Monday, July 11, 2011

Identity Of Man At Ring Side That Vince McMahon Shook Hands With

The person that Vince McMahon shook hands with at ringside was the father of WWE Super Star John Cena, John Cena Snr.
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 7/8/11

The 7/8 edition of Smackdown did a 1.73 rating with 2,716,000 viewers.
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Live Results For WWE Raw 7/11/2011

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First up, is CM PUNK coming out with a megaphone in his hand, and says that a little recap is in order. That if you didn't watch Raw last week, don't worry, he didn't either. He starts talking what he said on Raw 2 weeks ago. He said he got suspended because, he has the balls to whatever he wants. That the company is filled inside and out with ass-kissers. He said he brought back up in case they cut the mic on him again, as he talks through his megaphone as the crowd starts chanting CM Punk. He says that Vince wants to sign Punk to a very lucrative deal. But Punk says all he wants is the microphone, that the microphone is the power. And finally Vince sees him as the hottest product in the wrestling world today. He made the WWE socially relevant. Because Punk says what he wants, and because someone died. (What punk?) That everyone is calling Punk to get his story, and that he has one foot out the door, and Vince is throwing everything he can at Punk to keep him. That if Vince had been this nice 5 years ago, Punk wouldn't have all the ammo he has. Punk says that Vince wants to talk, that tonight they should have the first ever live contract negotians in the ring. And maybe tonight Vince will join what CM Punk likes to call, the CM Punk Kiss My Ass Club. John Cena's music then hits, Cena gets in the ring, and tells them to cut his music, that Punk wants to talk, and tells him to talk. Punk welcome Cena in the ring, that he got him the job back that he didn't want it. That when Punk beats Cena, hes going to change the way that title looks, because its been far too ugly for far too long. Punk brings up Cena being fired, and says that won't happen, look at 6 months ago when Cena was fired again, and was brought back after 7 days. Cena says Punk got one thing right, that he has finally grown a pair of balls. He tells Punk that hes no push over. Cena tells Punk that hes got a set a balls, a big mouth and some self confidence. He says that congrats for thinking your the best wrestler, that hes heard that before. He then tells Punk he doesn't care about being fired or if McMahon is full of it, hes going to Chicago to beat Punks ass. And then the GM sounder goes off. AND I QUOTE:  Vince McMahon is on route to talk to CM Punk, and that if this is Cena's last night on Raw, so Cena will be in a very special

1st match Handicap match
David Otunga/Micheal