadium, 8:00 p.m.
Local Charge by phone: 5325 9000 and 8369 9000
Tickets also available at www.ticketmaster.com.mxs.com and all Gandhi, MixUp, Farmacias de Ahorro, Fabricas de Ahorro locations

*Card subject to change.
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Ultimate Warrior Comments On Zack Ryder

Following Zack Ryder's use of the "Ultimate Broski" on his YouTube show, Ultimate Warrior wrote the following on Twitter: ..another one of the ALL TIME GREATS making my "talentless" UW look like a million bucks. Awesome belly laughs! No abs 4 me 2day.
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New CM Punk T-Shirt Now For Sale

The new CM Punk T-shirt that debuted at WWE Money In The Bank is now available on WWE.com. It can be seen at this link
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Video: CM Punk Talks Following Raw

The following was posted on WWE.com following CM Punk's return to WWE.The video can be seen at this link
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Zema Ion Signs With TNA

According to PWInsider, Zema Ion, known on the independents as Shima Xion, has signed with TNA after his strong showing at the Destination X PPV.
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Audio: Wrestling News Live 7/15/11 Archived

WNL returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network on 7-25-11 with “The Outlaw of the IWC” The TreyDawg & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. The boys opened the show talking about John Cena regaining the WWE Championship…briefly before jumping into “News of the Week” sponsored by Wrestling-Online.com. After the break The boys jumped into Monday Night RAW with 2 WWE title matches, 2 new champions crowned , the return of JR, Morrison, & CM Punk + even Zack Ryder had a match.. After the final break JJ opened the phone linesand took several calls from the WNL/SNS family, Trey and JJ got into a heated debate, and the boys read emails before wrapping the show with some Knarles Barkley

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Video: CM Punk Appears On Jimmy Kimmel's Show

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Audio:Beyond the Bell:Epic Encounters 4 Archived

This edition of the Epic Encounters series features a fan pic and a long-standing brutal rivalry. Host Ring Announcer Sean Beckerman looks back at one of the most brutal, hardcore, and memorable matches of all time. Volume 4 features: Nick Bockwinkel vs Curt Hennig & Mankind vs The Undertaker. Also, check out the latest “BTB Mail Bag” and go back in time with this week’s “Old-School Theme of the Week.” So buckle up and get ready to rewind and relive on this weeks edition of Beyond The Bell on the SNS Radio Network.

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Santino Marella Breaks Nose During Superstars Taping

According to his Twitter, Santino Marella broke his nose last night at the Superstars taping during a tag match where he teamed with Chris Masters to face WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty.
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TV Rating For WWE SMackdown 7/22/11


The July 22 episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.89 cable rating, the program's best mark since May 20—also a 1.89.

SmackDown had not scored in the 1.80 range since May 27, with the number fluctuating between 1.63 and 1.77 during that time.
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WWE Returning To Bossier City On October 9th‏

WWE returns to the Century Link Center in Bossier City, Louisiana on October 9th, 2011 at 5 PM. Tickets go on sale August 27th, 2011 at 10 AM. Go to http://prowrestlingevents.tk or http://prowrestlingevents.webs.com for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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COLUMN: Shooting from the Hip #2 by Tony Mirabella

I’ve decided this week to try my hand at tackling TNA. Its strong points, its week points, and its possible future. Also, the never-ending hate towards the company by the IWC.

Now, a lot of people seem to wonder why if WCW could compete with the WWE, why can’t TNA. I’m going to simplify this with a list.

Reasons why TNA hasn’t grown that are NOT the company’s fault:

- TNA has never had the massive financial backing that WCW had, via Ted Turner.
- TNA existed for years with no big television deal.
- Even after getting a TV deal, they were picked up by Spike, a network not nearly as widely available as Turner’s networks.
- The new no-compete clauses imposed by the WWE severely limits the impact that wrestlers jumping ship to TNA have. 60 days of watching WWE programming and not seeing a wrestler on TV makes the fans forget about that wrestler. By the time they get to TNA, that “former WWE wrestler” is nowhere near as big a deal as Lex Luger, Hall, and Nash showing up in WCW literally days after leaving the WWE.
- Lastly, WCW made its move when the WWE was hurting from the steroid trials and going through a period of decline. TNA’s television deal came at a time when the WWE was going strong, and fans had no reason, in their minds, to try another product.

Reasons why TNA hasn’t taken off that ARE the company’s fault:

- Firstly, without a doubt, lack of advertising! When the only venue you are advertising on is the same station your show is playing on, how do you expect to get new viewers?
- A very poor management structure. As Trey and JJ of Wrestling News Live have said numerous times, “too many chiefs, not enough Indians.” You need one person, or a well established group of people who have the final say in storylines and booking, rather than everything having to go through 10 guys.
- Not giving the fans what they want, but rather giving them what you think they SHOULD want. Making heels out of established TNA babyfaces and vice versa.
- Having every show at the same arena with the same crowd. TNA should have been on the road from day one, exposing itself to different demographics and locations.
- Failure to police Pay Per View streams. I have literally seen thousands of people watching a TNA PPV stream. These are thousands of people who are not paying for your product.
- Allowing superstars to have creative control of their own characters. This is one of the many things that helped kill WCW.
- Allowing troubled superstars like Jeff and Matt Hardy into your company.

