Monday, May 30, 2011

JR Comments On Kharma's Story

On Twitter, Jim Ross tweeted the following:

Lots of angry folks. Ask @Kharma the story. She's a wrestler & not a typical WWE Diva. King havin fun w/ OKC Thunder. Yes, I'm fat. Duh."

@JoeyStyles @Kharma My fat arse getting all kinds of evil Tweets. I'm a Kharma fan BTW. Does every female wrestler HAVE 2 be a 'Diva?
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Update On Kharma Being Pregnant

Just to confirm what happened on Raw, Kharma is legitimately pregnant and is expected to return to WWE in a years time.
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Update On Audio Issues During Raw

WWE was having technical issues during the first segment of Raw. It wasn't some form of an angle with R-Truth.
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Audio: Wrestling News Live Featuring DDP Interview Following WWE Raw 5/30/11

Tune in tonight to starting at 11:30pm EST, 9:30pm MST as WNL returns to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network as Diamond Dallas Page joins " The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay.

On tonights show the boys will be discussing the "News of the Week" sponsored by,the 5-30-11 edition of RAW and air an interview with the former three time WCW world Champion Diamond Dallas Page. After the interview, the guys will be taking calls via the skype line just add sundaynightshowdown to your buddy's list or simply call 501 588 7957 or send your emails to and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of the show
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Fan Thrown Out Of TNA TV Taping For Posting Spoilers posted this:

John Benoit, who has been a semi-regular correspondent for TNA events as well as other events in the Orlando area, was ejected from tonight's Impact Wrestling tapings.
Benoit was ejected from the event by a TNA Producer and then walked off Universal property by an Orlando police officer. Benoit was shown's website on a mobile device owned by a member of TNA security and then informed he was being thrown out.
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Live WWE Raw results 5/30/11

Stay tuned right here for Raw results, and dont forget to join us over at after Raw for Wrestling News Live with a huge interview with DDP.

Raw starts with a video package saying that the episode for tonight will be in honor of the Troops for Memorial Day in America.

Next up we see R-Truth trashing the merchandise area, but unfortunately for Raw viewers, there is no audio. Next it goes to The King and Micheal Cole who talk about R-Truths conspiracy and how that is fueling the fire for R-Truth. Truth then comes down through the crowd and starts berating on every fan with a Cena shirt or hat on. Truth finally gets in the ring, and tells the crowd its no longer about them, its all about himself. Truth continues to berate the crowd saying he hates Little Jimmy, when John Cena's music hits and the crowd comes unglued. Also during this entire segment, the audio and video is not synched.

Cena tells Truth he has finally gone off the deep end, and Truth tells Cena that he isnt about dancing anymore. Cena tells Truth that he has no problem knocking some sense into Truth, and Truth comes back with all the little Jimmies can see him get beat down. Then comes the blinking lights and audio sounds, and its the GM, Cole gets up to read the email (Anyone else think Cole is the GM? Hm) and the email apparently says lets make it official, and it will be Cena vs R-Truth tonight, and apparently there will be no little Jimmies at ringside.

They then show a video of the Kharma moment from last weeks Raw with Kharma crying, saying she will speak tonight.

We come back from commercial with a video showing WWE's Memorial Day with a group of guys eating watermelon and relaxing beside a kiddie pool.

1st Match: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero)
Winner: Dolph Ziggler after a very good match.

Out next is Alberto Del Rio and we are introducted to little Eddie Munst..... I am sorry, Ricardo Rodriguez to introduce ADR. We go back to a video of last weeks Raw, where we see Kane and Big Show talking, with Show sitting on ADR's car, where at the same time, Show/Kane lost the tag team titles, and then Big Show is run over by Ricardo Rodriguez in ADR's car. Ricardo then tries to say his piece in Spanish (Anyone know what he said?), before ADR stopped him and told him it was fine. ADR then said bad things happen to bad people talking about Big Show. ADR then said he was sending the bill to Kane and Big Show and told Big Show to get well soon.

