Monday, July 11, 2011

Identity Of Man At Ring Side That Vince McMahon Shook Hands With

The person that Vince McMahon shook hands with at ringside was the father of WWE Super Star John Cena, John Cena Snr.
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 7/8/11

The 7/8 edition of Smackdown did a 1.73 rating with 2,716,000 viewers.
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Live Results For WWE Raw 7/11/2011

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First up, is CM PUNK coming out with a megaphone in his hand, and says that a little recap is in order. That if you didn't watch Raw last week, don't worry, he didn't either. He starts talking what he said on Raw 2 weeks ago. He said he got suspended because, he has the balls to whatever he wants. That the company is filled inside and out with ass-kissers. He said he brought back up in case they cut the mic on him again, as he talks through his megaphone as the crowd starts chanting CM Punk. He says that Vince wants to sign Punk to a very lucrative deal. But Punk says all he wants is the microphone, that the microphone is the power. And finally Vince sees him as the hottest product in the wrestling world today. He made the WWE socially relevant. Because Punk says what he wants, and because someone died. (What punk?) That everyone is calling Punk to get his story, and that he has one foot out the door, and Vince is throwing everything he can at Punk to keep him. That if Vince had been this nice 5 years ago, Punk wouldn't have all the ammo he has. Punk says that Vince wants to talk, that tonight they should have the first ever live contract negotians in the ring. And maybe tonight Vince will join what CM Punk likes to call, the CM Punk Kiss My Ass Club. John Cena's music then hits, Cena gets in the ring, and tells them to cut his music, that Punk wants to talk, and tells him to talk. Punk welcome Cena in the ring, that he got him the job back that he didn't want it. That when Punk beats Cena, hes going to change the way that title looks, because its been far too ugly for far too long. Punk brings up Cena being fired, and says that won't happen, look at 6 months ago when Cena was fired again, and was brought back after 7 days. Cena says Punk got one thing right, that he has finally grown a pair of balls. He tells Punk that hes no push over. Cena tells Punk that hes got a set a balls, a big mouth and some self confidence. He says that congrats for thinking your the best wrestler, that hes heard that before. He then tells Punk he doesn't care about being fired or if McMahon is full of it, hes going to Chicago to beat Punks ass. And then the GM sounder goes off. AND I QUOTE:  Vince McMahon is on route to talk to CM Punk, and that if this is Cena's last night on Raw, so Cena will be in a very special

1st match Handicap match
David Otunga/Micheal McGillicutty vs John Cena
Winner: John Cena

They start doing a presentation for Mark Henry vs Big Show this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

We see backstage with Ziggler and Vickie, and Vickie is acting as Vince McMahon. Ziggler tells the fake McMahon that he needs to fire Punk and Cena and make the US Title the biggest. Up walks Drew McIntyre acting like Vince talking trash about him. Up walks Vince McMahon himself, saying that Dolph and Drew are the two highest rising stars. That tonight they should team up and face possibly the largest athlete in the world, Big Show. He then gets in their faces and asks for a mint, because he wouldn't want to walk out there with bad breath.

2nd match
Kelly Kelly vs Melina
Winner: Kelly Kelly

We have the Bellas doing commentary ringside, and they start trashing Kelly after the match, telling her to go find a meal after the match. They start trashing the way Kelly Kelly looks, and after the Bella's finish talking, Kelly attacks, but the Bellas get the upper hand and out runs Eve for the save, but again the Bellas get the upper hand and take out Eve and Kelly Kelly and start walking up the rampway.

