Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kurt Angle Looking At Taking Part in Olympic Games In 2012

TNA star Kurt Angle told WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh that he was aiming to return to the Olympic Games when they are held in 2012 in London.

"It's not just this old man trying to lash out to get publicity. "It's about really making the team and making a point that, you know what, the 40s is not old. It's the new young."

"I feel really good at 42, and I might be making a statement that him (34 year old nephew Mark Angle) and I are going to start training for the Olympics and go after the U.S. Open, the Olympic team trials, and then the Olympics."
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WWE Signs Former World Champion's Son

Jesse White, the son of former WCW World champon Big Van Vader, has signed a WWE developmental deal.
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Awesome Kong's New Twitter Name

Kharma, The former Awesome Kong, has changed her Twitter name to @kharma. Her former account is @awesomekong
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Kevin Nash Asks Fans If He Should Return To TNA

Kevin Nash tweeted the following: "WWE going young.your my fan base,sit on my ass or watch my buddys Sting ass?
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Curt Hawkins Comments On WWE Superstars Intro

Curt Hawkins tweeted the following: "Does it bother anyone else that the WWE Superstars intro includes NONE of the actual talent that perform on the show? Bush league
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FCW Talent Possibly Injured

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Michael Tarver may have suffered a neck injury at Thursday's FCW show in a match with Xavier Woods. A fan noted that the injury happened after a botched DDT from Xavier. After laying in the ring for several minutes, Tarver was carried to the back by FCW officials.
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Final Card For WWE's Extreme Rules And Coverage

Tiple Threat Cage Match for the WWE Title
John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Last Man Standing Match
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

No DQ, No Count-out, Loser Leaves WWE Match
Layla vs. Michelle McCool

Country Whipping Match
Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger

Live coverage of Extreme Rules can be heard on Sunday Night Showdown
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Recap Of WWE's Annual Shareholders Meeting.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon opened his speech by joking that shareholders were welcome to throw rotten tomatoes at him due to the way the company slashed the dividend payouts.

-WWE CFO George Barrios headed to the podium to address the change in the dividends. He said the rationale for the change is that it's more inline with their free cash flow. Barrios said they were in a quiet period as far as their quarterly earnings go because the information will be released soon.

-Barrios noted that they want to have a balance sheet that will allow the company to make "smart, strategic acquisitions that would add to overall shareholder value."

-Another shareholder asked why the company felt the need to be publicly traded. Barrios quoted Vince in say that he likes the halo effect that comes with being publicly traded, as well as the discipline it requires, among other reasons. "I think the board will always look at what's the smartest thing to do to create enterprise value," Barrios said.

-A share holder noted that he's a musician who studies classical music and thus perhaps it would be a good idea for the company to go back and study various forms of wrestling from the past. "I think I'll leave that to Vince and Paul (Triple H)," Barrios responded. Hunter never actually spoke.

-Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson took the podium to discuss the marketing strategy. She said they want to evolve from being "just a wrestling organization" while addressing the name change. "That's not to say that we're ever going to take our eye off the ball with our heritage of our brand being wrestling, but how do we grow beyond that," Wilson said. She cited Kentucky Fried Chicken changing their brand to KFC, and Apple Computers taking the computers out of the name.

-Wilson stressed the move to Paul Levesque (a/k/a Triple H) leading the talent development. She also touted the success of Tough Enough and said the company will continue to "look for TV innovations along that front."

-Wilson also touted their marketing deal with Kmart, and said they are once again doing business with M&M-Mars.

-Wilson mentioned the WWE Network and said it's a "natural evolution for this company." She said they hope to develop it within the 12 to 18 months. She said it could be an actual traditional network or "an alternate distribution method" such as Netflix, Amazon, etc.

-Wilson confirmed the news that the preliminary WrestleMania 27 numbers indicate that they topped one million buys.

-A shareholder asked about The Rock's contract with the company. Vince said he has a handshake agreement with The Rock. "That's the way we've operated for a long, long time." Vince said it's based on increased value. He said The Rock will get a piece of growth above what they were projecting.

-Vince said Smackdown has roughly the same distribution via Syfy as they had with their previous network affiliate. Vince sang the praises of being on solid ground in the NBC Universal family rather than on the unstable My Network.

-Vince admitted the pay-per-view numbers are down aside from WrestleMania, but he's now hopeful they will increase based on the WrestleMania numbers.

-Vince spoke about the new talent and specifically mentioned Sin Cara, The Miz, and Alberto Del Rio. He said they and many others are on their way to becoming the new Rocks and John Cenas of today.

-Vince and Barrios addressed overseas pirating. Vince said they just went on the air in Russia, and then cracked that they've actually been there for a long time. He said the best way to counter piracy is to be "in first to counter the real thing."

-A shareholder brought up WWE's failure to branch out beyond wrestling in the past. Vince said they have no plans to go back into football, bodybuilding, or the restaurant business. Vince said they are looking for things that are closer to what they do.

-Another shareholder said WWE feels like its '70s and '80s comic book campy. He suggested they could be PG and yet more adult oriented. Vince said it's important to go backward in order to go forwards. Vince said they went so far in the other direction at one point that there was nowhere to go. He said they have no plans to go back in that direction, but he said they could have a "more aggressive and more sophisticated product" that appeals to different age groups. "We're broadening a bit," McMahon said.

-A second shareholder backed up the previous comment by saying that the product lacks passion like it had in the old days. Vince said it should be like a diner menu. Vince said WrestleMania 27 had the very serious Triple H vs. Undertaker match, and a more lighthearted Michael Cole match. "We're in the entertainment business," Vince said. "There's always that balance... I would prefer to be more on the more serious side, but again it's WWE and the E is for entertainment, there's always that balance."

-A shareholder asked if WWE is trying to avoid running pay-per-views on the same weekend as UFC. Vince admitted they are. He said it's not just UFC, but also boxing events. He said they can't always control it, but they are trying. He