Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kelly Kelly Response To Randy Orton's Comments

Kelly Kelly tweeted the following after Randy Orton made some comments during an Interview regarding Kelly Kelly:

The best way to fight stupidity, is by ignoring it
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TNA Returning To Chicago Area In September

TNA returns to the Hammond Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana on September 24th, 2011. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Trevor Murdoch Confirms He Is NOT Returning To WWE

According to his Facebook, Trevor Murdoch's offer from the WWE to return to the company has now been pulled. He wrote the following on Facebook:

Well I got a call from Johnny Ace saying they weren't going to go threw with my contract. He told me "budget cut's". I say bullsh**. I think I'm done with pro wrestling. Anybody know of any job opening's?"
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Monday Night Raw Returns To Columbus On Labor Day 2011‏

WWE Monday Night Raw on September 5th, 2011 will be held at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Go to and for info about wrestling shows worldwide.
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Jim Ross Comments On CM Punk's Shoot Promo

In his new blog, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross wrote the following:

"CM Punk's show closing promo on MNR is still seemingly the talk of the wrestling biz. It was the best promo that I've heard on TV in years. Can't say it was the definitive 'best ever' but it ranks among the best that I can recall. Steve Austin, who cut some memorable promos in his day, was extremely impressed with Punk's work as were several other great promo men such as JBL and Mick Foley."

"Normally when a talent is extremely passionate about a topic or an issue and speaks from their heart and not from a memorized document, the promo has a fighting chance at being stellar."

"The first thing that must be in place for a promo to be great is that it must be natural ala from the heart and not from memory plus the talent must believe in what they are saying and not simply verbally filling time. Every promo must have a reason for taking place much akin to why most matches occur especially on PPV or in TV main events"

"Talking on a wrestling show should be special, and that means all talk, and with the special meaning that all talk should have a purpose. Too much talk for talk's sake waters down the product, slows the process and disconnects with many viewers especially when it is obvious that the talents that are talking are not skilled and/or are simply reciting what they've memorized."

"Punk says that he is leaving after the MITB Ladder Match PPV in Punk's hometown of Chicago in July. He also says he's leaving WWE with the WWE Title. Those two elements certainly should make for some compelling TV on Monday Night Raw. Whether Punk wins or doesn't win the WWE Title is a hill I choose not to die upon but Punk staying in WWE is something that I personally hope happens in some shape, form or fashion. punk has as much to say about that eventual decision as anyone and as we have seen if one can predict what Punk's going to do next then take those instincts to Vegas and make some big money."

"Punk's promo was reminiscent of the Attitude Era but it was totally PG. PG can be edgy but it doesn't need to travel an uncreative, low road to be attitudinal or cool. "
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The Rock Comments On CM Punk

The Rock tweeted the following on Twitter in response to CM Punk calling him out on Raw during his "shoot" promo.

CM Punk: it's simple business - The Rock is the main event at Wrestlemania cause it draws more money in one night, then u will in lifetime
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Audio:Beyond the Bell "The Heels" Archived

Throughout the history of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment there have been some unforgettable Heels. These are the Superstars that made us boo louder than we ever had before. Through the use of a bad guy character, these Superstars were able to get themselves over and develop baby faces who would forever change wrestling. A good heel turn can take a beloved fan-favorite and turn them into a despicable villain over the course of a single match, promo or vignette. On this edition, host Sean Beckerman goes to the “dark side” as he looks at some of the greatest heel turns of all time. Listen to audio clips featuring classic interviews and monumental moments for each dastardly heel. Some of the Superstars featured are: Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Bob Backlund, Sgt. Slaughter, CM Punk, and many many more... so buckle up and take a trip back down memory lane and go Beyond the Bell on the SNS Radio Network!
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact Wrestling 7/7/11

The show started with Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, and Gunner from Immortal coming to the ring. Mr. Anderson eventually came out. Ray lets Anderson know that he is either with them or against them. Steiner and Gunner also have something to say to Anderson. They mention the handicap match that Immortal has against Sting and Kurt Angle later tonight. Sting's music hits and the lights in the Impact Wrestling Zone go out. The lights go back on and Kurt Angle ends up in the ring and lays out the members of Immortal before having a stare down with Anderson

In a Bound for Glory Series Match: Crimson defeated Bobby Roode match via Red Sky.

Abyss is backstage with a towel over his head. They cut to Brian Kendrick in his robe meditating wearing while Abyss' mask.

In the ring, a now fully clothed Brian Kendrick comes to the ring wearing Abyss' mask. Kendrick calls out Abyss, who is still wearing the towel over his head. Kendrick cuts a cryptic promo on why Abyss wears a mask and he mentions their match at Destination X. Kendrick gives the mask back to Abyss, who puts it on. After putting the mask on, Abyss beats up Kendrick and hits Shock Treatment followed by a Black Hole Slam. Abyss goes outside and grabs a chair and is about to hit Kendrick with it, but Amazing Red, Generation Me, and Alex Shelley make the save while Abyss leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle is walking around backstage until he sees Sting, who is laughing. Sting cuts a promo talking about next week’s Midsummer Nightmare Impact.

In an X Division Showcase Qualifying Match, Jack Evans defeated Tony Nese and Jesse Sorensen via 630 Splash.

The Contract match at Destination X is set and it will be Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Zema Ion (Shiima Xion) vs. Austin Aries.

In a Handicap Match, Velvet Sky defeated ODB and Jackie. Because they are still not ‘under contract’, ODB and Jackie did not get entrances and entered from the backstage area. ODB went to hit Velvet with a chair and accidentally hit Jackie. Velvet kicked the chair into ODB, and hit a Snap DDT on Jackie for the three count.

In a Four Corners Survival Match, Rob Van Dam defeated AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Jerry Lynn. The match featured a lot of action with Rob Van Dam or Jerry Lynn squaring off with AJ Styles or Chris