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WWE Confirms John Morrison Injured- Out For 6 Weeks

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John Morrison will be sidelined between four and six weeks due to a pinched nerve in his neck suffered at the hands of R-Truth last week on Raw. The Superstar broke news of his injury on his Twitter account Monday afternoon.

“I am about to get an operation to fix my neck – I will return @RonKillings,” JoMo told his followers, specifically referencing his Raw rival.

After an MRI confirmed the diagnosis, Morrison was treated by Dr. Joseph Moroon, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical director of WWE. In a procedure to alleviate pain and weakness in his arm, Dr. Moroon created a small incision in the back of Morrison’s neck and removed a bone spur and a small fragment of the C5-C6 disc from around the nerve root. He noticed immediate improvement in strength and decreased numbness in his arm in the recover room.

“This is considered minimally invasive surgery,” said Dr. Christopher Amann, WWE’s senior ringside physician. “Unlike other procedures, such as those undergone by John Cena and Edge, the typical recovery time is four to six weeks.”

At press time, Morrison had not returned calls, texts, emails or tweets. WWE wishes him a quick recovery.
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Former WWE Tag Team Wrestles Dark Match

Former WWE tag team champion Trevor Murdoch worked a dark match before Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee losing to Evan Bourne.
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Results For WWE Raw 5/9/11

The show starts with Alberto Del Rio making his way to the ring as Ricardo Rodriguez introduces him.

Del Rio introduces himself but we know who he is already. Alberto says that it is his destiny to be the World Champion but it was stolen by the retired Edge. He says that destiny can be delayed, but it cannot be stopped. Alberto wonders why we wasted so much time last week with the Rock. It should have been a celebration of the arrival of Alberto Del Rio. The WWE Champion is John Cena, but we know that there is no one better than him. Alberto says that he should be the number one contender.

Rey Mysterio’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Rey tells Alberto that he is no more worthy to have a title match than him. They both got drafted to Raw and he is going to tell Alberto what he has said before. It isn’t Alberto’s destiny to be champion, it is his destiny to be the personal ring announcer of Ricardo Rodriguez. In order to determine the number one contender, he is challenging Alberto to a match tonight.

Alberto tells Rey to listen to him like the little Chihuahua that he is. If he has to beat Rey for the thousandth time . . .

We hear Awesome first and Miz comes to the ring followed his personal young boy, Alex Riley.

Miz throws out a few reallys. He says that Teddy Long’s incompetence on Smackdown led to things, but draft or no draft, this is still his show. The WWE Championship is still his title. If not for the incompetence of his assistant last week, he would still be WWE Champion.

Alberto says that Miz had his chance and he didn’t get the job done. He tells Miz that he goes to the back of the line.

Miz says that he got the job done and he pinned John Cena. Last week, he was announced the WWE Champion. Then the prejudiced referee reversed the decision. Miz says that he didn’t know what Alex Riley was going to do. Miz says that he used the belt before Cena could. Miz demands a legitimate rematch and then he tells Alberto and Rey that they can fight in a Taco Bell parking lot. Miz says that he is the only person who should be facing John Cena.

R Truth comes out to the ring without wanting to know ‘What’s Up’. Truth says that we can’t get along and since everyone is spitting a bit of hate, he wants to spit a little hate of his own. Truth says that he hates hospital food. He says that it is as dry as a desert, it smells bad, and it tastes bad. He says you never get it when you really want. Truth says that John Morrison is eating a lot of hospital food now because of what happened last week. We go to the video tape.

Truth is proud of what he did and says that Morrison had to have surgery and he says that it is on if you don’t believe him. Truth sends a shout out to John Morrison. P.S. hospital food gives you constipation.

Truth says that he has no problem making sure that everyone in the ring is hooked up to the same IV. He says that they can share the same bedpan too. It doesn’t matter if you’re some pretty boy from L.A. and he calls Miz ‘Kermit’. It doesn’t matter if you are some super hero wannabe from San Diego and he calls Rey ‘bottle nose’. It doesn’t matter if you’re some pompous Mexican fence jumper and he calls Del Rio ‘liver lips’.

When an angry black man is talking, everyone needs to shut it up. Truth says that he is not going to wait around like he did over the last ten years. The only person who is going to face John Cena is him and that is the TRUTH.

We get an Instantly Annoying Message and Michael Cole gets to grace us with his reading comprehension skills. Cole quotes and says that despite all of the compelling arguments, only three deserve it. There will be a Triple Threat match to see who faces John Cena at Over The Limit.