2nd Match: Bella Twins vs Eve and Kelly Kelly (Chris Kelly's wet dream x2)
Winners: Eve and Kelly Kelly

After we come back from the commercial, Micheal Cole is in the ring running down Alex Riley's backstab attack on the Miz last week. He then goes to a video of the Miz berating Riley, and the beat down. After the video ends, out comes Alex Riley to some of the best entrance music ever and even a great pop from the crowd. When Riley gets to the ring, Cole starts on him about the backstab attack again, and then asks him, "How could you?" Cole then goes on to say that the Miz is like a father figure to Riley, and he took him under his wing and let him fly. Cole says that Miz is emotionally scarred, that Riley was Miz's brother, his right hand man. Riley finally has a chance to speak, and says, he has never felt better in his life. Cole tells Riley should get on his knees and beg for forgiveness and mercy. Cole starts to berate Riley before Riley tells Cole to shut up, and says hes arrogant and annoying like the Miz. Cole then tells Riley hes a bastard, and Riley pushes Cole down and starts to berate him before the Miz comes out and takes Riley down and we have a fight between Miz and Riley. Riley is beating down Miz once again, when Miz runs through the crowd to get away from Riley, and Riley is standing tall in the ring.

3rd Match: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Winner: CM Punk after a massive kick to the head.

Now they are showing a video of Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Jimmy Fallon show.

After the commercial we come back to Kharma in the ring, where she is going to talk about her breakdown. She says that ever since she was a kid she wanted to be a WWE Superstar, not a diva, a superstar. She talks about going out for WWE Tough Enough, and talks about going to Japan and scrubbing the floors just to get training. Kharma then breaks complete character and tells the audience and the Universe that she is pregnant and said she would be back. And out comes the Bella's, who berate Kharma on her weight and trashing her being pregnant. Kharma then says, that she hopes that in 1 year, the Bellas are still there, because she has a new dream.

They are now playing the dream sequence of Obama during the Capitol Punishment.

4th Match: Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne (Rematch from last weeks Raw)
Winner: Evan Bourne after a rollup for a upset win.

5th Match: R-Truth vs John Cena (Match with no little Jimmies at ringside)
Winner: R-Truth by countout

Thank you for tuning into Headlocks2Headlines for all your news and updates. Don't forget to join us over at for WNL with a special interview with DDP
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The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment DVD Review

DVD Review
The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment

The Rock, known these as Dwayne Johnson, was one of the key people that helped to make WWE and wrestling in general more notoriety. His catchphrases and matches got are still remembered by fans. While his movie career is probably considered hit or miss, his time as a professional wrestler, not sports entertainer, was definitely a hit.

Sadly this DVD, while enjoyable, isn’t a must get. All to it is a series of matches with intervals in-between them that last a few minutes and are mostly used to set up for the match to follow. The Rock himself isn’t even in this set unless you included achieved segments. Instead we get someone who sounds like he does movie intros is the voice for these DVDs.

That drawback aside, the matches put into this set are some, not all, matches that The Rock has had in his career.

Disc 1

Intercontinental Title Match:
Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (c) vs. The Rock
RAW Is War - 2/13/97
Rock’s first championship win. The win wasn’t well received in the long run as WWE was basically forcing him down the fans’ throats. Decent match to a future feud that’ll become more successful.

WWE Championship Tournament Final Match:
Rock vs. Mankind
Survivor Series - 11/15/98
First match that led to a series that the two of them would have. Somewhat forgotten when compared to the ones they would have afterward. The swerve was nicely done and unexpected at it’s time.

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match:
Mankind (c) vs. The Rock
Valentine’s Day Massacre - 2/14/99
Violent and physical match with neither holding anything back. Ending to the match didn’t take away from the enjoyment.

WWE Championship:
Mankind (c) vs. The Rock
RAW Is War - 2/15/99
Not the best ladder match there has been but helped to put an end to the rivalry between the two.

WWE Championship Match:
The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
WrestleMania XV - 3/28/99
The first of the trilogy of match that would have with one another at Mania. Holds up to the two that would follow.

Disc 2

Steel Cage Match:
Rock vs. Triple H
RAW Is War - 7/5/99
Hard hitting match between the two. Another good addition to the series that they would have.

WWE Championship Match:
Triple H (c) vs. The Rock
Backlash - 4/30/00
An uphill challenge for the challenger. Appearance from Steve Austin added to the match. Out of the matches that these two had that’s in this set, this was the best.

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match:
The Rock (c) vs. Shane McMahon
RAW Is War - 5/1/00
Like with the previous match, it was practically a handicap match. As usual, Shane was able to put out a good performance.

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle (c) vs. The Rock
No Way Out - 2/5/01
More times than not these two have great matches and this was no exception. Only drawback was the screwed up finish.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match:
Booker T (c) vs. The Rock
SummerSlam - 8/19/01
Make up your own mind whether the WWE vs. WCW/ECW was a success or failure. We got some matches that people wanted to see. For me this was one of them.

