Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New TNA Trademark

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA has filed for a trademark on the term "Impact Wrestling."
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Attendance For WrestleMania 27

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Official WrestleMania 27 numbers were released this past week and are different from the numbers announced publicly by WWE.

There was actually 68,190 total seats available at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The listed total tickets used for the big event was 61,617, according to information released this past week in arena business journals. This is 10,000 less than the 71,617 announced that night by WWE. With luxury boxes figured in, that number would probably increase closer to 65,000. The Dome was listed as 90% full and not a complete sellout, even though there were no tickets available for most of the last few weeks going into the show.

The gate for WrestleMania 27 was $6,268,319 - just a bit lower than the $6.6 million WWE announced after the show.

The 61,617 tickets for WrestleMania 27 would make it the tenth largest crowd in WWE history, not the fifth largest as announced with the original numbers. This year's show drew exactly six more people than WrestleMania 25 in Houston, Texas
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Update On The Undertaker's WWE Return

According to : Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Undertaker was backstage at this past Monday's RAW from Raleigh, NC with Michelle McCool. Sources describe Taker as still hurting and said he gave no indication as to when he would be coming back.
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Update On Michael Cole And JR

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Despite the injuries suffered by Jim Ross and Michael Cole on Monday's RAW, Both are expected to wrestle at Extreme Rules but JR's hand injury may limit what he's able to do in the match.

The idea right now is for Jim Ross to remain on WWE TV for as long as the Michael Cole angle goes on. JR's segments have done very strong quarter-hour ratings so that may play a factor in WWE keeping him around longer. With that said, at least for now there are no plans for Ross to return to announcing full-time.
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Report: WWE Diva Drafted To Raw To Keep Boyfriend Happy

According to, Beth Phoenix was drafted to Raw in order to be with her real-life boyfriend CM Punk. Its been reported that CM Punk is said to be unhappy and is considering leaving the company when his contract expires later this year.
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Video: Stone Cold Steve Austin "Rick Rolls" Twitter Fans

On Twitter, Stone Cold Steve Austin posted the following tweet:
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NXT Winner Wrestlers Dark Match

The dark match before last night's WWE tapings saw NXT winner Johnny Curtis defeat Alex Riley.
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John Cena Shots Movie Scene Following Smackdown

After last night's WWE Smackdown taping in Greensboro, NC was finished last night, a wrestling scene for Cena's role in "Fred the Movie 2" was filmed with Cena teaming with his "son" Fred in the film against two bullies.
Cena and Fred came out to a specially edited Titantron featuring scenes from Fred's first movie while the bullies came out to Gangrel's old theme music.

They used stunt doubles for the kids involved and shot lots of different takes.

After the scenes were finished, Cena noted on the mic that the film would be released in October and he thanked everyone for sticking with them through a long night, joking they had to sit through Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus. This brought out Sheamus, who ate an AA to close the evening.
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