Miz is right that he deserves a rematch so he is in. Alberto Del Rio is the crown jewel of the WWE Draft so he is in too. As for the third competitor . . .

By virtue of his victory last week, the third competitor is Rey Mysterio.

Truth is not happy with the announcement and he wants to know why it happened to him again. Truth says that he is better than everyone, especially Rey.

Rey tells Truth that for once, he is agreeing with the General Manager. Truth should not be in the match and that’s What’s Up and that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Truth leaves the ring, but is this the last time we see Truth tonight?

Miz tells Alberto and Rey that it doesn’t matter what they accomplished or did not accomplish on Smackdown. They need to learn that on Raw, they are day laborers, chump change, and bench warmers because the star of this show and the next WWE Champion is . . .

Ricardo jumps in and says ‘Alberto Del Rio’ and Alberto laughs. Alex Riley attacks Del Rio but Rodriguez takes care of Riley. Miz goes after Rodriguez and then Del Rio and Miz battle to the floor. Rey with a plancha onto Del Rio to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Kharma attacking Maryse last week while saving Kelly for later.

Match Number One: Nikki and Brie Bella versus Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly

Kelly and Brie start things off and Kelly with a clean break. Nikki distracts Kelly and Brie attacks her from behind. Nikki tags in and Brie with a drop kick followed by one from Nikki for a near fall. Nikki with a forearm to the back and Kelly with a head scissors to Nikki. Kelly spanks Nikki and then she sends Brie to the floor.

Kelly with a handspring back elbow to Nikki followed by a bulldog. Brie tries to pull Nikki to the floor and Eve with a drop kick to Brie. Kelly with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres

After the match, Kharma’s music plays and she is on her way to the ring while Eve and Kelly stay in the ring.

The Bellas try to hide from Kharma as she makes her way to the ring.

The Bellas run to the back while Eve and Kelly stand in the ring, well Kelly has backed herself into a corner and then she leaves the ring.

Eve charges at Kharma and Kharma knocks Eve to the mat. Kharma leaves the ring and Kelly runs away. Kharma stares at Kelly and then looks back into the ring. Kharma picks up Eve and hits her with the Implant Buster.

Kane is walking in the back and Big Show joins him as we walk into commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE has a lot of Facebook fans?

We see highlights from last week when Mason Ryan took Kane down with an uranage. Then we see Ryan giving Big Show a spear.

Match Number Two: Mason Ryan with CM Punk versus Kane with Big Show

Kane with a waist lock but Ryan gets out of the hold. Kane with a kick and uppercut. Ryan with an Irish whip but Kane with punches to Ryan and the referee warns Kane. Ryan with a clothesline that takes Kane down. Ryan chokes Kane in the ropes and then he gets Kane up and he hits the Oklahoma Stampede but he can only get a near fall.

No Contest

Ryan misses a clothesline and Kane with an uppercut and a drop kick to the knees and then to the head for a near fall. Kane with a kick when Ryan misses a shoulder in the corner. Punk hits Kane in the leg but Kane is able to kick Ryan. Punk gets knocked out by Show. The other members of Nexus come to the ring but Kane and Show take care of McGillicutty and Otunga like they are members of the Corre. Kane and Show with a double choke slam to Ryan.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Vickie Guerrero interrupts Santino’s music to introduce the greatest superstar in the WWE.

Match Number Three: Santino Marella versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

Dolph pushes Santino away and he punches Santino followed by kicks and more punches. Dolph with a fireman’s carry and then he hits a leaping elbow drop and then he kicks Santino in the head. Ziggler holds Santino by the head but Santino with a punch and hip toss. Time for the cobra but Ziggler with a drop kick while Santino wasn’t looking. Ziggler with the Zig Zag for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We go to commercial.

We are back with the return of the Smackdown Rebound (Byte This is next) of Christian’s title reign ending at the hands of Randall Keith Orton.

Josh says that he thought it was unfair for Christian to have to defend his title so soon. Lawler says that we shouldn’t blame Teddy Long.

R Truth is walking out of the building while listening to something on his headphones.

Scott Stanford wants to talk to him. Truth says that it is a conspiracy. Truth says that he is getting letters from parents to go back to dancing and singing ‘what’s up’. Truth says that he isn’t being taken seriously because the fans aren’t taking him seriously. Truth tells Del Rio, Miz, and Mysterio will get theirs in due time.

