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Audio:WWFD 5-28-11 Archived

The Nemesis, Mr. Zodiac and 'El Diablo' Ramirez return for the next installment of What Would Fans Do. This week on WWFD, the boys talk in depth about their take on what the Ring Of Honor future will be after its selling to Sinclair Broadcast Group, Impact Wrestling today as well as other various bits of news from the week and your emails read out and answered by the guys.
What Would Fans Do. Where common sense prevails!... Most of the time...
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RCW June 4 in Baltimore: Xion-Cole, Frazier-Ruckus‏

Nate Stein sent the following in:

THIS SATURDAY, June 4, Real Championship Wrestling presents the second anniversary event “Takeover 3” at The Du Burns Arena, 1301 S. Ellwood Ave in Baltimore, MD with a 7:30 pm bell time.

* RCW Crusierweight Title Match: champion Shiima Xion vs. Adam Cole
* Derek Frazier vs. Ruckus
* Jay Briscoe vs. Ophidian
* Robbie Mireno & The Blk Jeez vs. Adam Flash & Ryan McBride
* Rhett Titus vs. Mark Briscoe
* Queen of RCW Tournament Begins!

Also scheduled to appear: Jay Briscoe, The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater), Greg Excellent, The Blk Jeez, Niles Young, Mia Yim, Kindred, JT Roberts, & more

RCW Dance Contest during Intermission hosted by RCW Tag Champions The Osirian Portal & sponsored By BRAAT MUSIK, LLC. The winner receives a Golden Ticket to Six Flags America, as well as a photo shoot & dance lesson with an industry choreographer.

Front Row Tickets: $25.00
General Admission Tickets: $20.00
All Kids Under 10: $10.00 Gen. Admission at the Door

For the latest news and to purchase tickets, visit
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Tough Enough Contestant & Former WWE Star Appearing At West Virginia Event‏

Ryan Howe (AKA Skidmarks) and Eugene will be appearing at an event called "Summer Xplosion VII" on June 26th, 2011 in Huntington, West Virginia. Go to for info about the event and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Report: WWE Sign Mexican Talent Called Averno


Averno, one of the top rudos for CMLL for the half decade, has signed a contract with WWE. Averno is joining the US promotion to resume his feud with Misitco (now Sin Cara) as an unmasked heel. The plan was for him to lose his mask to La Mascara at June 17th’s Jucio Final, but plans may change as this news gets out. Multiple sources have confirmed to me both Averno’s signing and his imminent mask loss.

WWE has been unhappy with Sin Cara’s matches so far. Atypically, they’ve sought to resolve this by bringing in more agreeable opponents for him to work with. The story I was told is WWE went to Sin Cara and asked him that if he could work with anyone in the world, who would he most like to work with. Obviously, he picked his long time rival (and probably close friend) Averno. WWE earlier had Averno in for a tryout last October, the same tryout Mistico and Diamante were at (and which Durango Kid helped set up), but decided not to sign him at that time. Things have changed, and Averno secretly signed with WWE during their last tour of Mexico.

It’s worth noting this is not actually an expanded WWE raid of CMLL luchadors or lucha style wrestlers in general. They want Averno to fill a specific need. I do not believe this directly increases (or decreases) their chances of signing anyone else from Mexico. To put it simply, WWE signing Averno does not mean they’re about to sign Fantasma or Sombra or anyone else.

This is also a big risk for Averno; he’s coming in for a defined spot, but there may not be plans past that; compare Averno to Tyson Kidd, who works the style they WWE prefers, is very good at it, and is barely on their roster. Dropping your mask and going to WWE in hopes of a big push worked out for Alberto Del Rio, but not so much for Rey Ortiz. Since the plan is for him to work against Sin Cara, I expect he will be brought to the main roster quickly, and not go to FCW.

Averno has not informed CMLL of his WWE signing. Instead, Averno only told their programming department he wanted to lost his mask ASAP and, if they weren’t willing to do it, he would go to whichever outside promoter could pay him the most to drop it. CMLL agreed to do it there and scrambled their plans for June (a cage match which would’ve included the Gen11/Rayos feud and probably other rivalries; no loser had been definitively been decided), putting Averno’s mask loss in on 06/17. Mascara Dorada would’ve been the preferred choice to win the mask, but he’s locked in with NJPW comittements. It’s unknown if other people were considered, but CMLL is said to be a very divided and unhappy place at the moment, and politics surely played some role in the decision (as they do in most.)
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Video:Ultimate Warrior Calls Out Hulk Hogan

Ultimate Warrior posted the following on his YouTube page:

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Tough Enough Star Appearing At VIP Event On June 18th‏

Ryan Howe AKA Skidmarks will be at "VIP Redemption" on June 18th, 2011 in Owosso, Michigan. Go to for info about the event and or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Kurt Angle Meet And Greet In England

TNA have announced that Kurt Angle will be doing a meet and greet next week in London England. Details about the event can be found at this link
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Update On Balls Mahoney

According to PWInsider, despite internet reports, former WWE and ECW star Balls Mahoney has not passed away and is doing fine.
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Live Report From Smashing Pumpkins Wrestling Themed Music Video Davis

Here is my live report of the Smashing Pumpkins "Owata" music video taping at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL
First, here are the quick match results:

Knight Wagner defeated Gringo Loco.

