Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update On WWE Hall Of Fame

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has made the decision to start very soon on construction for a physical Hall of Fame. Officials are still looking for a city to house the Hall of Fame and carry the financial burden of running it but Orlando, Florida is a possibility. WWE is in the process of purchasing legendary memorabilia for displays in the new Hall of Fame building.
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Update On Charges To WWE's Creative Team

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There have been some significant changes to the WWE creative team lately as Brian Gewirtz is no longer the RAW head writer and Michael Hayes is no longer the SmackDown head writer as both have been moved a step above the head writer position.

Gewirtz's role now is to give ideas and set up the main direction for both shows, and transmit the ideas Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon have for what they want on the show. Hayes' new role is to be the guy who also gives ideas for both RAW and SmackDown, but he's also the guy who oversees the agents and tells them what key things have to be included in TV matches.

David Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) is now the head of RAW as he and his staff put together the scripts, but he is the actual writer. Ed Koskey is now doing the same thing on the SmackDown side. Both Koskey and Kapoor report to Brian Gewirtz, who reports to Stephanie McMahon, who then reports back to Vince McMahon. Hayes will also be working with Vince and Triple H on major show finishes
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Backstage Reaction To Randy Orton's Radio Interview

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There was a lot of heat from management and other wrestlers regarding Randy Orton's recent interview where he bashed Kelly Kelly. It was noted by a source that any mid-card wrestler who said even part of what Orton did would be buried big time but Orton was able to get away with it because he's one of the "golden boys."
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Audio: The Pro Wrestling Rewind Live Tonight At 9pm EST

Tonight on the Pro Wrestling Rewind, 9pm est, on the, "The Power" Andy Knowles returns to discuss the CM Punk - Vince McMahon - John Cena saga. Andy looks at some key moments during their exchange this past Monday and how they could effect the future of the WWE. The question is also asked, "What the hell happened to the Impact Wrestling PPV this past week?" Also, "The Power" weighs in on the unusual situation involving Crelly and the SNS Radio Network. No holds barred. Your news, your phone calls, your weekly excursion into the truth, tonight, 9pm est exclusively on the Pro Wrestling Rewind
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