Truth wants Scott to say ‘what’s up’ and Truth stares a hole through Scott as he leaves.

Zack Ryder fist pumps with John Cena and then Cena walks away.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at last week’s Raw when Miz defeated John Cena only to have the referee reverse the decision.

Miz is pacing and Riley tells Miz that he thought he was doing the right thing. He had it set up perfectly and he did it for Miz. Riley says that he didn’t realize that Miz had the title in his hand when he raised it.

Miz asks Riley how stupid he gets. He told Riley what to do and he hugs him and then raises his hand with the title belt.

Riley apologizes and Miz calls him an amoeba. Miz thinks about it and he calls Riley a troglodyte. Then he says that Riley has the brain of an orangutan. Miz wonders why he allows Riley in his presence.

Riley says that he is going to make it up to him and Miz wants to know how. Riley tells him to watch him.

Riley is walking in the back and he is looking for someone or something, but he keeps walking and walking and walking and walking.

Riley makes his way into the arena and the fans show their appreciation. Riley says that he doesn’t care what everyone thinks about him. The only person in his life that he cares about is the Miz. He says that he is going to prove it to the Miz because he is challenging John Cena to a match.

Riley tells Cena that he is in the ring. Since he is the Miz’s poor little apprentice, he can’t do Cena any harm. Riley throws the mic up the ramp and then John Cena’s music plays.

Match Number Four: John Cena versus Alex Riley in a Non Title Match

Cena with a waist lock and take down. They lock up and Cena with a snap mare to Riley. Riley tries for a kick but Cena blocks it and then he hip tosses Riley. Cena misses a charge into the corner and he hits a clothesline and gets a near fall. Riley gets another near fall. Riley works on the arm and hits a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Riley with a reverse chin lock. Cena powers out of the hold but Riley with a kick.

Cena with the two flying shoulder tackles followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb and the Legendary sequence ends with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment. Cena sees Miz on the ramp walking to the ring. Cena gets Riley up for another Attitude Adjustment. Cena applies the STF and Riley taps.

Winner: John Cena

Cena takes his time to release the hold and then he poses for Miz.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Michael Cole to increase the sales of ear plugs. Cole says that after beating Jerry Lawler twice, he cannot get any higher. After much deliberation, Cole says that he is going to announce his retirement from in ring competition. Cole says that he knows he is retiring as the only undefeated superstar. Cole says that he wants to be known as a dual announcer and in ring competitor when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Lawler comes into the ring and Cole reminds us that the stipulation from earlier in the year still stands.

Lawler says that rule did not apply to the Rock last week. Lawler decides that to get the fans out of their coma, he wants to show everyone what happened last week between Michael Cole and The Rock.

Lawler tells Cole that it was very entertaining. He says that if the day ever came where Michael Cole was ever inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, life as we know it would cease to exist. Lawler suggests that if Cole could defeat him again, Lawler says that he would personally induct Cole into the Hall of Fame and give him his Hall of Fame ring.

Cole says no after bringing up the ring a few times.

Cole returns to his sequin mine and Cole says that Lawler had to steal his spotlight again. Cole wonders what it is about people from Tennessee being sore losers. Cole brings up Al Gore who lost to George Bush and he is still complaining about it. Cole suggests that people in Tennessee will not acknowledge that Elvis died on the toilet. Cole says that Lawler won’t acknowledge that he lost to him twice. Cole says that he made that decision yesterday on Mother’s Day. He talks about how he spent Mother’s Day with his mom and they watched Wrestlemania on the DVD player and they watched over and over the night that he dissected Lawler in the ring. He says that there is nothing better to do on Mother’s Day than to spend it with your mother. Cole asks Lawler what he did on Mother’s Day. Cole says that he is insensitive because it slipped his mind that Lawler’s mother passed away in February.

Lawler goes to the Sequin Mine but Swagger stops Lawler and sends him into the ring post.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Be A Star video package.

Match Number Five: Jack Swagger versus Kofi Kingston for the United States Title

They lock up and Kofi with a waist lock but Swagger backs Kofi into the corner and he goes for the ankle but Kofi rolls through. Kofi misses on Trouble in Paradise. Swagger with a side head lock take down but Kofi with a head scissors. Swagger escapes and Kofi with another waist lock but Swagger with a standing switch. Kofi tries for a standing switch but Swagger with a knee. Kofi with a flying forearm followed by a drop kick and Swagger goes to the floor.

Kofi tries for a pescado but Swagger returns to the ring. Swagger with a kick and then he knocks Kofi off the apron and we go to commercial.

