Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tough Enough Star & Tag Team Legend Appearing At Virginia Fair‏

Ryan Howe (AKA Skid Marks) will be part of the wrestling show at the Dickenson County Fair in Haysi, Virginia on August 4th, 2011. Also appearing is Ricky Morton from the Rock & Roll Express. Go to for info about the event & or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Update On John Morrison's WWE Return

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is said that John Morrison will be out of action for at least another two months.
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News On Chavo Guerrero Possibly Joining TNA

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Regarding Chavo Guerrero going to TNA, people who know Chavo see it as a possibility. TNA had talked about bringing Chavo in several years back when there were rumors that he wasn't going to renew his WWE contract. Its is also key to note that Chavo's uncle Hector Guerrero is one of TNA's Spanish announcers.
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Update On Luke Gallows/TNA

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, A source close to the situation reports that Luke Gallows is confident that he will get a contract from TNA after working a dark match last week.
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Ric Flair Finally Pays Highspots

With a few days to spare, Ric Flair avoided going to jail by finally paying the $35,000 that he owed the company.
On their Facebook page, they posted the following:

"Letting our own social media get the scoop, we have FINALLY been paid by Ric Flair for the debt dating back years ago. No jail time for Naitch. Whichever Angel pitched in the $ for him THANK YOU."
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Abyss Responds To Matt Hardy's Tweets About Refunds

After Matt Hardy tweeted yesterday that "If you asked for a refund in Ft. Wayne cuz I wasn't there, tweet me your story & I will RT it.. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!", Abyss tweeted: "Our roster of talent is the best and brings everything they have to the ring everynite and our Impact live events give the fans alot for their money. No refunds required or requested. Thanks for being great fans no matter whos on the show. You guys are the best"
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New Jim Ross Blog

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog found at and below are some of the highlights:

Chavo Guerrero's WWE Release: "Sorry to hear of Chavo Guerrero leaving WWE after many years with the company. I don't know the details but from what I read Chavo asked for his release and wanted to explore other options. Chavo is a talented guy who comes from a regal, wrestling family who I respect greatly. Chavo strikes me as the type of wrestler who has given his post wrestling career adequate thought and even though Chavo can and likely will continue to wrestle, one can never over stay their welcome inside the ring and everyone has to have an exit strategy at some point."

Whether WWE Will Ever Break WrestleMania 3's Attendance Record: "Will the WM3 attendance record ever be broken? In my opinion, yes. It could happen in a variety of venues but specifically, in my eyes, it will be when WWE has a Wrestlemania in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas which could accommodate close to 100,000 for the event. With DFW being an American Airlines hub and Love Field being a Southwest Airlines hub, getting to Dallas from virtually any where in the world is doable. Of course, how well any event does or doesn't do is always dependent on the main event attractions."

Participating In The Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart DVD Project: "The HBK/Hitman DVD will be released worldwide this October and I have high expectations for the project. The two legendary, WWE stars sat side by side during the shoot facing yours truly who asked them a battery of questions ... To be able to sit and talk to two WWE Hall of Famers such as Michaels and Hart who did have a bona fide rivalry at one time but also respected the other's work was a privilege for me. I'm honored to have been assigned this project and hope that it lives up to the expectations we all have for it. I know that both Shawn and Bret were very happy with the day."
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CZW 6.26.11: TOD Results; 'New Heights' July 9

– What carnage was wrought at TOD? How will TOD effect the future
of CZW?

T.O.D. Round One:

* MASADA def. Dysfunction (Fans Bring the Weapons Match)

* “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont def. Necro Butcher (“Get Hit with
Sh*t” Match)

* BJW’s Jaki Numazawa def. Danny Havoc (Light Tube Celebrations
Match) thanks to interference from Drew Gulak’s bodyguard Mr. Tofiga

* BJW’s Masashi Takeda def. Scotty Vortekz (Barbed Wire Boards,
Thumbtacked Kick Pads Match)

T.O.D. Semi-Finals:

* MASADA def. Matt Tremont (Kenzans, Whips and “Anything Else We Can
F***ing Find in the Back” Match)

* Masashi Takeda def. Jaki Numazawa (Barbed Wire Boards, Light Tubes
and Thumbtacks Match)

Non-Tournament Matches:

* After DJ Hyde pulled himself out of a match with Sami Callihan and
Greg Excellent in order for Callihan and Excellent to face each other.
After poking some fun at “The Boss”, DJ Hyde stated the winner
would face him. Excellent allowed Callihan to score a victory, but on
July 9, Excellent will be Hyde’s “slave” on July 9…and
Callihan will have to face Necro Butcher before he can face Hyde.

* Philly’s Most Wanted def. Devon Moore & Mystery Partner, Little
Mondo, after Joker pinned Moore…causing Joker to challenge for the
Title on July 9!

T.O.D. Finals:

* MASADA def. Masashi Takeda (Barbed Wire Ropes, Light Tubes, Panes of
Glass Match). Following his victory, MASADE challenged Danny Havoc for
the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title. Not only will the match take
place July 9, but the winner will face BJW Deathmatch champion Ryuji
Ito at the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial on September 10 in a Champion vs.
Champion Match!

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. Available on DVD and On-Demand Streaming, ‘Prelude to Violence’
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– The aftermath of T.O.D. comes to The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST
in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, July 9 with a 7:30 pm bell time!

* CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore defends against
Philly’s Most Wanted’s Joker

* Necro Butcher vs. “Callihan Death Match” Sami Callihan

* Greg Excellent will be “The Boss” DJ Hyde’s slave

* BLK OUT (Ruckus & Alex Colon) vs. The Set (J-Sinn & Lance Lude)

* All this and much more coming to ‘New Heights’ on July 9

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