Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stone Cold Steve Austin Wants WWE To Sign TNA Star

On Twitter, Stone Cold Steve Austin wrote the following about Samoa Joe:

WWE should sign @SamoaJoe as soon as his TNA contract is up. One of my favorite workers in today's game. Needs a full green light push.
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New TNA Knockouts Tag Champions Crownd

As seen tonight during Impact Wrestling,Miss Tessmacher and Tara defeated Rosita and Sarita to become the new TNA Knockout's tag champions.
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Video: CM Punk "Invades" Comic Con-Confronts Triple H

According to Matt Fowler of IGN, CM Punk "invaded" WWE's Comic Con panel and took aim at Triple H. Here is what Matt Fowler wrote:

This afternoon, with yours truly present, CM Punk crashed the the joint Mattel/WWE panel – WWE: Past, Present and Future – at San Diego Comic-Con, featuring WWE superstars Triple H, Rey Mysterio and the legendary Bret Hart.

Punk announced himself via bullhorn and then, with WWE Title in hand, took to the designated question-asking mic and began to awesomely speechify! Punk took exception to the fact that they were trying to crown a new champ on RAW and then challenged Rey, or anyone else who wanted to be champ, to head out to Chicago to take him on.

Punk then also asked Triple H and RAW writer Brain Gewirtz why Zack Ryder wasn't on TV. Triple H, in what seemed to be a part of a storyline, told Punk that things had changed on RAW and that there was a new regime. He told Punk to give him a call. Punk responded by telling Hunter that he was sure Stephanie had his number

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John Cena Comments On Vince McMahon

On Twitter, John Cena wrote the following:I also wouldn't count VKM out yet. I know he was emotional on mon, but doesn't seem the type to just 'give up'. Time will tell"
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Audio:The CAWsCast 7-20-11 Archived

The CAWsCast returned to the airwaves on 7-20-11 on the SNS Radio Network with “The Phenom” Charles Shane & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. Charles & JJ ran down the events from WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV and RAW and the direction of the company. JJ revealed a spoiler on when Daniel Bryan would cash in the MITB briefcase and speculated who has opponent could be.After the break JJ played a few entrance themes to prove a point (Mike Tyson & Xpac had the same theme song, with diffrent lyrics) and that the Brawl for All theme was given to current WWE IC champion Exzekial Jackson. The boys opened the phone lines, talked about the WWE ALLSTARS Tournament, news on WWE12, Hulk Hogan lending his voice to THQ’s Saints Row the 3rd and even WNL’s interview with the Hulksters ex wife Linda Hogan. Charles asked how JJ started wrestling…posed the question to the listeners as well and JJ was very candid in how it started for him…it was a very real and unexpected answer. Charlers read a few emails before wrapping this latest episode of the CAWsCast returning next week on its normal time every tuesday at 10:30pm Est.
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Ric Flair Opens Website-Selling "Big Gold" Championship

Ric Flair has opened a store on his website that can be found at this link
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Rosa Mendes Comments On Her "Haters"

WWE Diva Rosa Mendes wrote the following on Twitter:

"To all Mendesluverz. Don't get mad at my haters. They only say mean things because they are insecure themselves. My confidence scares them,"

"My inner and outer beauty makes them boil with jealousy, just feel sorry for them, and hope that one day they will see the light and finally have some inner peace. Pobrecitas, pobrecitos.
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Update On Maxine/Tyson Kid

According to, The debut of former WWE NXT Diva Maxine on the main roster has been put on hold because of plans for Tyson Kidd have changed. Maxine was planned earlier this year to be called up as Kidd's final manager in his recent Superstars storyline.
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WWE Upset With Sin Cara

According to, The Mexican news paper called "The Record" has pulled their interview with Sin Cara from earlier where he talked about his WWE Wellness Policy suspension. Word is that WWE was very upset about Cara discussing the issue publicly, specifically his claim that it was all just a misunderstanding and he didn't know why he was being suspended.
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Goldust Working With The Divas

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter , Goldust,who is recovering from a shoulder injury, has been working as an agent for the WWE Divas as of late.