Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Report: WWE Superstars Told Not To Mention CM Punk

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported before, some of the CM Punk and WWE storyline is expected to play out in other outlets beside WWE TV. Word is that the idea for now is to try a unique balancing act with Punk to be kept in the news with the WWE Title while WWE acts like he doesn't exist. WWE has been calling in favors to try and get Punk booked on things like late night talk shows where they can continue the storyline.

WWE talents have been told not to mention Punk's name in interviews for now, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. On Monday's RAW, John Cena was scripted to slip-up and mention Punk's name. Also before RAW hit the air, Justin Roberts announced that WWE management has banned the fans from chanting Punk's name.
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Report: Vince McMahon Told Not To Take Bumps

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Part of the reason John Laurinaitis was with Vince McMahon at Money in the Bank for the run-in is because Vince has been told by his doctors not to take any bumps
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Report: WWE Official Down On Jinder Mahal

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jinder Mahal has not impressed some WWE officials at live events with the feeling that going from doing squash matches on TV to longer live event matches shows that he is much greener than they originally thought. Some are saying that Mahal may have been called up too soon. He has been booked with Daniel Bryan on live events a lot because Bryan is seen as a talent who can keep matches together and carry his opponent when necessary.
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Attendance For Recent WWE Tour

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

* RAW tapings on May 16th in San Antonio, Texas drew 11,031 fans for $392,075.
* SmackDown tapings on May 24th in Spokane, Washington drew 3,592 fans for $125,715.
* WWE Capitol Punishment in Washington, DC drew 9,850 fans for $684,115.
* SmackDown tapings on June 28th in Phoenix, Arizona drew 5,331 fans for $223,389.
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Report: Kevin Nash "Frustrated" By WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Kevin Nash is reportedly is signed to a different WWE Legends deal than everyone else. Usually the Legends deals are that you make a percentage of the revenue your name and likeness generate, and they pay you a small amount of per year as a retainer of sorts. Nash is receiving a significant amount of money and right now is doing very little work for the company. Nash is said to be frustrated because he thought the reaction he got at the Royal Rumble would lead to something else on TV.
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WWE Event In New Mexico Moved‏

WWE's house show at The Pit in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been moved to September 23rd. The original date was the 25th of September. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Shelly Martinez Looking At Getting On Dancing With The Stars

Former WWE/TNA Talent Shelly Martinez is looking to be on the upcoming series of Dancing With The Stars. You can vote for Shelly at this link
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Sin Cara Comments On WWE Suspension

The following article is translated from Spanish and can be read at this link

For the first time in nearly six months of contract, the Mexican wrestler Faceless is news in the WWE and not by their performance in the ring, but for failing the Wellness Policy of talent that has attracted much suspicion, including the company's farewell American, and the fighter said in an interview with RECORD.
"Thanks for the support you have shown me (fans) know that I am not a drug addict, let alone putting things too fine, do not know what has happened, it was apparently a drug, let's wait what happens, because I have a body not too large to use steroids, if it were for drugs I had been fired, "said Cara Without addressing the issue of suspension.

"Tomorrow (today) told me that we would meet, it affects me but they (WWE) did not say anything bad," he said. "It's just bringing a pain in my knee and injected something, that's what must have tested positive, they do not say what it is supposed to be a steroid drugs have many things that are positive.
"These are shots that normally we get in Mexico, the injury was the knee, it has given me some problems (...). That's what gave me positive, I was told here (in Mexico) that would result if I made a thorough study, I know what that is, is nothing bad, I was told that I am not surprised that there was no problem and no would affect me, though company policy was to be a penalty, "the Mexican fighters.

"I do not say anything (in WWE), I learned, I was told that tomorrow (today) I meet with them, I said, 'Do not harm or frighten you or anything, nothing happens', and that's what I want know, and ya, tomorrow (today) to talk and know what it is, "said the former Mystic now become one of the attractions of the company to Vince McMahon.

Rumors about an alleged dismissal, Faceless said everything will be defined until you have your meeting, although it is known to be the first time that fails the test again in 30 days to action.

Controversy over the name

The official website of the WWE was the announcement that Louis was suspended

Ignascio Urivid Alvirde (sic) violating the Talent Wellness Policy, which caused problems in No Face, who asked for an explanation. "In the end what people want to see me is the face," he said, but complained that it could have prevented the publication.

Registration Faceless in Mexico

Another of the rumors that have reached the ears of Faceless is the World Wrestling Council had registered the name and image of the character Faceless in our country, to which the masked avoided comment because lawyers are WWE's own image, who will see to that.
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Audio: The CawsCast Tonight At 10:30PM EST

Tune in tonight to starting at 10:30pm Est, 8:30pm Mst on the SNS Radio Network as The CAWsCast returns with “The Phemom” Charles Shane & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. Tonight the boys will discuss the current state of the WWE that has wrestling fan’s buzzing. The latest information on WWE 12, and the PS3 ALLSTARS Tournament, plus your calls to the skype line sponsored by simply call (501) 588 7957 or send your emails to and join the “Live” chatroom to be an interactive part of the broadcast.
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Velvet Sky Looking At Getting On Dancing With The Stars