Undisputed WWE Championship Match:
Chris Jericho (c) vs. The Rock
Royal Rumble - 1/20/02
Great match that the two were accustom of having. With so much focus on The Rock likely going over, the ending shouldn’t have been so surprising but that wasn’t the case.

Disc 3

Rock vs. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
WrestleMania X8 - 3/17/02
Is explanation really necessary for why this was a must see match? No fans expected this to happen and were eager to see it when it was announced. Stole the show and should’ve been the match to ended that WrestleMania.

Undisputed WWE Championship Triple Threat Match:
Undertaker (c) vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle
Vengeance - 7/21/02
One of the better triple threat matches ever done. Having each one hit the other’s finishers added to it.

Rock vs. Eddie Guerrero
RAW Is War - 7/22/02
A one time match that had two great competitors having a great match. Wished there could’ve had more of them.

WrestleMania XIX, Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, 3/30/03
Third and final of the Mania matches between two men who helped to keep WWE going. Like with the previous two Mania matches, this was one to see.

Final Verdict
Only other extras are a few promos where in Rock fashion verbally abuse someone and “electrify” the crowd. They’re all funny in their own ways but last a few minutes.

DVD isn't the greatest one I've ever seen but by no means is it a complete miss. If you’re a fan of The Rock, get this DVD. If not, find a way to at least view it.
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Matches For Tonight's WWE Raw

According to, the following matches will take place tonight on WWE Raw:

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Be sure to check out "Wrestling News Live" following WWE Raw at 11:30pm EST on
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Live *Spoilers* For TNA Impact Wrestling 6/2/11

Impact Wrestling opens with Velvet Sky and ODB brawling outside and then into the Impact Zone. Security tries to break it up but ODB knees the guards in the groin and beats down Sky in the ring.
*Mr. Anderson cut a promo saying he is facing someone from Sting's past tonight.

*In the parking lot, Eric Bischoff is served some sort of legal paperwork by the Network.

*In the ring, Eric Bischoff tries to strip Beer Money of the TNA Tag Team championships with the idea that Robert Roode is too injured but Alex Shelley comes out and offers to sub for Roode, so at Sacrifice, it's James Storm & Alex Shelley vs. The British Invasion for the championships.

*In a match to determine the top contender to the X-Division championship, Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian goes to a time limit draw. They restart the match but Abyss hits the ring and takes them out.

*Crimson defeated Matt Hardy. Samoa Joe comes out and he and Crimson get into it.

*Angelina Love defeated Miss Tessmacher

*TNA TV champion Eric Young, dressed like Great Muta, pinned Mr. Anderson after Gunnter tried to interfere, but Young spews mist into Anderson's eyes. Sting saves Young from a post-match beating.

*Bully Ray and AJ Styles go back and forth and in the end, a Falls Count Anywhere match is set up for the Slammiversary PPV.

*Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle.

*Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff cut a promo announcing Mick Foley has been fired
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Sean Waltman Opens Website

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman has opened his new official website at If you're a fan of the former WWE, WCW and TNA star, you now have a chance to keep up with all the latest in Sean's life and career. Sean will be regularly posting new exclusive content, including blogs, videos, Q&A's, pictures and much more! You can also inquire about booking Sean for future events, conventions and other appearances by emailing

In his first official blog on the new site, Waltman goes in-depth about his memories of the late, great "Macho Man" Randy Savage. "The period in which I first came to WWF, Randy was still taking his split from Liz really hard & Curt [Hennig] often had Randy ride with us on the road. Curt was trying to get Randy out of the funk he had been in by cheering him up. If anyone could it was Curt & to a large extent it worked. It wasn't just Curt. All of Randy’s friends were pulling for him to get through this tough period in his life. So there were numerous nights of me in the back, with Curt driving (he always drove), and Randy riding shotgun. I wasnt even legally old enough to drink & I'm riding with Mr Perfect & Macho Man Randy Savage and part of the WWF. I cant express in words how amazing that was for me. Curt would play country songs for Randy & talk about how the song was like or about the business. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson “Red Headed Stranger” was one of Randy’s favorites while riding with us. Also a Chris Ledoux album was high on his list. Same album Curt got the idea to call Shawn “The HeartBreak Kid” from."