Shane Hollister w/ Miss Scarlett defeated Jordan McIntryre w/ Eryn.

Dan Lawrence defeated AAW Heritage Champion Mason Beck to retain the AAW Heavyweight Championship.

Alissa Flash defeated Shelley Martinez with Raven.

I'd say there were only about 100 people fans there, with a good majority of them Smashing Pumpkins fans, and not wrestling fans. But relax; there was no war between the two sides. That said, I'd be surprised if half of them returned for AAW's June event, which is what they technically bought a ticket for.

The crew was filming B-roll footage while we were waiting in line and while we went inside.

The setup was pretty much the same that AAW and SHIMMER uses, with the entryway, guardrails, and ring. The big change was that they used a lot more lighting. They even used a spotlight for entrances.

A variety of cameras were used. One of them was, I believe, a "Red Epic" camera, which is something that's been used for some of the bigger Hollywood releases. There was also a traditional film role camera that was used in short spurts, and a DSLR camera that's similar to the ones used by TNA for backstage segments.

AAW C.O.O. Kevin Harvey welcomed us to the show. He said that this wouldn't be a regular wrestling show. Since this is a big time production, we may see parts of matches repeated in order to get the perfect shot. Other than that, he said to simply be loud and enthusiastic during all the matches.

The actual matches weren't anything to write home about. They were a bit slower than we're used to, as it appeared that they wanted to make sure each spot was hit successfully. Plus, the wrestlers spent a lot more time engaging the crowd than they normally would.

There were a lot of delays between the matches, as they reviewed the footage to see if any retakes were necessary, to make sure everything was set for the following match, and to even give our voices a little rest. This resulted in a lot of "stalling for time theatre", most of which was quite entertaining. Kevin's "Ian Rotten impression" was brutally honest, yet hilarious.

Flash vs. Martinez is going to be the primary focus of the music video, so obviously it got the most attention. First we had a guest ring announcer. Formally from G.L.O.W., Little Egypt. She looked fine, but was terrible with her announcements. Oh well. Shelley came out first with Raven. She was dressed in a revealing school girl dress and black top, and played up the sexuality throughout the match(es). Alissa came out with a SHIMMER Tag Team Championship belt. They would have used a SHIMMER Championship, but champion Madison Eagles had the belt in Philadelphia. This tag belt was Tomoka Nakagawa's, as she didn't take it with her to Japan. She was announced as a generic "women's world champion."

Alissa dominated to start, until Raven got involved, and threw her into the guardrail. Following a ton of offense from Shelley, Alissa eventually made a comeback. Raven attempted to interfere again, and Shelley ended up dropkicking him. Alissa would win the match with an Air Raid Crash. After the match (this might not have happened with all takes), Raven took Alissa's belt away, but ended up eating a low-blow.

After that, we ended up seeing the same match again, complete with entrances. The director wanted the match filmed from the opposite side of the ring. In addition, the crowd was cheering for both women, so this time, they told us that Shelly is an evil bitch, and Alissa is awesome. So with a better crowd atmosphere, plus a better match flow, the second take was much, much better.

Then, we got a third take. This time, they wanted to film the match from inside the ring. They skipped the entrances and just casually walked out to the ring, and redid much of the match. Some of the fans did leave during it, so the AAW crew, including some of the wrestlers, came out to fill out the crowd. Finally, they redid the ending one more time.

The crowd was great during this, as they would save their energy until we got our cue, and then we would cheer and boo as if it were a 5-star main event.

Obviously, it is nothing close to a SHIMMER standard. Chopped up into pieces for the music video, it'll look great.

Billy Corgan was watching most, if not the entire show from the seats with the fans.

Prior to filming one more segment, we had more stalling-for-time theatre, as the AAW crew began either dancing, or doing imitations of various wrestlers, while various WWF themes played.

In a planned B-roll shoot, Raven came out to ringside to sign for a dozen fans.

And that was it. I believe it went close to four hours, and it was a bit exhausting, but it was cool to be part of something like this. Raven, Melissa, and Shelley filmed a lot of footage yesterday, so I'm very intrigued to see how this comes out.
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