Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update On Jon Moxley /WWE

According to, Jon Moxley signed his WWE deal this week and will officially start in Florida Championship Wrestling next week.
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WWE Heading To Mexico Without Rey Mysterio

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Sin Cara is currently being advertised for the upcoming RAW brand tour of Mexico, despite post-Draft changes. However, Rey Mysterio is not being advertised and will be on the SmackDown shows that weekend. Usually WWE sends Mysterio to Mexico with whichever brand is there, regardless if it's his brand or not.
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Article On WWE's Kevin Dunn's Salary has a story that looks at executives in media companies and how they are paid in comparison to others in the company. Here is what the Article had to say about WWE's Kevin Dunn

3. World Wrestling Entertainment: Kevin Dunn. Talk about a smackdown. The company still doesn’t appear to have a distributor for the WWE Network cable channel it’s been talking about launching for more than a year. The company’s stock price declined 7.5%. And Connecticut’s Attorney General, Democrat Richard Blumenthal, defeated former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate, in their contest to replace Chris Dodd in the U.S. Senate. Dunn, the EVP for Television Production, saw his salary decline 9.8% to $1.8 million ($746,154 salary, $680,400 stock awards, $351,000 cash equity, and $8,000 in other compensation). That's just 1.5 times higher than the average for WWE’s 4 other top executives.
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Attendance For Recent WWE European Tour

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The following is the attendances for events during the recent WWE European tour

* April 14th in Munich, Germany drew 4,000 fans.
* April 15th in Dortmund, Germany drew 5,000 fans.
* April 16th in Kiel, Germany drew 4,500 fans.
* April 17th in Newcastle, England drew 4,700 fans.
* April 18th in Liverpool, England drew 7,000 fans.
* April 19th in London, England drew 7,000 fans.
* April 20th in Brussels, Belgium drew 7,500 for $525,000.
* April 21st in Strasbourg, France drew 7,000 for $500,000.
* April 22nd in Lieven, France drew 6,400 for $450,000.
* April 23rd in Lyon, France drew 5,700 fans for $400,000.
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Vladimir Kozlov Joins Twitter