Monday, June 6, 2011

Winner Of WWE's Tough Enough Annonced

It was announced tonight that Andy won WWE's Tough Enough.
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TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 6/3/11

The 6/3 Edition of WWE Smackdown scored a 1.77 cable rating down from the previous week;s 1.83
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3 Hour Raw Next Week With Stone Cold As GM

It was announced during WWE Raw tonight that next Monday's show will be a three hour "All Stars" show with Stone Cold Steve Austin being the guest host.
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Tommy Dreamer Announces He Is Leaving TNA

Tommy Dreamer posted the following on Twitter:

If u need a reason 2 go 2 TNA shows on 6/10 Marion, Ill & 6/11 Memphis TN. They will b my last 2 apperances for TNA.Come say goodbye. Thnx

Just left the gym can't believe the amount of tweets & texts I hav gotten. I am blessed to hav so many great loyal fans & friends luv ya all

PWInsider is reporting that he left are failing to reach a deal with TNA
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WWE Raw Quick Results 6-7-11

Opening segment with Austin, Vince, R-Truth, The Miz, A-Ry & Cena ends with the main event being booked it will be Cena & A-Ry vs Miz & Truth with Austin as the special ref. Segment also included R-Truth's apology so Cena v Truth for the WWE title is comfirmed for Capitol Punishment

Santino over McGillicutty

Beth & Kelly over The Bellas

Backstage segment results in Jack Swagger vs Booker T being booked tonight

Rey over Punk

In-Ring segment with Del Rio, he calls out Big Show & out comes Ricardo Rodrigues dressed as Show & Del Rio makes some jokes. Finshes up telling Big Show not to make and enemy out of him because bad things happen to bad people.

Kofi Over Ryder - Dolph Ziggler was on commentry putting over Ryder's YouTube show and how he will be the next US Champion.

The Raw GM has comfirmed The Miz vs A-Ry for Capitol Punishment during the break.

Booker over Swagger by Count-Out after swagger walked off after the bell rang out came Evan Borne and got Swagger back in the ring, he got a scissor kick and air-bourne for his troubles and then we saw the Spinarooni & a Bornearooni.

Cena & A-Ry over Miz & Truth after a briefcase shot, an attitude adjustment & a Stunner

The Raw Gm Chimes in by saying Austin shouldnt have gotten involved and reserves the decsion, The GM then appoints Steve Austin the guest Gm for the 3 hour All-Star Raw next week. Austin then drags Cole into the ring and he gets a stunner and an attitude adjustment.

We go off air with Cena and Austin celebrating, Austin tells Cole he will see him next week.
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