We are back and Swagger has Kofi’s arms locked and Swagger with a forearm to the back. Swagger runs Kofi into the turnbuckles and then he puts Kofi on the turnbuckles. Kofi kicks Swagger but Swagger with a knee to the midsection. Swagger tries for the Swagger Bomb but he lands on Kofi’s knees. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise when Swagger moves out of the way. Kofi goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall.

Kofi kicks Swagger in the head but Swagger sends Kofi over the top rope but Kofi holds on and tries to sends Swagger to the floor. Swagger puts Kofi in the ankle lock while Kofi was in the ropes. Swagger sends Kofi’s knee into the mat. Kofi kicks Swagger away and then he connects with an elbow. Kofi sets for a tornado DDT but Swagger counters and Kofi lands on his ankle. Swagger stands on the ankle while kicking Kofi.

Jerry Lawler comes out and Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Lawler sends Swagger into the crowd as he tries to enter Cole cubby hole. Lawler throws a chair into the box and then he grabs Cole’s tie and pulls Cole into the wall a few dozen times.

Swagger checks on Cole and he tells Lawler that he did it. Swagger says that Lawler is going to be fired for touching him.

Lawler says that he didn’t touch Cole, he touched his tie.

Swagger says that Lawler a first ballot Hall of Famer because Cole accepts.

Cole wonders what just happened as he walks to the back with Jack Swagger.

We go to footage from the Santa Barbara Film Festival for That’s What I Am, which featured Randy Orton.

Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio versus Miz versus Rey Mysterio in a Number One Contender Match

Miz goes after Rey but Rey moves. Rey kicks Del Rio and Miz. Miz hits Rey from behind. Rey kicks Del Rio and then Miz sends Rey over his head and Rey kicks Del Rio. Alberto and Miz go into the ropes but Del Rio with a clothesline. Del Rio sends Rey to the floor and Miz with a rollup for a near fall. Miz avoids the cross arm breaker. Del Rio tries for a rollup but Miz holds on to the ropes.

Rey with a sunset flip on Del Rio but Miz breaks up the cover. Miz sends Del Rio into the ring post and Miz gets a near fall on Rey. Miz with an Irish whip and then he sets for the Awesome Clothesline and the force sends Del Rio to the floor. Miz gets a near fall on Rey. Miz with a snap mare and cravate on Rey but Rey with kicks to Miz. Rey with a drop toe hold and Miz falls into the ropes. Del Rio trips Rey and then he kicks Rey in the midsection. Rey tries for a head scissors but Del Rio sends Rey to the floor. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Del Rio with a rollup for a near fall. Miz counters a cross arm breaker attempt with a rollup. Miz and Del Rio with clotheslines at the same time and they are down in the ring while Rey is down on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio with a rear chin lock on Rey but he takes time to kick Miz off the apron and back to the floor. Rey punches Del Rio in the ribs but Del Rio punches Rey. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Del Rio goes to the floor and he sends Miz into the ring post.

Del Rio returns to the ring and he kicks Rey in the head and gets a near fall. Del Rio with a reverse chin lock on Del Rio. Rey with an elbow to Del Rio but Del Rio with a kick to Rey’s leg followed by a punch. Miz pulls down the ropes and Del Rio goes over the top rope to the floor. Miz with a sunset flip but you don’t give Rey a sunset flip and Rey rolls through and kicks Miz in the head. Rey with a leg drop and he gets a near fall.

Miz backs into the corner and he sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Miz kicks Rey followed by an Irish whip. Miz thinks about the Awesome clothesline but Rey moves out of the way. Del Rio pulls Miz to the floor. Rey with a flip dive onto Del Rio and all three men are down on the floor.

Rey kicks Del Rio and sends him back into the ring. Rey with a baseball slide to Miz. Rey goes up top for a seated splash and he connects. Rey with a springboard cross body for a near fall on Del Rio.

Del Rio pushes Rey into the ropes but Rey with a head scissors and Del Rio is down. Miz goes up top while Del Rio and Rey fight in the ring. Del Rio is sent into the turnbuckles and Miz is crotched. Rey with a rollup for a near fall.

Rey punches Miz on the turnbuckles and Rey hits a super rana but Del Rio with a single arm breaker. Del Rio smiles at Rey and then he puts Rey in the cross arm breaker. Rey tries to get out of the hold. Miz misses a boot but Del Rio with a rollup on Miz for a near fall. Miz with a DDT for a near fall on Del Rio.

