Monday, June 13, 2011

Former TNA Stars Return To Impact Wrestling

Former TNA stars Austin Aries, Jimmy Raveand Kid Kash returned to TNA Impact wrestling at the 6/16 TV taping in a match to see who would get a spot at the Destination X PPV.
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*Spoilers* For TNA Impact Wrestling 6/16/11

*New TNA champion Mr Anderson comes out for his "championship party" but is alone as he didn't invite anyone and takes all the credit for himself. Gunner comes out and says that he helped Anderson by beating Sting last week and deserves a title shot. Anderson tells him his services aren't required. Gunner attacks him and puts him through a table.

*Devon defeated Hernandez via DQ. Pope Dinero got involved when Mexican America interfered.

*In a match to earn a contract to compete on Impact Wrestling, Austin Aries defeated Jimmy Rave and Kid Kash.

*Kurt Angle comes out and announces his intentions to train and compete for the Olympics in 2012. He says that the issue between he and Jeff Jarrett is finally ended. Jarrett tries to get Angle to face him one last time.

*TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions Rosita & Sarita b. Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher. ODB and the returning Jacqueline got involved as well.

*Rob Van Dam pinned Samoa Joe.

*Gunner pinned TNA champion Mr. Anderson in a non-title match.
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 6/10/11

The 6/10 edition of Smackdown did a 1.79 rating with 2,712,000 viewers.
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Booker T Joins Twitter

Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott announced on Twitter that Booker T is now on Twitter and can be followed at
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WWE Raw quick results for 6/13/2011

1st segment
First out Miz calls out Stone Cold who is the Raw GM. Stone Cold tells Miz that he will see Riley in the Pipers Pit tonight with Roddy Piper. Austin then tells Miz to go to the back, and Austin starts talking about how the night will go, and out comes Alberto Del Rio talking about how he is the greatest star of all time. Austin talks about how Ricardo ran down the Big Show with the car, and Austin told him that there was someone who wanted a piece of him, and here he is, out comes Kane for the first match.

1st Match
Kane vs Alberto Del Rio
Winner: Kane by DQ. Big Show comes out and attacks Ricardo, Austin then makes another match with Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio.

2nd Match
Sin Cara/Daniel Bryan/Big Zeke vs Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase/Wade Barrett
Winner(s): Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, and Big Zeke Jackson

Back from commercial and Hornswoggle is in the ring shooting out t-shirts to the crowd. All of a sudden we have R-Truth's music hit, and Truth comes out saying Swoggles out there shooting shirts to the Little Jimmy's and Jenny's, and wants to try the gun out. He then tells Swoggle he shouldn't be afraid, that he has nothing to worry about, that hes a good R-Truth. He talks about how on Sunday he will beat John Cena, and tells the crowd to boo themselves. R-Truth starts going towards Swoggle, and Swoggle shoots him with a tshirt, R-truth grabs Hornswoggle, and puts his hand out, as they shake, Truth looks around smiling, and as he stands back up, kicks Swoggle in the face. As Truth stands over Hornswoggle, Austin comes over the titantron, and tells Truth to pick on someone his own size, someone like......JOHN MORRISON. They will face tonight.

3rd Match
Sheamus vs Santino Marella
Winner: Sheamus by submission. Sheamus used the cloverleaf to get the win.

Back from commercial and out comes Randy Orton from Smackdown. As Randy walks down to the ring, they show what happened last week on Smackdown during the Sheamus/Orton match. Orton is talking, but mic is dead, he gets a new mic and says live tv is awesome. He then introduces himself to the crowd, saying he hasn't been gone that long, but it feels good to be back on Raw. He then says he should be satisfied, hes world champion, he gets to cause Christian problems at Capitol Punishment, but hes not satisfied because Christian is in the building. Orton then asks for Christian to come out, and that he just wants to talk. Christian appears on the titantron, Christian tells Orton that Orton has had everything handed to him, but Christian has had to fight for it. Christian then says lets take a poll if he should go out, the crowd cheers, and then Christian says nope, I don't pander to you. Orton then says too bad Edge isn't here, he could carry Christian to the ring like he had for the past 17 years. Christian then drops the mic and says he is on his way out to the ring. Christian walks down to the ring, but stops halfway, and says nope as WWE security comes running out to stand between Orton and Christian. We have the lights blink and its the Raw GM. (isn't Austin in charge?) GM says Orton can not compete tonight because of the title shot to the head that Christian gave him last week, and says that Orton should leave the building. If Orton continues to try to go after Christian the RAW GM will have to strip Orton of the title. Orton then starts walking up the ramp as Christian taunts him. Austin then appears on the titantron, telling he ain't getting off that easy. Christian will be facing Rey Mysterio next.