Waltman talks much more about his fondest memories of Randy Savage before averting attention to Brian Knobs, who Sean saw at a wrestling show in Newark, CA the night of Savage's death. "There’s a bit of history between us, but no big deal in my book. What is a big deal in my book is when he arrived at the convention and he came to me laughing and holding his chest, saying 'Oh yeah!' and mocks having a heart attack. I immediately told him how f*cked up I thought it was, he blew me off & went to just about everyone else in the room, doing the same thing. Some fans even saw him do it. Mocking the death of Randy less than 24 hours after it happened. I know I’ve done some bad things in my life, a lot of things I'm very sorry for. Many probably think I have some nerve coming off like a moral authority, but someone has to call Brian out on his bulls***".

For more on Sean Waltman's tribute to "Macho Man" Randy Savage, his problem with Brian Knobs and even what he thinks about his former fiance, Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, doing another porn video, visit Also, if you would like to submit questions to Sean for his first Q&A entry, email them to He's also available for future appearances by emailing Visit www. for all the latest on Sean Waltman and be sure to follow him on Twitter and "Like" his brand new Facebook page!

You can also follow Sean at:
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MVP Opens Up Facebook And YouTube Account

Former WWE star MVP has opened up a Facebook account that can be found at . MVP has also opened up a YouTube account that can bee found at
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Breakdown of WWE Raw TV Rating

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The May 23rd episode of WWE RAW did a 3.40 rating and 5.41 million viewers. Here's a segment breakdown:

The show opened at a high 3.60 rating but the Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga vs. Big Show and Kane title match lost 583,000 viewers. The injury angle with Big Show gained 174,000 viewers while Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger lost 35,000.

Michael Cole's apology and Alex Riley fighting The Miz gained 323,000 viewers, bringing the rating to a 3.62. This was one of this week's highest rated segments.

The angle with Kharma crying lost 449,000 viewers, which is about normal for that time slot. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston lost 71,000 viewers and the main event of John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk and R-Truth gained 490,000 viewers, finishing at a 3.60.
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WWE Hires Five "Blurrers"

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE currently employees five part-time "blurrers" who edit footage in WWE's huge tape library to delete the old WWF logo
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WWE Legends "Host" Raw Events

Jimmy Hart hosted WWE's live event in Sioux City, Iowa this weekend whilst Ted DiBiase Sr. hosted the WWE live event in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend.
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New Jim Ross Blog

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all and a special and heartfelt thanks to all the members of the United States Armed Forces who have and continue to do so much to protect our freedoms as Americans. The USA is an infinitely better place in which to live thanks to all our fighting men and women. Now....some random thoughts....

UFC 130 is tonight on PPV and plans are to watch it in the Ross household. It's not the most provocative UFC card that we've seen but it seems to have significant fire power to make it a good PPV investment. In hindsight, if I had a better idea of my upcoming travel schedule, this would have been a cool weekend to spend in Vegas with the Mrs.

Rampage Jackson is a 5-2 favorite over deaf, MMA fighter Matt Hamill and is obviously the pick of many of the experts. I don't think it will be a layup for the Memphis native and life long fan of Jerry Lawler especially if he comes in either not in top shape or not motivated because Rampage might perceive that Hamill isn't a 'big star.' Hamill is a great story and has the skill set to upset Rampage. We'll see tonight as this one has a knockout or stoppage written all over it.

Perhaps I just missed it but I would have enjoyed seeing what I perceive would be have some entertaining, pre fight banter and hype between the usually talkative Frank Mir and Roy 'Big Country' Nelson whose mullet rivals ESPN hockey expert Barry Melrose pronounced hair style sans the quart of gel.

This heavyweight tilt likely won't go the distance either and if in Vegas I would prop bet a knockout if available.

Hopefully there will be some break through performances on the under card and the announcers will tell us casual fans who the fighters are, why we should emotionally invest in them and why their fights tonight are so professionally and personally important.

I am a major UFC fan as many of you know and I'm told that that many celeb's including Hammer, Vanilla Ice (testing your memory), rapper Lil Jon, funny man David Spade ( Who has a great HBO comedy special now airing), and NFL notables Larry Fitzgerald and Warren Sapp will be attending the event that is a near sell out at this time.

WWE was in Winnipeg, sans native son Chris Jericho, Friday night after a hellacious travel day where all the crew did not make the event due to weather issues. Over 7,000 fans turned out in the 'Peg which was excellent.

Speaking of Jericho, he owes none of us another match if that becomes Chris' decision. @IAmJericho has done plenty in his illustrious career to more than fulfill all our expectations. If Chris decides to return to the ring it will be in WWE and I think that he will but it may not be full time. That's just one guy's, uninformed opinion.