Impact Wrestling Knockout Velvet Sky is asking her fans on Twitter to voted for her to be on the new series of Dancing With The Stars. People can vote for who they would like to see on the show at this link
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Audio:Beyond the Bell “Famous Factions” 7/20/11 Archived

Factions have been a staple in professional wrestling throughout its illustrious history. A great stable consists of a collection of talent that has each others back. One can say that a perfect stable is one which has the World champion, a secondary champion being groomed to become a future star, and a tag team. Having a mouthpiece or manager is a bonus and at times could be the missing piece of the puzzle. From the Four Horsemen to Evolution and the New World Order to D-Generation-X, stables have produced some of the biggest stars of all time. In this edition, Sean Beckerman looks back at the greatest stables of all time. Also featured: Classic Audio, BTB Mail Bag, and the Old-School Theme of the Week. So get ready to go back in time and go BEYOND THE BELL on the SNS Radio Network!
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TV Rating For WWE Raw 7/18/11


The 7.18 MITB edition of Raw did a 3.2 rating, with 4.83 million viewers. The show did hours of 3.15 and 3.29
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CHIKARA: Complete card for Philadelphia return on Sunday, July 31st

It's guest stars galore when we present "Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel" in Reading and Philadelphia, PA later this month! In addition to the likes of British mat masters Johnny Saint and Johnny Kidd, we have up-and-coming stars Makoto and Tsukasa Fujimoto, and a bonafide legend of joshi, Mima Shimoda! If that's not enough to pique your interest, we've also got returning pals El Generico, and the inimitable Colt Cabana (appearing on July 31st)! The announced card for Sunday, July 31st is as follows:

Johnny Saint & Mike Quackenbush vs. Johnny Kidd & Colt Cabana

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sara Del Rey

Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw

Ophidian vs. Icarus

Daizee Haze vs. Mima Shimoda

El Generico & 3.0 vs. UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked/Frightmare

Makoto vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto

Dasher Hatfield vs. Archibald Peck

For more info or advance tickets to the show:

Come see us live:

"Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel - Night 1"
Saturday evening - 7.30.2011
Live @ The Goodwill Beneficial Assoc.
100 Madison Avenue
in Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

"Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel - Night 2"
Sunday afternoon - 7.31.2011
Live @ Asylum Arena (former ECW Arena)
7 W. Ritner Street
in Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm, Doors open @ 3:30 pm!

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Update On Sin Cara's Suspension

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sin Cara actually failed his WWE Wellness test back in June but was just suspended this week. It's believed that Cara told the company he could provide a doctor's note for whatever he failed for, and after being given weeks to produce it, he was either unable to produce the note or WWE wasn't pleased with what he produced.
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Backstage Speculation On WWE Working With ROH

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is said to be people within both WWE and Ring Of Honor believing that the companies might have signed some kind of a agreement with each other.

Sources insist that some of the things CM Punk spoke about in his infamous RAW promo a few weeks back will start finding their way onto WWE TV soon. For example, Punk talked about Triple H taking over and he began that storyline on this week's RAW. Punk also mentioned John Laurinaitis and Colt Cabana, both who appeared on WWE TV in the past week. While Cabana wasn't named by the announcers, he was shown at ringside on Money in the Bank and was photographed with Punk and the WWE Title in Chicago after the pay-per-view. Punk also mentioned Ring of Honor, which adds to the speculation that WWE may be working with them.
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Update On Vince McMahon's Role Within WWE

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter,The long-term plan for Vince McMahon is to lighten his duties within WWE and for Triple H to to over fully around WrestleMania 28. Even after the event, Vince is expected to oversee some actives backstage.

In a Vince McMahon trivial note, This marks the fifth straight year that Vince has written himself off WWE TV in some form or fashion. In 2007 he was blown up in a limousine, 2008 saw the RAW set fall on top of him, in 2009 he sold WWE to Donald Trump in the storylines but still appeared some and last year, he was beat up by Nexus and put in a coma.
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Horizon Wrestling Alliance Results from 7/17 - Adam Cole is #1

Horizon Wrestling Alliance returned this past Sunday, July 17 to the Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy in Leonardtown, Maryland for a night of amazing action with a near capacity crowd that named a #1 seed for October's upcoming Title Tournament.

* Drolix pinned "Rock N' Roll" Mike Sydal, after Drolix cut Sydal off from his promo about being a superstar thanks to his brother, WWE superstar Evan Bourne
* In House Drive By (Mike Mayhem & R.W. Buckler) beat Harm City Fight Club (Matt Wylde & Harold Ian Varelli)
* Fredo Majors beat "American Marvel" James Pash and Brian Hardy
* Pelle Primeau pinned Latin Dragon after interference from Veda Scott
* Greg Excellent & The Bravados (Harlem & Lance-a-lot) beat The Hellions (Alex Payne, Shane Hagadorn, & Ernie Osiris)
* Adam Cole tapped out Professor Milo Shizo after Cole's manager, Agent Sly Stetson, slammed his briefcase against Shizo's injured knee
* Grizzly Redwood pinned Rhett Titus
* Adam Cole won a Battle Royal to be named the #1 seed in the HWA Title Tournament to take place in October

For more information, including on October's Title Tournament (Date TBA), visit or visit HWA on Facebook!
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WWE Returning To El Paso In September‏

WWE returns to the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas on September 24th, 2011. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.