Saturday, May 28, 2011

TV Rating For TNA Impact 5/26/11

According to F4W, Impact Wrestling on 5/26/11 scored a 1.2 tv rating.
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Vince McMahon Comments On The Passing Of "Macho Man" Randy Savage

In an article for "TIME", Vince McMahon wrote the following about Macho Man" Randy Savage:

It's important in sports and it's important in entertainment to stand out. Randy knew that. Right away, he wanted to leave his mark, and to do that he was aware he had to make himself different from everyone else. One way he did this was concentrating on his outfits, those brightly colored costumes with foot-long fringe that became his trademark. He brought to wrestling a unique look and style.

"Randy, who died in a car crash May 20 at age 58, was one of the building blocks of what is now WWE (previously known as the World Wrestling Federation). He had a very unusual voice --remember his "Snap into a Slim Jim. Oh, yeah!" commercials?--and was extremely charismatic. Perception is very important in this business, and he also had a very high opinion of himself, something he needed in a locker room full of performers who had been around for a while and had big personalities and followings--like Hulk Hogan, Today, Randy is remembered as one of wrestling's all time greats. No question about it--he certainly was."
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Audio: Unplugged 5/27/11 Archived

UnPlugged with JJ $exay returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network on 5-27-11 to review the latest episode of WWE Smackdown. JJ gave his thoughts on the show and character devolpment of a few talents. JJ started to do the news of the week since Crelly was late talking on topics like Flair's continual lawsiut problems with, Chyna doing porn again...and Xpac's thoughts on the matter. Chris Kelly of joined the show and finished the news of the week. After the break Crelly talked about the TNA UK Party he attended and buying a drink for TNA star Magnus, meeting the NewAge Outlaws and all the fun he had with the TNA talents. "The Sensational Sequel" Sean joined the show to review LA Noire, and talk the latest gaming news. JJ opened the phone lines and took a few calls with topics ranging from Brian Knobbs recent mocking of Randy Savages death, The SNS Network, The Memorial Day Weekend, and Hulk Hogans latest endeavour for the Xbox Kinect.JJ read a few emails one from a disgruntled listener who has drcided not to listening to UnPlugged and a few other shows on the network, and a few from listeners who are proud to be a part of the SNS of which has been listening to JJ and Trey for many years. JJ wrapped the show with next weeks schedule for network programming including an interview with DDP on WNL and Marcus Stephenson of THQ on the CAWsCast on this latest episode of UnPlugged.
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Mick Foley Apologize For Empty Arena Match/TNA House Show Comment

During WWE's Over The Limit, The Rock tweeted:

In the famous "I QUIT" match, I handcuffed Mick Foley and bashed his face 14xs w a steel chair. He bled. I won. #OverTheLimit

In response, Mick Foley tweeted:

Maybe so, but 2 days later, I trapped @TheRock under a pallet of beer kegs to win the WWE strap in an Empty Arena Match aka TNA house show.

Earlier today, Mick Foley tweeted:

You know, in retrospect, I probably shoudn't have compared an empty arena match to an Impact house show. Funny..but disrespectful.
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FCW Ring Name For Jon Moxley

According to the FCW talent page,former Dragon Gate USA star Jon Mox