Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Happened Following WWE Money In The Bank


After CM Punk left through the crowd, Vince McMahon stayed on the apron looking out into the crowd for a few minutes before slowly walking towards the back. He waited for Johnny Ace, who was being helped by two referees. Vince then nailed Johnny, laying him out before walking off.
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John Cena Fired From WWE Following WWE Money In The Bank

Since CM Punk defeated John Cena, As per the match stipulations, John Cena is now fired from WWE. Its key to note, this was not confirmed on the PPV so expect this to be followed up on WWE Raw tomorrow
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CM Punk Becomes New WWE Champion At WWE Money In The Bank

CM Punk defeated John Cena at WWE Money In The Bank to become the new WWE Champion.

Joins us on SundayNightShow for live fall out to the title change.
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Colt Cabana Front Row At WWE Money In The Banl

Ring Of Honor wrestler Colt Cabana was shown front row at WWE's Money In The Bank Pay Per View.
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Christian Wins World Heavyweight Title At Money In The Bank

Christian became the new World weight champion at WWE's Money In The Bank Pay Per View after defeating Randy Orton via disqualification.
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Alberto Del Rio Wins The Raw Money In The Bank

Alberto Del Rio Won the Raw Money in the bank case and can now challenge for the WWE Title at time in the next 12 months.
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Vince McMahon Claims CM Punk Will Be Leaving Following Money In The Bank

During WWE Money In The Bank, Vince McMahon claimed that CM Punk turned down the last offer from WWE and will be leaving the company.
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Daniel Bryan Wins The Smackdown Money In The Bank

Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Money In The Bank case at WWE's Money In The Bank PPV and can now challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at time in the next 12 months.
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Live Results For WWE Money in the Bank 2011

Hey guys, thanks for tuning into for your wrestling news. Don't forget to join us over at for Sunday Night Showdown and in the chat to talk about the show.

1st match Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match
Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel vs Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes vs Heath Slater vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane
Winner: Daniel Bryan (Yes you read that right, Daniel Bryan)

2nd match Divas Title match
Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella
Winner: Kelly Kelly to retain

3rd match
Mark Henry vs Big Show
Winner: Mark Henry

After the match Mark Henry pulls Big Show close to the corner, and puts a chair on Big Shows left leg/ankle, and does a Vader Bomb/Vader Splash off the top and lands right on top of the chair and leg. They bring out a  flatbed vehicle to take Big Show out.

4th match Raw Money in the Bank ladder match
Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne vs R-Truth vs Alex Riley vs The Miz vs Rey Mysterio
Winner: Alberto Del Rio after a botch that saw Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio falling off the ladder which also sees Rey Mysterio become unmasked.

5th match World Heavyweight Championship
Christian vs Randy Orton
Winner: Christian after a low blow dq finish from Randy Orton. so Christian is your new World Heavyweight Champion

Huge beatdown on Christian from Randy Orton and Orton does 2 RKO's on the Spanish announce table, and the announce table did not break.

6th match WWE Title match
CM Punk vs John Cena
Winner: CM PUNK after one of the greatest matches this year. Your new WWE Champion is CM Punk.

During the match Vince McMahon comes out with John Laurinitus, and when Cena puts Punk in the STF, Vince told John to ring the ring bell. After the match, Vince gets on the headset and yells for Alberto Del Rio to come down to cash in his Money in the Bank. Punk kicks Del Rio in the head knocking him out, and Punk grabs the belt and jumps the barrier, and we see McMahon standing in the ring while Punk goes through the crowd and heads out of the arena.

And thats the ppv. Thanks for joining us here at H2H for this amazing ppv. Don't forget to join us over at for the post show with the guys of SNS.
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TNA Wrestler's at AAA TV Taping & Jeff Jarrett next Title Defense‏

Latino718 sent the following in:

Credit goes to

Samoa Joe & Scott Steiner (replacing Mr. Anderson) were apart of the main event at last night's AAA TV Tapings

AAA TV (SAT) 07/16/2011 Plaza de Toros La Concordia de Orizaba, Veracruz
LA Park, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner b Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Zorro
Scott Steiner replaced Mr. Anderson. Zorro is now wearing his old mask. Samoa Joe beat Electroshock. Rudos had the help of Konnan and Manaicos.

