Monday, July 18, 2011

Triple H Announced As New Owner Of WWE-Vince McMahon Relieved Of Duties

Triple H announced during Raw that WWE have removed Vince McMahon from power and relieved him of his duties. Triple H then revealed he is now in charge of WWE's day to day actives.

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Triple H Returns To WWE During WWE Raw

Triple H made his WWE return during WWE Raw tonight and made his first appearance since the Raw after Wrestlemania 27.

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Finals Of WWE Tournament Delayed

Vince McMahon announced on WWE Raw that The Miz vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title has been delayed until next week.

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The Rock Comments On John Cena's Firing

On Twitter, John Cena wrote the following:

@WWE please don't fire John Cena. You owe it to the WORLD and GOD to have my boot go right up his phony ass at Wrestlemania 28. Cena - get back on your tour bus, call up your favorite yum rocket, take your apology and stick it straight up your phony ass.
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New WWE Champion To Be Crowd On Raw

Vince McMahon announced that tonight will see a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion. Click HERE to read up to the date results from Raw 7/18/11.
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Live Results For WWE Raw 7/18/11

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Camera cuts into the crowd after the intro, and we have Vince McMahon and John Laurinitus walking down to the ring. (By the way Vince is wearing a Magenta suit) Crowd starts chanting CM Punk immediately, and Vince says he will never ever say that mans name. That the audience is chanting the name of the biggest ingrate in the world, and they are also chanting the name of a man who walked out on every single one of the WWE Universe. Vince says no one has ever been, or ever will be bigger than the WWE. And that tonight they will crown a new WWE Champion in a 8 man tournament. One man who was missing from the tournament is John Cena, and the crowd starts booing, and Vince said that even he would boo Cena. Vince says that tonight will be a memorable night, a night that no one will ever forget.

1st match 1st Round of the 8 Man tournament
Alex Riley vs The Miz
Winner: The Miz

They play a video for John Morrison hyping a return soon.

2nd match 1st Round of the 8-man tournament
R-Truth vs Jack Swagger
Winner: R-Truth (With no help from Lil' Jimmy)

3rd match 1st Round of the 8-man tournament
Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Before the match started Rodriguez returned by announcing for Alberto Del Rio.

Backstage interview with Kofi saying last night he was put to the test, and tonight the match with ADR was a step in the right direction for him. 1 Down 2 to go.

4th match 1st Round of the 8-man tournament
Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs The Miz are the matches set for the 2nd round set to start soon.

5th match 14 diva tag match
AJ Lee/Gail Kim/Beth Phoenix/Natalie Neidhart/Eve/Kaitlyn/Kelly Kelly vs Maryse/Rosa Mendez/Alicia Fox/Brie Bella/Nikki Bella/Melina/Tamina
Winner(s): AJ Lee/Gail Kim/Beth Phoenix/Natalie Neidhart/Eve/Kaitlyn/Kelly Kelly

6th match 2nd round of 8-man tournament
Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
Winner: The Miz

They show a video of Andy Leavine talking about where he grew up and his friends talking about him as a kid.

7th match 2nd round of 8-man tournament
Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Before the final match starts Vince McMahon comes walking out and steps into the ring while Rey Mysterio is waiting for The Miz. Vince tells Rey to leave the ring, he has to do something important, but Rey doesn't want to leave, and Vince tells him that his match with The Miz for the title is postponed until next week. Vince says he has to make difficult decisions and that this isn't about his ego, that this is whats right, and he has always done the right thing.  The crowd starts chanting CM Punk. He keeps saying as much as he doesn't want to do this, and then says lets do this, and out comes John Cena. Cena walks up to Vince and takes the mic from him. Cena says he is not going to do anything against Vince because he doesn't want to go through the same thing that Shawn Micheals went through. That Micheals took the Montreal Screwjob with him for his entire life. Cena said he didn't want to say that he screwed Punk. Cena said that Vince needed a patsy, and Cena wasn't going to be him. Cena then says that if Punk is out there, it was a hell of a match. Cena tells Vince that he doesn't play around with his career, but he didn't want the title to become meaningless, that Vince said he could make another Cena go ahead, but he has 8 months to find another opponent to find for The Rock, but that Cena gets to walk out of the arena with his pride intact. Cena says he wants Vince to listen to what he has to say before Cena gives McMahon back the mic, that he loves the WWE, and he feels he should be there. That if Vince tells him hes no longer welcome, he will walk onto another show and keep doing what hes doing, BROTHER. That one thing Cena won't do if kiss Vince's ass. Vince looks at Cena and tells him he feels bad for doing this, but HHH's music hits, and a massive pop comes out for HHH as he walks down to the ring in a suit. Vince introduces HHH as his son in law and Vince has a smile on his face. HHH tells Vince that there was a Board of Directors meeting this morning, that the board asked HHH to go and talk to Vince, they are concerned with the current situation. He then asks Vince if they could talk about it in the bank, but Vince looks stunned. HHH says that the Board is concerned more so about Vince, that the Board is concerned about Vince's extremely questionable nature as of late. HHH says that the board has asked that HHH tell Vince that the Board has filed a injuction with a vote of no confidence against Vince, and that the family agrees with the Board. That on top of that, the Board has appointed someone to take over the day to day operation, and that person is HHH. (Huge pop by the crowd) HHH tells Vince that hes not going to fire John Cena, that Vince won't be doing anything else, because Vince has been relieved of his duties. Hunter tells Vince that he didn't want to do this, but its the right thing for business, he tells Vince that he loves him, and that hes sorry, and walks out of the ring. (Hunter is really crying, and so is Vince) Vince is left standing in the ring, as the fans stand on their feet clapping for Vince. The camera fades to black as the crowd chants Thank you Vince.

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John Cena Comments On Being "Fired" From WWE

On Twitter, John Cena wrote the following:

"I have just been 'future endeavored'. Well..if that's how it is I would