Rey kicks Miz out of the ring and Alex Riley limps to ringside. Riley checks on Miz while Del Rio sets for a power bomb on Rey. Rey counters and sends Del Rio into Riley. Rey hits the 619 and then he kicks Miz off the apron. Rey with the dive but Riley pulls Del Rio out of the ring. Miz with a rollup for the three count on Mysterio.

Winner: Miz

Miz has Riley hold up his hand in victory while Rey cannot believe that he came so close to winning.

John Cena’s music plays and he comes out to announce the stipulation for his match with Miz at Over the Limit.

Cena congratulates Miz and he says that he is doing the same thing he did the night after Wrestlemania. All Miz did was have excuses when he lost. Cena says that there will be no excuses because there will be no disqualifications. There will also be no count outs. There will be no submissions. There will be no pinfalls. Cena tells Miz that if he wants to win the title back, he will have to make Cena say two words . . . I Quit.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, R Truth attacks Cena and hits What’s Up on Rey.
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Audio:Wrestling News Live Following WWE Raw At 11:30PM EST

Tune in tonight to starting at 11:30pm EST, 9:30pm MST as WNL returns to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network with "The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay.
On tonights show JJ and Trey will rundown the latest news of the week sponsored by, review the latest episode of RAW, and talk with former WWE Superstar Billy Gunn/ former TNA talent Kip James, plus your calls via the Skype line sponsored by just call 501 588 7957 or send your emails to and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of the broadcast.
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Shane Helms Being Investigated For DUI After Motorcycle Crash

According to the police report obtained by TMZ ... a witness told cops Helms was driving home from a restaurant in Smithfield, North Carolina around 9:15 PM -- with his GF on the bike -- when he blew through a stop sign, lost control and "drove straight through the metal chain link fence."

Cops say one of the witnesses told officers he was hanging out with Helms at a local restaurant minutes before the crash and said he "was sure" Helms had been drinking there.

Helms and his GF were transported to a local hospital where they were treated for multiple broken bones and other injuries.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers took a blood sample from Helms at the hospital to check his blood alcohol level at the time of the crash ... but it could take several months to get the results back.

So far, we're told an investigation is underway ... but no charges have been filed against Helms.
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TNA Returning To Asbury Park; Ric Flair To Appear!‏

Asbury Park, NJ will host a TNA Live! event on Saturday, July 2 at the Convention Hall at 7:30pm. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 20 at and charge by phone at 800-745-3000. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the Convention Hall box office. Fans that purchase a $50 ticket will receive a special meet and greet with TNA Superstars at 5:30pm (Redeemable with ticket the night of the show). Military personnel receive $5 off select tickets with valid military ID at the box office. Appearing live and in person will be Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Matt Hardy and more! Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Update On Scott Hall

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall's best friend, appeared on LAW on Sunday night and here is what he had to say about Scott Hall:

"These people will say things like 'you need to have an intervention’ or someone said 'you need to take Scott fishing without alcohol' and no one grasps the severity of what this situation is. This is someone that has been to rehab nine times and probably walked out three to four times. He's been in and out of hospitals for the last year and a couple of times – in Providence (for a recent independent show) – what happened was Scott took a really bad fall in his house and hurt his hip really badly and of course the promoter said Hall got off the plane in a wheelchair blah, blah, blah. I talked to Scott and Scott said 'I never miss a shot and I’m going to make this shot' and I told him he sounded horrible and he said 'yeah'. Somas are the worst thing for wrestlers and I think they've killed more wrestlers than anything. He took some of those and hadn’t taken those in a long time and had a really bad reaction…they put him up there for 72-hours and the thing is Scott has been through so many hospitals, so many psych wards, evaluations and so many rehab centers that Scott knows every catch phrase and he knows exactly what the psychologist wants to hear and we’re all workers – that's what we are and in 72-hours Scott is gone.

He’s at a place right now where the peaks and valleys are so incredibly high and low and the last week he’s been at a level spot, his health is bad. I think he went in and saw some doctors and he’s not going to walk in and get a gold label of health and when you get news from doctors that your heart isn’t functioning so well, this isn’t functioning well and this isn’t functioning well and to get all that news all in one day he went into a semi bender.