Out comes The Miz who climbs a 15ft ladder and sits upon the top of it. Apparently to Miz theres no better view for him to be looking down on everyone. He talks about how the path of Money in the Bank has made him better. How some of his opponents on Sunday are close but that he still knows how to be a champion. The case is where the future happens, and Miz is apparently the future. During Miz's catchphrase out comes Jack Swagger, who says he has a problem with Miz calling himself the future, and that he will do it again and win that case. Miz asks Swagger that if someone wins the case and cashes it in, and nobody remembers it, does it really matter? Out comes Evan Bourne saying he is going to talk about Sunday, and what he is going to do, and how hes going to win Money in the Bank, next out is Kofi Kingston who says he appreciates everyones confidence, but this is a 8 man Money in the Bank ladder match, and that anything can happen in this match. That if he wins, its not because of what he says, its because of what hes going to do on Sunday. Out next is R-Truth, who talks about the conspiracy against him, that he beat Cena and should be facing him, and that now he has to climb the ladder and get the case, and that hes got acrophobia. Then he says that he can't climb a ladder because hes afriad of heights, and that if there is a spider in the case he is going to flip. Out next is Alex Riley who comes running down to the ring, and out goes the Miz, next out is Alberto Del Rio, who says he should be the Number 1 contender after he won that match last week. That its ADR's destiny to win the title, and that Punk should watch out. Before anyone leaves, we have the GM sounder. AND I QUOTE: Alberto has a point, and you know since we have 6 of the competitors in the ring, lets have a match. Miz, Truth, Swagger vs Bourne, Riley, Kofi in a 6 man tag.

3rd match 6 man tag
The Miz/R-Truth/Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne/Alex Riley/Kofi Kingston
Winner(s): Evan Bourne/Alex Riley/ Kofi Kingston

After Riley gets the pin the entire thing breaks down, with Evan going up for Shooting Star, but ARD comes out and pushes Evan off the top, and grabs a ladder and starts smashing ppl with it, anyone who got in his way.

4th match Handicap match
Dolph Ziggler/Drew Mcintyre vs The Big Show
Winner: ?

The match spilled outside the ring, with Big Show destroying Drew Mcintyre, Show threw Mcintyre into the large WWE sign on the stage, and Show prepares to chokeslam Myintyre off the stage, when Mark Henry comes running in from the other side, smashing into Show, and knocking both himself, Show, and Mcintyre off the stage, and Show and Henry landing on a side stage, but Mcintyre landed off the stage, and onto concrete. Refs ran to check on Henry and Show, but one ref check on Mcintyre, and threw up the X sign for injury.

And now its time for the Live contract negotiations, and Vince walks back and forth 3 times to and from the back, and finally comes back out to a large pop from the crowd. Vince then talks about how he hopes the crowd is not going to get its way with McMahon joining the CM Punk Kiss My Ass Class. He tells Punk to come out now, and Punk walks out making fun of the McMahon walk before walking down to the ringside area. Vince holds his hand out for Punk to shake, but Punk doesn't shake it, and as McMahon sits down he almost falls down in his chair. Punk starts talking about how he thought McMahon was going to come out in a red Cena shirt, and now Punk thinks that McMahon has no faith in Cena. McMahon says that he is only out there because he wants Punk to sign. Punk says that his attorneys looked over the contract, and drew up a new one that has a few new perks in it that Punk has already signed. Perk #1 is that Punk gets to push McMahon, Punk says that he will kick Vince in the nuts and he will smile and show him some respect. Provision #1 he wants his own jet. #2 Punks face will be on everything, from the titantron to the turnbuckles, and Punk wants him to bring back the Ice cream bars. #3 He wants WWE Films to start filming the CM Punk story, and they can call it the Chapereone 2, and it will be more successful than the 1st one. and the last provision is that Punk will compete in the main event at Wrestlemania. The last thing that is in the contract is that McMahon has to apoligize to not only Punk, but to the WWE Universe for being a hypocrite. Punk says that he has had some good friends work for WWE (Colt Cabana?) and that they were fired unceremoniously for no reason. McMahon will apologize to those people also, and McMahon will like it. McMahon is telling Punk lets calm down, and lets get the contract signed, but Punk wants the apology. Punk says sign the contract and apologize, but McMahon just wants to be done with the charade. Punk turns the table over as the crowd starts chanting we want wrestling, and Vince yells out "I don't care what you want." Vince then starts apologizing to Punk finally. Vince goes to sign the contract, and Punk tells him to hurry before the stock drops even more. As Vince goes to sign the contract, Cena's music hits and out he comes to a chorus of boo's. Cena tells Punk that it was a great speech, and looks at Vince and says if you want to agree to a terrorist, but he won't. Cena talks about how much he hates Vince, but he still shows up to work. How Punk was being a hypocrite. He then talks about the Rock, saying how he was never leaving. That CM Punk is CM Punk and he goes to his own drum which he respects. Punk says he was going to stop him, and that he was going to walk because he didn't fit the build that WWE wants. That he was there holding on to the car in WM 22 holding the fake tommy gun, and that he would never be like that. He says that Cena has lost sight. Punk says that Cena is no longer the underdog, that he is a dynasty, he is no longer like the Red Sox, he is the Yankees, and to that Cena decks Punk. As Punk walks up the stage, as Cena's music hits, and Punk tells them to the cut music, and says he knows why he is leaving, he is tired of everything, he is tired of this. That on Sunday night, to say goodbye to the WWE title, and say goodbye to John Cena, and say goodbye to CM Punk, as Punk drops the mic, and tears up the contract that Vince was about to sign, and does the you can't see me hand gesture. Vince stands next to the ring shocked and not too happy at either Punk or Cena. And there goes the black screen