After the match, Konnan announced Jarrett would defend his title against Wagner and L.A. Park at Verano de Escandalo (Summer of Scandal) PPV on July 31 in Guadalajara, Mexico
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Shawn Michaels Responds To PETA

Shawn Michaels might be best known for slamming down his prey in the WWE ring, but the retired pro wrestler is now allowing cameras to capture another of his talents – hunting and eating all sorts of wildlife.
Michaels has teamed up with his good friend and host Keith Mark for the new Outdoor Channel Show “Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures,” which features the duo coming face-to-face with some of the biggest game animals in the world. And Michaels insists this is more than just your typical hunting series.

“You see the standard hunting show; it’s an outdoor television show. A lot of times, it’s just a guy sitting in a tree, waiting on an animal. I don’t think it does it justice and I don’t think it captures the enjoyment and the splendor of the incredible outdoors and the feeling of being out there,” Michaels told FOX411’s Pop Tarts.”That’s something that we wanted to do, something I thoroughly enjoy doing in my life and with my family. To accurately portray that to people, it’s got to be done differently. There’s so much more to it. You hear people encouraging people to get into the outdoors and how awesome it is, but nobody ever really captures this on camera. That’s what we wanted to do.”
Nonetheless, not everyone is looking forward to seeing the 45-year-old Texas native slaughter and swallow animals.
“Jeffrey Dahmer ate everything he killed, too, but that didn't justify taking innocent lives,” a representative for the animal rights group PETA said in response to the show.
Dahmer was of course an American serial killer who murdered and ate parts of seventeen males between 1978 and 1991.
But Michaels isn’t concerned about any backlash pertaining to the show or his passion for hunting.
“In every aspect of my life, I live under the protection of and in accordance to the laws of this nation. At the end of the day, it’s a wildlife biological fact and a conservation fact that the game must be managed. There’s only so much habitat, i.e. food, out there. If you have 100 acres worth of food and you’ve got 500 animals out there, the young ones and the old ones are going to starve to death, because they can’t compete,” Michaels said. “When they starve, they start to eat things they shouldn’t be eating and spread disease not only to them, but to us.”
And in the Michaels household, trips to the grocery store are becoming few and far between.
“We are a family that lives probably 90 percent on wild game. We’re certainly working our way toward 100 percent self-sufficient. Looking to raise chickens for eggs, things of that nature, start a garden. We enjoy the simple life,” he added. “It’s a beautiful and wonderful adventure being out there. Hunting and fishing, processing your own game and eating what you hunt – that’s a long and arduous process, but a joyful kind of work. The satisfaction that you get when you see the look of affirmation and validation on the face of my son when he’s supplied dinner for the family, it’s an awesome thing, and I think a lot of people are missing out on that these days.”
“Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures” airs Tuesdays on the Outdoor Channel at 11:30pm ET.

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Update On Kings Of Wrestling Going To WWE

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Ring of Honor star Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli are in the middle of a pre-signing procedure with WWE - getting a physical and having their backgrounds checked out.
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TV Rating For TNA Impact Wrestling 7/14/11

According to, the 7/14/11 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.19 cable rating.
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Audio: Unplugged 7/15/11 Archived

UnPlugged with JJ $exay returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network on 7-15-11 with what is turning out to be a very controversial episode as JJ flew solo all night. JJ started the show off with the Smackdown recap giving his thoughts on the show leading into Sundays Money in the Bank PPV. JJ discussed the “News of the Week” sponsored by leading off with the Randy Savage tribute show that left a foul stench on pro wrestling.After the break JJ touched on the Call of Duty Beta currently available on Xbox Live, also the new Dark Knight rises trailer before opening the phone lines and taking a ton of phonecalls. JJ cleared the air on the Chris Kelly/ SNS Radio Network situation …prompting Crelly to call in as he and JJ went at it on the air until JJ uttered those words “You’ve all been worked” revealing that in fact it was done to show just how easy it was to work an audience and blur the line between reality and fantasy.JJ opened the lines and took a few calls before reading a few emails and wrapping the show with a little Neil on this controversial episode of UnPlugged with JJ $exay.</