I can't make Scott Hall want to live, I can't make Scott Hall want to get better, I can't make Scott want to repair his relationship with his children, I can't make any of those things happen and the only one who can is Scott. When and if he does I will be the happiest person on earth. He always knows no matter what, day or night, if he needs me and really needs me or needs anything or anything of me or for him I will be there in an hour and he knows that. I can't be his therapist, I can't be his wife, I can't be his rehabilitation specialist but I can be his friend. I think he needs friends more than he needs people telling him what he has to do or not to do. Lately it’s like the ninth inning, two out, a full count and they’ve walked into the baseball game and sitting in their seat and telling us what’s been going on in the game – I've been doing this for 17-years with Scott, you don’t just jump into the game and tell me what he needs to do because you haven’t been here, you haven’t lived it, you haven't done that and Dana (Hall) has. A lot of people think she’s a crack pot but people forget she has two children with the man, that’s real flesh and blood and Cassidy and Cody are great kids and they deserve better but at the same time Scott – people think Scott's problem is he likes to get drunk and likes to take drugs and he's an addict and he's not – he has post traumatic stress and had several incredibly horrible incidents happen in his early youth going on to his adolescence and early adulthood and he has had things happen to him that he cannot get through.

When you are trying to numb a memory that’s when you have a problem and you’re trying to forget something – that’s a problem. He’s not out being a rock star, he's making things in his mind go away because he cannot shut it off and does it for days at a time and then when he does think about it he realizes the problem is still there."
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Kurt Angle Signing New Contract With TNA

Kurt Angle tweeted the following:

I am signing a 3 1/2 Guarantee Contract with TNA,"

"I will be compensated Higher than Wwe. I am Proud to be in Tna. Thank You Dixie!!!"
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Carlito Criticizes WWE

Former WWE Wrestler Carltio tweeted the following after Christian lost the world title to Randy Orton:

I was going to send my congrats to Christian, then I found out they had him drop the title after a couple of days,

"Christian has been busting his a$$ for years and thats the thanks he gets? In the biz u can bust yo a$$ but if ur on that list of people that the company dont believe in, ur f#d! Thats why I wasnt happy and wanted to leave for years. I felt that I was on that list of guys they didnt believe in."

"I aint mad though. It's not my company and they have every right to run the company how ever they want."
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TNA Talent Undergoes Surgery

According to his girlfriend Velvet Sky, Chris Sabin underwent surgery on his knee this weekend.

She tweeted:

"Please keep Chris Sabin in your prayers as he makes a speedy recovery from his knee injury
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WWE Film Announces Horror Film

WWE sent the following press release out:

Pathe And WWE Partner on “No One Lives”

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pathe UK and WWE Studios today announce that they have partnered to co-finance and distribute NO ONE LIVES, written by David Cohen, and to be directed by visionary genre director Ryuhei Kitamura (THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN).

“WWE Studios maintains a flexible business model that allows us to seek out partners to co-finance, produce and distribute films of all genres to appeal to our fans’ wide array of film tastes”

The picture stars Luke Evans (THE THREE MUSKETEERS, IMMORTALS, THE RAVEN) and will begin principal photography in New Orleans on June 13th.

The producers are Elton Brand and Harry Knapp for Milk & Media and Kami Naghdi for Constance Media.

A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. When the captive girl is killed, the tables are unexpectedly turned. The gang finds itself outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives…

NO ONE LIVES is a smart and original horror movie with at its heart a killer in the grip of a dark and twisted love affair.

Cameron McCracken, Managing Director of Pathe UK, said: “It was impossible to resist Ryuhei’s passionate vision for this project and his desire to create an iconic anti-hero for our times. WWE Studios have been ideal partners and we look forward to many other shared ventures!”

“WWE Studios maintains a flexible business model that allows us to seek out partners to co-finance, produce and distribute films of all genres to appeal to our fans’ wide array of film tastes,” said Michael Luisi, EVP Business Development, WWE. “Teaming up with Pathe is the perfect example. We look forward to co-producing ‘No One Lives’ with one of the leaders in the industry.”

Harry Knapp, Producer, said; “We are thrilled at the prospect of working with Luke, one of the most talented actors of his generation. We know he is going to create a truly memorable villain!”

Pathé Distribution will distribute the film in France; and Twentieth Century Fox will distribute the film in the UK on Pathe’s behalf. Pathe International will handle international sales.
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WWE Looking At Turning Nexus Member Face

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE officials have had discussions about turning Nexus member Mason Ryan babyface.
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Edits To WrestleMania 27 DVD

According to WWEDVDNews, the following edits have been made to the WrestleMania DVD that comes out tomorrow:

Several edits in the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler match, including Steve Austin giving Cole the middle finger during his entrance.

