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Audio: Wrestling News Live 6/6/11 Archived

WNL returned to the airwaves on 6-6-11 on the SNS Radio Network with "The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. JJ and Trey discussed the news of the week sponsored by Wrestling-Online.com before being joined by the owner of Highspots.com Michael Bochicchio to talk about the ongoing issues between he and "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Michael joined the boys and talked for a little over an hour on topics such as Highspots.com and the merchandise available, Highspots tv , and the origin of the Ric Flair/Highspots legal issue. Michael walked the boys through the entire scenario from working with Flair, becoming friends with Flair, helping to get Flair booked at events and seing Ric hold up promoters over money and ultimately leading to the demise of their partnership and friendship. Michael Bochicchio wanted to clear the record on the story as it has been inaccurately reported by Dave Meltzer and other "Wrestling Insiders" and Michael was very candid in this interview and despite having issues with Flair still views him the greatest wrestler of all time and is only seeking what he is rightfully owed by Ric Flair.After the break JJ and Trey talked about JJ's upcoming trip to the Calgary Comic Expo to meet both Kevin Nash and DDP, as well as William Shatner and many others on 6-17.Talk shifted to the latest X-Men movie as JJ answered a question about the film...SPOILER ALERT...The phone lines were opened as Crelly joined the show with some breaking news on the Miz, and then the show took a hillarious turn for the worst as The Pope called in and talked about the RTruth segment on RAW and JJ made a comment that brought the show to sheer hillasrity.Other callers included Da Black Redneck, Nem and Ashley before ending the show with some Inner Circle in honor of the "Bad Boys of Wrestling Radio"on this highly informative and hillarious episode of WNL.

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Content Listing For WWE's Upcoming Rey Mysterio DVD

The content listing for WWE's forthcoming three-disc DVD set on Rey Mysterio, Rey Mysterio - The Life of a Masked Man, has been revealed. Credit Silivervisison.com

Disc 1


Rey Misterio Jr. & Konnan vs. La Parka & Psicosis
ECW Hardcore TV 28th October, 1995

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera
ECW Extreme Bash 9th March, 1996

Experiencing ECW

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera
WCW Pro Wrestling 3rd November, 1996

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerreo Jr.
WCW Saturday Night 11th January, 1997

Eddie’s Guidance

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero
Nitro 8th September, 1997

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chris Jericho
Nitro 17th November, 1997

The Creation of the Mask

Rey Mysterio Jr., Super Calo & Hector Garza vs. Psychosis, La Parka & Silver King
WCW Saturday Night 17th January, 1998

Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman vs. Eddie Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera
Nitro 28th December, 1998

Who’s That Jumpin’ Out the Sky?

#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Rey Mysterio & Edge vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero
SmackDown 24th October, 2002

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Vengeance 27th July, 2003


Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle
SmackDown 28th October, 2004

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero & Booker T. vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam
SmackDown 30th December, 2004

Disc 2

Gone Too Soon

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero
WrestleMania 21 3rd April, 2005

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. MNM
SmackDown 16th December, 2005

On Top of the World

Mysterio’s Opportunity for a World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania 22 is on the Line
Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
No Way Out 19th February, 2006

Viva México!

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero
SummerSlam 26th August, 2007

Stretcher Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay
Cyber Sunday 27th October, 2007

Putting the Mask on the Line

If Rey Mysterio Loses, He Must Unmask
Rey Mysterio vs. Kane
No Mercy 5th October, 2008

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
Judgment Day 17th May, 2009

The Art of Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison
SmackDown 4th September, 2009

Disc 3

Respecting the Mask

#1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
SmackDown 18th December, 2009

Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels
SmackDown 29th January, 2010

Coping with Injuries

World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble 31st January, 2010

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler
SmackDown 5th February, 2010

Alone Time

Rey Mysterio Joins the SES vs. CM Punk’s Hair
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk
Over the Limit 23rd May, 2010

“I Can’t Do It Solo.”

Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. The Big Show
WWE Fatal 4-Way 20th June, 2010

Opportunity Knocks

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
SmackDown 18th October, 2010

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
WrestleMania XXVII 3rd April, 2011

Fantasy Warfare

Special Features

Going Home

Standing Ovation
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