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*Spoiler* Big Title Change At TNA Impact Wrestling Airing 7/14/11

According to, Sting defeated Ken Anderson at tonight's Impact Wrestling for the Impact Wrestling World Title. The match will air this Thursday on 7/14/11.
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TNA Releases Orlando Jordan

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Orlando Jordan has parted ways with TNA Impact Wrestling.
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Tough Enough Contestant Wrestling At Gym Wars On July 16th‏

AJ Kirsch (AKA Tumbleweed) will be wrestling at the APW Gym Wars event in Hayward, California on July 16th, 2011. Go to for info about the event and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Breaking News: Gen Me Quit TNA Wrestling

The following is from Twitters of Matt and Nick Jackson as known as Impact Wrestling's Gen Me:

Matt:Want you to hear it from us first: Yesterday, we asked for our release. Special thanks to TNA & the fans for a wonderful experience.

Nick:Had an awesome time with TNA thanks to everyone for the support. We just felt like it was time to move on. The Young Bucks are back!
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Audio: Wrestling News Live With Linda Hogan Following WWE Raw 7/11/11

Tonight at starting @ 11:30pm Est, 9:30pm Mst as Wrestling News Live with “The Outlaw of the IWC” The TreyDawg & “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. The boys rundown the “News of the Week Sponsored by, talk about the fallout from the 7/11 Edition of RAW and interview the former wife of Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan live on the air. The boys will also take your phone calls @ 501 588 7957 or you can send your emails to and join the “Live” Chatroom to be an interactive part of the show.
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DVD Review - Greatest Steel Cages Matches of All Times

DVD Review
Greatest Steel Cages Matches of All Times

In professional wrestling there are many type of matches that we see wrestlers compete in. You have you’re inferno, casket, falls count anywhere, etc, but one of the mainstays since almost the beginning of wrestling was the steel cage match. Whether it was to further a feud or even blow off one, the cage match was something that would get the fans eager to watch and while there is now the Hell in the Cell and Elimination Chamber who are somewhat are the next level, the original cage match is still considered one of keystones of wrestling.

In this three disc set you see why such a claim holds some merit. Keep in mind that unlike with recent WWE releases, when blood is shown it’ll be unedited and. No blurring or having the picture becoming black and white. Makes this set even more worth getting.

Disc 1

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Bob Backlund (c) vs. Pat Patterson
Madison Square Garden – September 24th, 1979

It’s glad to see these two in another DVD set. There hasn’t been many released that features either let alone both men wrestling in their prime. This showed why these two are considered some of the best in wrestling. For its time, this cage match was great and even now I consider it one worth watching.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Bob Backlund (c) vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Madison Square Garden – May 19th, 1980

Most would remember the cage match that Snuka would have with Don Muraco due to the memorable Superfly Splash that was performed award ward but this was its predecessor. Much like the previous match this was back and forth with both men looking good. Near the end we would get an attempt at the splash from the top but with different result.