4th Match
Rey Mysterio vs Christian
Winner: Rey Mysterio by disqualification.

Out comes CM Punk, but Rey crossbodies him from the turnbuckle. Next comes all of the Nexus members, and as Rey goes for a 619 on Christian, Mason Ryan grabs him, and smashes him back first into the ringpost.
We then go to the back and see Austin on the phone, Vickie and Dolph walk up, and Vickie yells in his ear, "EXCUSE ME". She then asks Austin for a match for Dolph agains Kofi for the US Title. Austin says ok, but only under one condition, if Dolph drops Vickie as his consultant. Dolph then says that he will drop Vickie after Austin explains his standpoint on the situation. Austin then says, don't worry, I made the match earlier tonight. And walks away as Vickie starts screaming.

5 Match
R-Truth vs John Morrison
Morrison doesn't come out, and Truth says he will bring the fight to Morrison, as Truth starts heading to the back. As Truth walks through the back asking for Morrison to come out, we see trainers and refs over Morrison's body. Truth starts yelling at Morrison as we see Truth start pushing one of the large wheeled boxes right into Morrison's body.

6th Match
Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne
Winner(s): Kofi Kingston/Evan Bourne

Back from commercial and out comes Piper for Piper's Pit. Piper starts talking about the history of the building, and out comes the Miz to interrupt him. Miz talks about how people compare him to Piper, and how people say he will be the next Roddy Piper, but Piper stops him, and says there will never be another Roddy Piper. Miz starts talking about his accomplishments on the Real World, with winning the world title, and winning the main event of Wrestlemania. Piper says lets not talk about the past or present, lets talk about the future, out comes Alex Riley. Piper asked Riley why did he stay behind Miz, and Riley said why help him when I can beat him. Piper starts talking about something to Miz, and then gives the classic line, "just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions." Miz talks about making a bet on his match on Sunday, but Riley says he bets Piper can beat Miz. Miz says he will put up $1000 of his own money. Piper says lets up it to 5000, and Austin comes up and says that sounds good to him, and makes the match official, and says that Alex Riley will be the special ref of the match.

7th Match $5000 vs $5000
Roddy Piper vs the Miz with Alex Riley as Special Ref.
Winner: Roddy Piper

8th Match 14 Diva Tag Match
Kelly Kelly, Natalia, Beth Phoenix, Eve, Gail Kim, AJ, Katilyn vs Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Rose Mendez, Tamina, Alicia, Maryse
Winner(s): Kelly Kelly, Natalia, Beth Phoenix, Eve, Gail Kim, AJ, Kaitlyn

We then see last weeks Raw with Austin announcing the winner of Tough Enough, and we go to the back where Austin is talking to Big Andy. CM Punk walks in and says hes going to give Austin a breathalyzer. Austin then says that Nexus is banned from ringside and that he will see Punk later as he has to go make a announcement to the WWE Universe.

Back from commercial and out comes Austin on the atv, and before he could say anything the RAW GM, the GM says that Austin did a fair job, and that he will be back next week. And that next week's Raw will be another 3 hours, and that it will be in the hands of the fans. The RAW GM then beeps in, but before Cole could talk about it, Austin tells him to stop hitting the button or he will give him something to hit the button for. The GM beeps in again, and Austin gets out of the ring to go after Cole, but Cole takes off. Austin takes the laptop and a beer, and goes to the rampway and pours a beer over it, and then runs over it with the atv.

9th Match and the Main Event
CM Punk vs John Cena
Winner: CM Punk

During the match, R-Truth came out and took a hat off of a kid in the crowd, and distracted Cena, R-Truth then gets in the ring and smashes a water bottle in Cena's face. R-Truth then gets out of the ring and grabs the WWE Title from the bell guy. He then stands over Cena and tells him I will beat you for the WWE title, and thats the truth. R-Truth then walks out with the title as we fade to black.

And that is Raw guys, thanks for joining us at and don't forget to join us over at for WNL and a interview with Chyna.
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Audio:Wrestling News Live Returns Tonight Following WWE Raw 6/13/11 with Chyna

Tune in tonight to starting at 11:25pm Est, 9:25pm Mst as WNL returns to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network with "The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay.
Tonight Trey and JJ will be joined by former WWE Intercontinental & Womens champion "The Ninth wonder of the World" and Vivid Video Vixen Joanie"Chyna" Laurer to discuss her latest video "Backdoor to Chyna" and what her future holds in the world of Adult entertainment and Wrestling.
Also on tap for tonights show The boys will rundown the latest "News of the Week" sponsored by and review the big 3 hour edition of Monday Night RAW in which "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will be the guest GM as JJ will be breaking his boycott for 1 night only to watch the show and see if anything