I could go on, but I don’t want to make this too long-winded. Let me say that I’ve been a TNA supporter for a long time, and still am. I generally enjoy Impact Wrestling, and will keep watching. I don’t know if this company can ever be hugely successful in the long run, but I hope so, because competition is good for the business and, if you’re a wrestler, it’s damn hard to find good paying work as it is.

And, here’s my final short list.

Friendly Advice for the IWC:

- If you watch a product for 20 weeks in a row and in that time can find nothing to do but complain, STOP WATCHING IT! Would you go to a restaurant with crappy food more than twice?
- Don’t complain about a Pay Per View you didn’t pay for!
- Don’t base all your opinions of the product on spoilers. It’s never the same as actually watching the show. For example, Sea Captain gets obsessed with killing whale. Whale kills him at the end. Now, write me a review of Moby Dick.
- Don’t criticize TNA for the in-ring talent. TNA has some of the best wrestlers in the world working for them. Yes, the writing and storylines are often bad, but when the bell rings, you can honestly say those guys and gals bust their asses every week.
- Realize that, in the end, if TNA should fall, the wrestling world will have a HUGE gap to fill. Many people will be out of work, and we’ll be stuck with basically nothing, but WWE.

When it comes to TNA, I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen much worse. Their ratings haven’t gone up, but they haven’t tanked either, which means there is a loyal, dedicated fan base out there that watches every week. I criticize both companies when they deserve it. At the end of the day, sit down with some popcorn on Thursday nights and just try going with it. Or not. Unlike kissing the ring, watching TNA is totally optional.

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CHIKARA: Johnny Saint, Colt Cabana & more in Philly this Sunday, July 31st

It's guest stars galore when we present "Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel" in South Philly this Sunday! In addition to the likes of British mat masters Johnny Saint and Johnny Kidd, we have up-and-coming stars Makoto and Tsukasa Fujimoto, and a bonafide legend of joshi, Mima Shimoda! If that's not enough to pique your interest, we've also got returning pals El Generico, and the inimitable Colt Cabana! The announced card for Sunday, July 31st is as follows:

Johnny Saint & Mike Quackenbush vs. Johnny Kidd & Colt Cabana

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sara Del Rey

Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw

Daizee Haze vs. Mima Shimoda

El Generico & 3.0 vs. UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked/Frightmare

Makoto vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto

Dasher Hatfield vs. Archibald Peck

For more info or advance tickets to the show: http://www.chikarapro.com/events.php

Come see us live:

"Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel - Night 1"
Saturday evening - 7.30.2011
Live @ The Goodwill Beneficial Assoc.
100 Madison Avenue
in Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

"Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel - Night 2"
Sunday afternoon - 7.31.2011
Live @ Asylum Arena (former ECW Arena)
7 W. Ritner Street
in Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm, Doors open @ 3:30 pm!

Our homebase: www.chikarapro.com - Updated daily!
New to CHIKARA? Start here: www.chikara101.com
Subscribe to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/CHIKARAoffice
Get free updates on your mobile device: twitter.com/chikarapro
Join our official fan club: www.chikarmy.com
On Facebook! www.facebook.com/CHIKARMY
On MySpace! www.myspace.com/chikarapro
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Update On Michael Cole/Raw

According to PWInsider,WWE management are still deciding if Michael Cole will remain on Monday Night Raw.
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*Spoiler* On Diva's Match Booked For Summerslam

According to PWInsider, Eve is expected to win next weeks Diva battle royal and face Kelly Kelly at Summerslam.
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Report: WWE Looking At Long Term Booking Of Feuds

According to PWInsider.com, WWE is looking to go "old school" with the booking process in the sense that they will be planning several months out and working backwards. Expect to see lots more long-term planning from here on out. WWE is very happy with how they announced John Cena vs. The Rock for WrestleMania 28 in advance and how both Superstars have managed to keep the feud alive online.
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UPWA Charity Event THIS Saturday 7/30 – Wilmington, NC‏

The United Pro Wrestling Association brings LIVE pro wrestling action THIS SATURDAY, 7/30 to the National Guard Armory, 2221 Carolina Beach RD in Wilmington, NC.

Proceeds will benefit Jimmy Kadnar, a retired New York City firefighter who responded to the World Trade Center attack on September 11, lost his home in a fire on July 5.

* UPWA Heavyweight champion LA Tank faces Djinn in an I QUIT MATCH!
* UPWA Tag champions The Beasleys defend against Smooth Excellence in a TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS MATCH
* UPWA Cruiserweight champion Christopher McKenzie is challenged by Amazing Velvet in a TITLE VS. CAREER MATCH!
* Also featuring UPWA Carolinas champion Tavare Hill, UPWA Women's champion Mia Svennson, Josh Hunter, Moe Hill, J.R., Danny South, TJ Biggz, & More!

Door opens at 7 pm, bell time 7:30 pm.

Presale tickets available:
* $10 TODAY at TheUPWA.com via PayPal
* $10 TODAY at Browncoast Pub and Theatre, 111 G