* Triple H's entrance with Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls" was replaced with an in-house version of the theme. The Undertaker's entrance with Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave" has been replaced with his normal theme.

* Fans booing after the gospel choir finished with John Cena's entrance was edited out.

* Triple H's Hall of Fame speech for Shawn Michaels reportedly lasted around an hour but on the DVD it's only 30 minutes long
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Backstage Reaction Towards Fans Backlash At Title Change

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Officials are said to be "surprised" at the backlash of the fans towards Randy following his title win from Christian.
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John Morrison To Undergo Neck Surgery- Set To Miss Several Months

According to his Twitter page, John Morrison is set to undergo neck surgery. He tweeted:

"I'm about to get an operation to fix my neck

I will return @RonKillings

Wrestling Observer Newsletter has confirmed it is legit and that Morrison is expected to miss several months of ring time.

His girlfriend Melina tweeted:

I've been keeping family posted so I'm sorry for late responses. Regarding John's injuries, I waited 2see if Jomo wanted people to know ... yes John is having surgery right now for a neck injury. He went in positive and that made me smile. I will keep you all posted."
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CHIKARA: The Ladies of the BDK make a splash with Filsinger Games

Look out! The beautiful and dangerous ladies of the Bruderschaft are on a mission and they'll be competing with men in the upcoming CHIKARA Wrestling Game - would you expect any less? Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze were tired of being treated like second class citizens and being forced to take on lesser women wrestlers. They sought new challenges and joined the BDK to prove that they can compete with the men of CHIKARA. CHIKARA has no weight or gender divisions and allows everybody to compete on a level playing field.

Here's a sneak peek at art featuring the ladies of the BDK, Sara Del Rey:
And, of course, Daizee Haze:

You're in control when you book the matches with the CHIKARA Wrestling Game! The ladies of the BDK are the latest names announced for the game roster by Filsinger Games. The highly-anticipated CHIKARA Wrestling Game will be exclusively released on June 24 at CHIKARA's "The Case of the Bulletproof Waldo" in Chicago at Logan Square Auditorium! Game creator Tom Filsinger will be a special guest at this event and you can meet him when you purchase your game!

The CHIKARA Wrestling Game will feature 24 full-color playing cards with awesome card art by Werner Mueck as well as a handbook with wrestler bios plus everything you'll need to play! The tabletop card game uses the same fast action system used for Filsinger Games hit games; Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling Card Game.

For those who won't be able to attend the exclusive release in Chicago the game begins mailing on July 13 so be sure to watch for how to order! For more information go to !

Come see us live:

"Engulfed in a Fever of Spite"
Saturday evening - 5.14.2011
Live @ The Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
1813 Frank Holt Dr.
in Burlington, NC!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

"Aniversario & his Amazing Friends"
Saturday evening - 5.21.2011
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

"Aniversario: The Legendary Super Powers Show"
Sunday afternoon - 5.22.2011
Live @ The ACE Arena
725 Sip Street
in Union City, NJ!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm, Doors open @ 3:30 pm!

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PWS: Mick Foley, Psycho Sid, Callihan-Maff May 27 in Elmhurst, NY on iPPV‏

Nate Stein sent the following in:

Watch the PWS NEWS CENTER for Pro Wrestling Syndicate's 'Refuse to Lose II' on Friday, May 27 at The Queens Elks Lodge, 8220 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst, New York. Autograph signing starts at 7 pm, bell time 8 pm. Also on iPPV at Go Fight Live (

Live action kicks off at 8pm with Three Time WWE Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley serving as PWS Guest Commissioner.

In a Texas Death Match, "The New Horror" Sami Callihan battles "The Boricua Beast" Dan Maff to earn a title shot against PWS Champion Devon Moore.

This is the second time Maff and Callihan have squared off. The first time was a 20 minute hard hitting classic during Round Two of The 2011 Majestic Twelve Tournament. With both men focused on a title shot, it is expected that this will be a MOTY candidate as these two will stop at nothing to get to the win.

Two Time WWE & Two Time WCW Heavyweight Champion Psycho Sid makes his PWS debut against the hard hitting "Last Of A Dying Breed" Eddie Kingston. Kingston has been part of PWS since its first event in 2007 and has taken on top stars such as Samoa Joe, Necro Butcher, and "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala amongst others in a PWS ring. Kingston will be looking to prove that he can take out the vicious Sid.

