Monday, July 4, 2011

CM Punk Reinstated By Vince McMahon On Raw

It was announced during WWE Raw that Vince McMahon has reinstated CM Punk back to the main roster and that CM Punk would be returning to face John Cena for the WWE Title at WWE’s upcoming “Money In The Bank” PPV. CM Punk had been “suspended” by WWE following his “shoot” promo last week.
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Quick results for WWE Raw 7/4/2011

Welcome to the quick results for WWE's Raw for 7/4/2011. First off, let me say Happy Independence Day to all Americans, living in the US, or living abroad.

First off, out comes John Cena to a huge pop from the crowd. Apparently theres unrest in the WWE Universe, Cena says, and that Punks outburst caused some stirs in the brass of WWE, and that WWE has suspended Punk indefinitely. Cena says that tonight WWE has a remedy for the the Number 1 contender in a Triple Threat match. Cena says they are supposed to act like Punk never existed, and that the decision from the WWE sucks. Punk has been suspended for speaking his mind, and how he feels, and Cena feels that was wrong from WWE that he was suspended. Cena is breaking the 4th wall here by talking about the aggresiveness of Daniel Bryan, about security taking the signs. The crowd begins chanting 1st Amendment and Cena agrees with that, and he stands behind that. He then tells Micheal Cole that this is bigger than him and the Anonymous GM and Cena wants to hear from Mr. McMahon and that McMahon will be in the building tonight. And that McMahon will be in the ring talking about the Punk situation. Cena then says that he wants to face Punk at Money in the Bank, and then Cena walks out.

1st match
Bella Twins vs Kelly Kelly/Eve
Winner(s): Kelly Kelly and Eve

We see R-Truth backstage on his cell phone, and hes talking to Floe from Geico apparently, asking for a deal on his insurance. He says he has good news and bad news, he just saved 15% on his car insurance, and that someone is going to get got tonight.

2nd Match Tag Team Titles Match
Santino/Kozlov vs David Otunga/Micheal McGillicutty
Winner(s): David Otunga and Micheal McGillicutty to retain the Tag Titles

Out comes Zach Ryder and he gets a massive pop, and he only says 2 things, Woo Woo Woo, and you know it, to the tag champs, walking away as he stares them down smiling.

Backstage we have Miz talking about Cm Punk being suspended is a prime spot for him to become WWE Champion, but because of Alex Riley, he won't be getting that chance. Miz says he brought him into Raw, and tonight he will end him.

Next we see Sgt. Slaughter with Evan Bourne talking about July 4th, and Slaughter talks about leading the WWE Universe in the Pledge of Allegiance. In walks Jack Swagger, talking down Slaughter and bringing up Slaughter siding with Iraq. Swagger then challenges Slaughter to a match, and Slaughter accepts. We then see a shot of a WWE jet touching down, and apparently its Mr. McMahon.

3rd match
Jack Swagger vs Sgt. Slaughter
Winner: Jack Swagger

Swagger puts the Ankle Lock on Slaughter and out runs Evan Bourne to break it up. They then give Sgt. Slaughter a microphone and he leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. Amazing moment of unity for the crowd.

4th match Triple Threat for the Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Title
Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio
Winner: Alberto Del Rio by submission on Rey mysterio.
Alberto Del Rio is the new Number 1 Contender to John Cena's WWE Championship.

Out comes Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero to celebrate July 4th as the ring is decked out in red, white, and blue, and with a cake too. Can you guess what the first thing Vickie says? Yep, EXCUSE ME. They are there to celebrate the birthday of the US. And apparently since Dolph is the US Champion, its going to be his birthday too, so she wants to sing Happy Birthday to Dolph Ziggler. She starts singing and rubbing the back of his head, and kisses him on the cheek, and when she finishes singing, all you can hear are the fans booing. She asks Dolph if there is a wish he has, and he said no, he has a few things to say though. Dolph says there will be dozens of Cena, dozens of Ortons, but only one Dolph Ziggler. He said forget the WWE title, as long as he is the US Champion, thats the only thing you need on Raw, and out comes Kofi Kingston. Kofi says that if they are going to throw a party, and they didn't invite him thats messed up. Kofi says that without Vickie in Dolphs corner, Dolph can't beat Kofi. Dolph tells Kofi he just got left in the dust, and Kofi pushes Dolph, who bumps into Vickie who goes into the cake. Dolph and Kofi start fighting, and Kofi kicks Dolph who falls right into the cake, face first.

5th Match
Alex Riley vs The Miz
Winner: Alex Riley

Miz attacks Riley after the match, and just unleashes frustration into a brutal attack outside the ring, and even on the concrete in the seating. Before walking away Miz boots Riley over the announcers table, and then throws the cover of the table on top of Riley.

Its time for the boss, and out walks Vince McMahon, and Micheal Cole is waving at him. Vince says that CM Punk deserved his suspension, and that he did what was right by each and every one of the WWE Universe. The reason why Vince suspended Punk was his contract was up, and Punk was asking for all these different things like special limos, dvd's, and such. Vince then says that CM Punk is just that a punk. Vince then says thats it, have a good night, but John Cena's music hits and out comes Cena. Cena says he has a problem with what was just said, that Vince is all about free speech, and Vince says thats right, thats why your mic is still working. Cena thinks that Vince is a fighter, than anyone ever stood in his path, he told them t