Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ken Anderson Takes Shot At WWE During Live Event

At a TNA Live event in Hot Springs Arkansas, TNA Talent Ken Anderson took a shot at WWE during his ring entrance. As he said his entrance, a fan shouted out "Mr Kennedy" to which Mr. Anderson replied: "that guy is dead from the train wreck that is on USA. He said that you see the same five guys doing the same five damn maneuvers."
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Velvet Sky Joins Twitter

TNA Knockout recently joined Twitter and can be followed at @VelVelHoller. She is currently looking for fans to donate money towards Shane Helms, who was badly injured in a motorcycle accident this weekend.
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New Jim Ross Blog

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has posted his new blog on his website that can be read here

Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

Hulk Hogan Back In WWE: "Do I think that Hulk Hogan will ever return to WWE? This is a classic, never say never answer IMO....BROTHER! Crazier things have happened BROTHER and one could theoretically see some sort of PR role for Hulk down the road. Who knows? Not something that I dwell on to be honest with you BROTHER."

Randy Orton Defeating Christian: "Christian and Randy Orton had a great, TV match on Smackdown but I don't buy into the 'tragedy' that some fans flooded us with here on our site due to Christian losing the World Title. It isn't as if the loss ended Christian's career and who's to say that 'Captain Charisma' won't regain the title at a later date? Those that truly understand the nature of the genre have a different mindset than those who are knee jerking themselves silly."

Shane Helms' Motorcycle Accident: "How's Hurricane Helms after his near tragic motorcycle accident? Helms and his girl friend were severely injured in a motor cycle accident last week and seemingly just dodged a fatal bullet. My late father would never let me own a motorcycle and I assume situations like this are the reasons why. I wish Gregory Helms and his lady friend only the best in healing and regaining their health. They are both lucky from what I hear to still be with us."
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Wrestling Talent Set To Appear In Music Video

Smashing Pumpkins announced on Twitter that Raven, Melissa Anderson (formally Alissa Flash in TNA) and Shelly Martinez (formally Salinas in TNA and Ariel in WWE)) will appear in the band's upcoming music video.
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Kurt Angle Comments On His Return To Olympic

Kurt Angle tweeted the follow about his possibly return to the Olympic games:

much negativity goin round @ Olympic comeback.I truly am getting ready.Don't compare it to my Ufc- mma attempts,We couldn't agree on "terms"

Terms that were about $ and starting dates.Olympics will be on My "terms". Nobody elses'.It's not for Publicity or I would tweet it everyday

To the naysayers, believe what U want. But "I" am in control of this. Nobody else. My nephew and I started training for it.

As long as I stay injury free,I am going for it.Tna's backing Me.It won't be easy. Probably harder than Mma. But at least its under my terms