Monday, May 2, 2011

TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 4/29/11

The 4/29 episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.96 cable rating, up from 1.87 the previous week.
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Results For WWE Raw 5/2/11

Lillian Garcia is in the ring to sing the National Anthem.

The Rock’s music plays and he comes out to the ring.

FINALLY . . . The Rock has . . . home. Before they get started, Rock has one thing to say. We got him. Rock thanks the proud men and women who continuously and fearlessly fight for our country. Rock says that his family are proud members of the military. He is proud to be an American. There is only one way we are going to start off tonight. Rock wants everyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rock says that it feels good to be home because it all started here. The doctors and nurses came around and said that this baby sure is called ‘Johnson’. Then the Rock went to high school. He had an afro and mustache and looked like the lead singer of Menudo. They showed a photo of the Rock and after some people laughed, he said that face devoured more pie in one night than King Kong Bundy in a Polish bakery.

Rock says that he went to college at ‘The U’. He says that he brought a National Championship to Miami. He electrified the Orange Bowl and then he went to the WWE where he said a lot of catchphrases. It is time to smell . . . a ding ding.

Michael Cole has a smile on his face as he gets to interrupt the Rock. Cole reads the e-mail and he quotes, but Rock whoas Cole.

Rock tells Cole he can’t hear him. He says that if Cole has the gall to interrupt him on his birthday, he wants Cole to read it to the Rock’s face.

Cole declines but Rock stops him. Rock says that if Cole is scared of him he understands. Rock mentions that Cole has won at Wrestlemania and at Extreme Rules, so he must be a tough guy. He could be a tough guy or the voice of the WWE and read the message to the Rock’s face. He tells Cole to be a man and come in the ring or sit in his glass box and look like a drunk hobbit jackbag bitch.

Cole says that he is not scared of anything. He says that he is not the same person that Rock used to know. Cole says that he has grown into a man. He says that he is a winner. Cole says that he associates with winners. Cole takes off his jacket and removes his shirt to reveal a Celtics jersey. Cole asks the fans of Miami if they are jealous because Boston has more World Championships than anyone. Cole tells Dwayne that he will deliver the message face to face.

Cole walks into the ring and says that the Raw General Manager demands an apology or the birthday party will be shut down before it gets started. Cole says that he wants an apology. He tells Dwayne that he wants an apology for all of the embarrassment that he put Cole through over the years.

Rock tells Cole that he is right. He did disrespect the General Manager at Wrestlemania and he disrespected Cole over the years. Rock has one thing to say to Cole. He is sorry. Rock offers his hand and he wants Cole to shake his hand. He wants Cole to accept his apology.

Cole thinks about it and he shakes Rock’s hand. Cole says thank you for apologizing and