Sunday, May 1, 2011

John Cena Wins WWE Title

John Cena defeated The Miz and John Morrison to become WWE Champion for the 10th time at WWE Extreme Rules.
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Mick Foly Blogs On The Rock

Ok, I know on one level that bribing, um, I mean, "motivating" the Rock to help me break through that $100,000 mark is a crummy thing to do. But only if he doesn't see it or know about it. Because I know the Rock has a good heart, and I know he loves a good story, and I know, on his birthday, he would love to help his former parner in "The Rock and Sock Connection" pull off the greatest tag-team move in the history of sports entertainament.

Here's the deal, the reason I would call upon the help of my dozens..and dozens of fans to get the word out to Dwayne Johnson. This #10forRAINN campaign has just exploded in the last week. We started out looking to raise $10,000, and we are now over $80,000. The ammount of good this money will do for survivors of sexual violence is amazing - but the potential that this campaign has to create awareness, educate and prevent further assaults and rapes in incalcuable. But I just have this feeling about the one hundred thousand dollar figure, and the potential that particular figure has to make out fund-raiser real news in the real world; wrestlers and wrestling fans raising money and awareness for a subject that is too often (almost always) hidden in the secret, shadowed corners of society.

I have an online auction starting tomorrow, which will include me very best wrestling memorabilia. Stuff I really love, stuff I will really miss, stuff that will actually hurt me on some level to part with. I do think that these items, combined with the continued generosity of all of you out there, will get us there by Mother's Day. Here's the problem: the interview I did with ABC World News is airing this week, before the auction ends. To borrow a phrase from The Rock, The Mick wants Diane Sawyer to tell the people about that $100,000. The Mick needs Diane Sawyer to tell the people about that $100,000. And to get there, he's going to need The Rock's help.

A little background: until four months ago, my life had been a continual showing of the Bill Murray movie Groundhog's Day, where each new day is exactly like the one that preceded it, and exactly like the one to follow. Every day, for 13 years, I've been asked the same questions about Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker. Every single day! But about four months ago, I noticed a turning of the tide. About four months ago, prompted by The Rock's return to WWE, I noticed a gradual change.Slowly but surely, the questions about the Cell slowed down, relaced insted by questions of The Rock..and The Sock. Since the announcement on The Rock's May 2nd birthday party, these Rock and Sock Connection questions are almost all I hear. "Are you going to the Rock's birthday", they ask, over and over again. Some offer their opinion that The Rock and Sock was the greatest tag-team of all time! I usually ask tose people what their favorite match of the R+S was and get a blank stare. If I ask them to name a tag-team move we did, the blank stare only gets blanker. Look, I have a photographic memory when it comes to some of my matches; I can remember every single move, sound, smell of some specific matches. Certainly, I remember every move of some of classic single's matches with The Rock. But tag-team? Hmm. I know we had a good one with The Dudley's, because that was the one that showed our fans and the boys in the back that these new ECW guys could do more than just break tables. I know we wrestled the New Age Outlaws, because I hurt my shoulder in that one. But that's about it.

So why all the talk about The Rock and Sock Connection? Because we made people feel good! I watch the video clips fabs send to me on Twitter, and I think they are funnier today than they were when we did them. The chemistry was just so good, so much of the humor spontaneous and infectious. Fans had fun seeing us have fun, and despite the fact that my body was more or less crumbling from all the years of doing the wild stuff, being part of the R+S helped me reach heights of popularity previously not thought possible.

I'm asking The Rock to shine that same magic light on the subject of sexual violence. I truly believe that The Rock (and I, but mostly The Rock) can help pull off the greatest tag-team move in sports entertainment history - and be of incalcuable help to survivors of sexual violence.

I know what I want the Rock to do. But more importantly, I know what The People want The Rock to do. The People want The Rock to contact RAINN by linking on to The People need The Rock to link onto Listen as the millions and MILLIONS of the Rock's fans who will learn to have a better understanding of the role men can play in ending sexual violence chant The Rock's name...ROCKY. ROCKY, ROCKY!

Listen as the Great One, still somewhat skeptical of of his former tag-partner calls the RAINN number just to make sure he's got his facts straight.

"So what you're telling me is Mick Foley wants The Rock to find out the exact number of dollars needed to reach $100,000? What's your name anyway?"