Steel Cage Match
Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko
Showdown at Shea – August 9th, 1980

I’ve heard about this match but never had the opportunity to see it until now. After watching it I can say that it’s deserving of the praise that it has gotten. While this might’ve been around the end of Sammartino’s career you can see that he could still perform and that he and Zbyszko were the right choice to end this show that included an early version of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant.

Additional tidbit, the commentary is provided by Josh Matthews and Matt Striker. These two do a good job working together and you can see why while this pairing was short-lived, it was one that the fans enjoyed. Throughout the match they remark on past events in WWE and helped to show that they are true fans.

Steel Cage Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
“Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs. Kerry Von Erich
Christmas Star Wars – December 25th, 1982

Glad to see that a match from WCCW was included on this set. Seen a few Flair vs. Von Erich matches and while this might’ve not been the best one, it still was fun to watch. Another reason was that this would set up the historical feud the Von Erichs would have with The Freebirds as Michael Hayes was the secondary referee for the match. To have a better understanding for that feud listen to the more recent episodes of the Beyond the Bell podcast, a podcast that you should be checking out anyways.

Steel Cage Match for the NWA World Tag Team Championship
Ivan & Nikita Koloff (c) vs. Rock `N' Roll Express
Starrcade – November 28th, 1985

Enjoyable tag match that had the teams mixing well with each other although having different styles. Interaction between the four was worth watching in its own right and having them use the cage here and there only added to it.

Steel Cage Match
Road Warriors vs. Michael P.S. Hayes & “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin
WrestleRock – April 20th, 1986

Decent match up but lacked somewhat to others that they had. Almost consider a Road Warriors’ squash if it wasn’t for the Freebirds having moments of control.

Steel Cage Match
Abdullah the Butcher vs. Bruiser Brody
Cotton Bowl Extravaganza – October 12th, 1986

A rare match that I believe hadn’t been released on any other DVDs beforehand. From all of the hype for this match I thought this would be a bloody one but turned out to be somewhat disappointing as with the exception of Abdullah using a fork this was your standard cage match. One other thing that took away from it was the involvement of special referee, Fritz Von Erich.

Steel Cage Match
Midnight Rockers vs. “Playboy” Buddy Rose & “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers
Brawl in St. Paul – December 25th, 1986

I love seeing the matches that these two teams have had and this one was no exception. Despite the mistake of the commentators saying that this was a tag title match it didn’t take away from the match. Both Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty have said that they enjoyed this feud and after seeing a good portion of the matches they’ve had I could understand why.

Steel Cage Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant
WrestleFest – July 31st, 1988

Heard somewhere that there have been a cage match between these two and it wasn’t until this was announced to be on the set did I know if that was true. Entertaining cage match even though it was took place near the tail end of this feud. Andre’s limitations didn’t hinder the match and both he and Hogan put out something worth watching.

Disc 2

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
“Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs. Lex Luger
Capital Combat – May 19th, 1990

First off want to say that I wasn’t a fan of the cage that was used. It looked flimsy and was in a way a generic version of what the hell in the cell would be. Was a good way for NWA to make their cages different from what the WWE had but I’m glad they changed it.

Now as for the actual match, it wasn’t the best match these two had, feel that their Starrcade 1988 was the best. However, seeing as how Luger was replacing Sting who suffered a legit injury and apparently being sick a couple days ago I think it turned out all right. Unfortunately the ending really killed it as for some reason there was a disqualification and throughout the match the referee was counting the wrestlers when they were outside the ring.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
SummerSlam – August 27th, 1990

Say what you will about the quality of the Warrior’s matches around this he did a good job depending on who he was up against. One such person was Rick Rude as they had two great pay-per-view matches for the Intercontinental title. For this match, they worked well but it didn’t live up to their previous encounters. Sadly this would be Rude’s last WWE PPV match before jumping ship to NWA/WCW. Shame really as perhaps if WWE allowed it these two could continue their feud.

