Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TV Rating For WWE Raw 6/27/11

According to PWInsider.com, The 6/27 edition of Raw did a 3.1 rating with 4,943,000 viewers. The show did hours of 3.1 and 3.16.
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Update On CM Punk's "WWE Suspension"

WWE.com posted the following:

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, June 28, WWE and CM Punk have reached an agreement that Punk will fulfill his non-televised live event obligations for the remainder of his contract, through July 17. Furthermore, both sides have mutually agreed not to disparage one another.
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Batista Comments on Finlay's Release from WWE

Former WWE Superstar Dave Batista tweeted the following:

so im going to say this because i said i would elaborate later....and im sure i'll get some grief over it but i dont realy care. and this is completely the opinion of an outsider looking in. i only know what ive been told about Fit Finlay's release and i dont know exactly what happened...but no one in this world could convince me that Fit, the honorable man that he is, did anything that would warrant him losing his livelihood. i wouldn't have made it to the top without fit,and i wouldn't have made it through alot of the longass unbearable tours either. i seriously think that there's a huge void in the WWE without him. he isn't replaceable."
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TNA Rep Denies Homicide And Jack Evans Backstage At Taping

According to Bob Ryder, who is the Director of Talent Bookings and Travel for TNA Wrestling, Homicide and Jack Evans were not backstage at yesterday's Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida.
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Wrestlers Comment On CM Punk's Promo

Mick Foley: "I have no idea where this @cmpunk thing might go, but I know I'll be watching. Captivating stuff."

Jim Ross: "Most compelling, controversial end of Raw in a long time. @cmpunk edgy, attitudinal & full of rage. Don't know what to think. Wow."

Joey Styles: "Holy crap! I thought I was bad when I was shooting on Vince and the company. OMG! Holy crap!"

Billy Corgan: "@CMPunk that may have been the GREATEST promo i have ever seen...to paraphrase Paul E, 'you sir, are f'n hardcore'..."

Maryse: "@CMPunk for President of the United-States...."

Daniel Bryan: "With revolution dripping off his lips with every word, @CMPunk was a god last night."

Chris Jericho: "Congrats to @cmpunk and Vince McMahon for doing something tonight that hasn't been done in awhile...make history."

JBL:"I haven't watched a wrestling program since well before I left WWE 2+ years ago. Heard about CM Punk's promo and watched it this morning-WOW! That was awesome, as good as I have ever seen. I worked with CM when he first became champ-really enjoyed it and really happy to see what a stud he has become. When you can put doubt as to whether shoot or work-you have done your job very well!
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CZW 6.28.11: Germany Invasion; New Heights July 9‏