The PWS New York State Title will be on the line as newly crowned champion "The Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese defends against "Mr Standing 450" Rich Swann, luchador El Gran Demono, "The Ariel Assault Assassin" Javi Air, high flying Brian XL, and former TNA X Division ChampionThe Amazing Red in a Suicidal Six Way Match. This match features six of the best high flying and technically sound wrestlers on The East Coast today and will surely be a classic.

Guest Commissioner Mick Foley might have his hands full as this will be the first PWS event where all five members of the devious Reality Check will be present. Reality Check has been stirring up problems in PWS for two years and no previous guest commissioners including The Pope, Jimmy Hart, Bill Apter, and Road Dogg have been able to stop them. Reality Check is fresh off a big win at PWS Spring Break Showdown where RC members Devon Moore, Kevin Matthews, and Danny Demanto defeated the reunited "D-Generates Of Wrestling" X Pac, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn.

Reality Check's Kevin Matthews, with Alexa Thatcher in his corner, will take on the returning Playa From The Himalayas Sonjay Dutt. Former PWS Champion Matthews wants to make an example of Dutt as he attempts to climb back up the ranks to reclaim his top spot. But the technically sound Dutt, unphased by the size disadvantage, is looking to show fans in Queens NY that he is one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the world today.

Top Florida independent star "The Encore" Aaron Epic makes his PWS debut against Reality Check's Danny Demanto with Velvet Sky in his corner. These men are known for putting their bodies on the line and stopping at nothing to get a win. Demanto has been part of PWS since day one and has faced top stars including Kenny Omega, Low Ki, and the late "Dr Death" Steve Williams amongst others. Epic has been tearing up the FL indy scene and will attempt to make a huge splash in his NY debut for PWS.

The popular 420 pound "Samoan Mastadon" Fala will face "The Prince Of Old School" Justin Corino whom will have his new 501 pound backflipping bodyguard Lucifer Darksyde in his corner. Fala is hot off wins over Robbie E and Kenny Dykstra and looks to keep his streak going against Corino whom has yet to score a victory since his arrival at PWS in 2008. Will Darksyde's presence motivate Corino on to victory? What about Fala? What tricks will he have?

PWS Tag Team Titles will be on the line as undefeated champions The Urban Legends defend in a Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Winning the titles in a tournament that included The SAT, Air-O-Dynamic, The Manitoba Maulers, Grim Reefer & Azrieal, and former multi time WWE Champions Demolition, and have successfully defended against The Hoodz, The Best Around, The BQE, and The Outlaws From Hell amongst others.

However, Wes Draven & Devious will now have to defend against the rhythmic duo of Joe Ayyo & Timmy Aiight and the 902 pound Nigerian Nightmares, Maifu & Saifu. With Draven recently suffering an injury, will he be able to compete? If not, what will this mean for The Urban Legends’ Title defense? There has been tension between Timmy Aiight & Joe Ayyo, most recently occurring when Aaight no showed the last PWS event, leaving Ayyo to team with a drunken Kronik The Clown in an unsuccessful match against The Urban Legends which resulted in Ayyo snapping and beating Kronik with a metal pipe to the point where he had to be carried from the ring in a stretcher and legit taken to the hospital. Also looming are the very large Nigerian Nightmares, whom were set to make their PWS debut at PWS Spring Break Showdown against two other large men whom vacated the locker room before the match could take place. The Nightmares are hungry, and adding PWS gold to their diet might be on their minds. With a lot of question marks raised, anything can happen.

Plus, WSU Women's wrestling returns to Pro Wrestling Syndicate with two special women's matches! Nikki Styx goes head to head with Brittney Savage, and WSU Tag Team champions The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio) defend against The Boston Shore's Amber & Alexxis Nevaeh.

All of this and more, including a special Meet & Greet Autograph signing at 7 pm on Friday, May 27 at The Queens Elks Lodge, 8220 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst NY - 10 minutes from The NY Mets' Citi Field. An abundance of NYC public trans is available to get you to this building. For info on the subways & busses, visit

Tickets on sale now starting at just $20 by calling 800-838-3006 or at (for Will Call or to be sent a physical ticket via USPS Priority Mail).
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Diva Turns Heel At Live Event Whilst Former Corre Member Turns Face

At Smackdown's live event in Pensacola, Florida, Ezekiel Jackson, formally of the Corre, teamed up with Kane to take on his former faction in a face role.

Meanwhile, Rosa Mendes played a heel role against Natalya, losing via the Sharpshooter.
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