Steel Cage Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage
Madison Square Garden – January 21st, 1991

Knew that these two had a cage match but never thought to ever seen it. Glad that this DVD set changed that. To follow up from Savage costing Warrior the WWE title and setting up for career ending match months later, this was a good way to continue the feud. Also how the match ending only helped to further things.

Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Marty Jannetty
White Plains, NY – August 17th, 1993

For a feud that sounded so promising, the feud between the former Rockers didn’t live up to expectations with exception of a few matches. Where this match be placed? I would say that it actually falls in-between. There were moments of greatness but it paled against the match when Jannetty won the title. Seemed as though it was the blow off to their feud and if that was the case it served its purpose.

Steel Cage Match
Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
SummerSlam – August 3rd, 1997

Skipping almost four years later we are given a great match between two that would have even greater encounters during 2000. Prior to their matches for the WWE championship these guys had a good feud going on prior to Hunter partnering up with Shawn Michaels and doing D-Generation X. Another blow off match and by far was a great way to finish things up between them until they resumed it years later.

Steel Cage Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon
St. Valentine's Day Massacre – February 14th, 1999

Austin vs. McMahon will go down as one of the most memorable feuds in wrestling history. Their feud mostly revolved in McMahon using someone go up against and would try to screw the rattlesnake that would succeed here and there or Austin triumphing over his evil boss. The feud worked so well that it’s somewhat forgotten that they didn’t have that many matches against one another. This was essentially their first match up against each other and what a way to do so.

As for wrestling, this won’t go down as one of the best. However, what made up for it was that the emotion behind the match was high and the crowd was heavily into what was going on and reacted to every move. McMahon should be given credit for taking the major bump that he did on the announce table. Another nice touch was the debut of the Big Show where his involvement added an extra level to the ending.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H (c) vs. The Rock
Rebellion - October 2nd, 1999

Glad that they used this cage match between these two instead of the one they had during the summer of that same year. In most cases when Triple H and The Rock have a match against each other it’s one that’s worth seeing and this one was no exception. Perhaps what brought the match down a bit was that it felt that it was happening to boost the UK only PPV and all the other storylines that were being mixed in diluted the quality.

Disc 3

Steel Cage Match to Unify the Tag Team Championships
Hardy Boyz (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs. Dudley Boyz (WCW Tag Team Champions)
Survivor Series - 18th November, 2001

With how well these teams worked together in the past, it was safe to say that this was going to be great. Having it also to unify the WWE and WCW tag team titles only added to the intrigue. Usage of the cage was minimal at the start and when it started to be used more it didn’t take away in what was an entertaining match.

Steel Cage Match
Edge vs. Chris Jericho
SmackDown – July 25th, 2002

Surprisingly this was the first cage match on this set that originally happened on TV. It was nice to see these two go against one another before winning multiple world championship. The feud they had at the time might’ve been overlooked due to their 2010 one, which even had another cage match; this particular one should be remembered.

Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs. Christian
Raw - May 10th, 2004

An underrated feud. It was matches like this that showed why these two should’ve been some of the company’s mainstays in the main event picture although it would be some time until that became a reality. No matter the type of match they’re in, Jericho and Christian could give ones that are worth seeing and this is a perfect example.

Steel Cage Match
Randy Orton vs. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
Taboo Tuesday - October 19th, 2004

Somewhat strangely this was the closing match at the PPV but I believe that it happened due to the situation of the world heavyweight title match on that card. Despite that, the match was enjoyable to watch as we saw that there were still occasions that Flair can still go in the ring and that while the face run that Orton was using at the time was deemed not that impressive, it was matches like this that showed that there were exceptions.

Steel Cage Match
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Unforgiven - September 18th, 2005

What can be said about the feud between H