Oklahoma University produced an awesome video tribute to the late, Austin Box, OU's starting MLB who died unexpectedly a few days ago at age 22, and used the same Coldplay music that WWE used for the Randy Savage tribute.

Emailer...Yes we would love to be in Wal Mart or K-Mart or any national grocer chain with our products but getting there is a daunting task. Plus, I'm not going to make any bad business decisions with a major retailer who has all the stroke and the ability to essentially put a small company like ours out of business w/ returns, etc. If the deal was a win/win, we would obviously try it but until then cultivating our on line biz is about all we can say Grace over.

I do know that many retail outlets are missing the boat by not stocking our products.

As a matter of fact, our supplier is having a tough time keeping up with the demand that we have to service all our customers on a timely basis. Nice problem to have so no complaints here as we are thankful that our on line, family biz is doing well. That's a tribute to my wife Jan and her sister Jeanine for doing virtually all the 'grunt work' and keeping our great, home recipes getting into your hands and on your tables.

Twitter question....I don't know what WWE's plans are for Kevin Nash who has a Legend's agreement with WWE and last appeared in the ring at the Royal Rumble. Do I think Kevin can still help as an on air performer? Absolutely. Kevin is a bright man with a high wrestling IQ who still has fuel left in his former Tennessee Volunteer tank.

Been asked what was HBK's condition at WM14 and physically it was virtually debilitating because of HBK's back issues plus Shawn wasn't in the best of places mentally in his life at that time either. Regardless, the HOF'er still went out and had an excellent bout, actually a spectacular bout taking everything into consideration, with Steve Austin. That's the night someone said, "The Austin era has begun!"

Speaking of Austin, @steveaustinBSR did well with Jimmy Fallon on NBC Friday night. Steve visited with me recently about the possibility of starting his own website down the road and selling some exclusive Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch merchandise.

The Saturday June 18 Strike Force event in Dallas is personally intriguing. It's a short drive, features the heavyweight tournament semi finals plus Gina Carano fighting seems to make for an interesting evening.

Happy to see UFC continue to steer the course w/ Strike Force for the time being but don't think that particular business trend is long term. No how.

Anxiously awaiting my copy of the Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman book 'Death Clutch' and somewhat curious to see how yours truly is depicted by Brock after a less than celebratory departing from WWE while I was an executive w/ the company.

If you haven't checked it out recently, take a peek at which is a 'must have' for any serious wrestling fan. It's affordable and the selection of matches is amazing.

Tweeter follower asked me where I thought Randy Savage got the majority of his in ring influences. Savage was very individualistic but I've always been of the mindset that his costumes and music were somewhat influenced by WWE HOF'er Gorgeous George. Randy was amazingly intense, virtually 24/7, and brought natural athleticism to the squared circle. We never always agreed on a variety of professional matters and had our share of disagreements but never once did i not respect his in ring ability and the fact that he was one of the biggest , pro wrestling stars of all time.

Plus, Savage saved his money which is a rarity for his generation of performers.

BTW and speaking of legends, we are preparing to shoot two more Legends Roundtables in a week or so. Not sure of the complete panel, I think that Michael Hayes, JJ Dillon and myself are 3 of the 4, or the topics. It's one of my favorite things to do especially now that I'm not on the air weekly. Love the atmosphere and the honesty of the panel and am anxious to hear of the subjects, panelists and air dates which are all TBD. is doing a fantastic job of shipping our products internationally. Again, this website doesn't and isn't going to be shipping outside the USA anytime soon so if you live outside the USA please check out and order our goods from there. Business has picked up on that front of which we are grateful.

Was Scottie Pippen sober when he said that LeBron James was already a better player than Michael Jordan? King James is a WWE fan and I still have a signed LeBron James WWE Raw TV script from a Cleveland Raw but the young star still has some rings to win before he's in 'Jordan-Land.'

One of our best new sellers is the Slobber-Knocker Team which is 2 bottles of Chipotle Ketchup and 2 bottles of Main Event Mustard. Somewhere someone's grilled 'dogs and burgers are dying to meet this new 'team.'

I'm told that ESPN's Robert Flores is a wrestling fan and can be followed on Twitter @RoFloSc. That's always good to hear. So is the uber talented Bill Simmons who wrote the great piece on Macho Man's career and death recently on

Emailer...Why on Earth would you really want to be a 'wrestling writer?' As John McEnroe once screamed to a tennis official, "You CAN'T be serious!" I'm not one to throw water on anyone's dreams but the life of