Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Christy Hemme Opens Facebook Account

TNA talent Christy Hemme has opened a facebook account that can be found at http://www.facebook.com/pages/HEMME/183954725764
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Zack Ryder Signs Confiscated At Raw And Smackdown

Any signs related to WWE Superstar Zack Ryder were taken away from fans attending last nights WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown TV Tapings.
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Anti Smoking Company Upset With R-Truth Storyline

According to TMZ, Executive Director of TobaccoFree.org Patrick Reynolds is upset with R-Truth's smoking angle on RAW last night and is demanding an apology from the RAW Superstar.

He told TMZ: "For him to smoke in front of [children] is irresponsible. At best, it's thoughtless, and at worst, if he calculated appealing to kids by posing as a bad-boy outlaw, it's evil. If he wants help in quitting, I'll be happy to be his personal coach."

WWE replied:

"The negative effect smoking has on one’s health and physical performance was a part of a storyline on last night’s Monday Night Raw. Negative depictions of tobacco use on television are not unusual and can be seen on other TV-PG shows."

Its also interesting to note that the segment was removed from the UK broadcast of Raw.
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Former WWE Diva Works TNA Dark Match

According to Mickie James Twitter, former WWE Diva Serena wrestled in the Impact dark match. James tweeted:Bout to watch my siz @SerenaDeeb in a Lil TNA Knockout action! I can't wait!
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Radio: CawsCast Returns Tonight 10:30pm EST

The CAWsCast returns tonight over at www.sundaynightshowdown.com starting at 10:30pm EST, 8:30pm MST on the SNS Radio Network with "The Phenom" Charles Shane and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay. On tonights broadcast JJ & Charles will rundown the 4-18-11 edition of RAW from the UK, the latest details concerning the DLC for WWE ALLSTARS, Plus your calls via the skype line just add sundaynightshowdown or simply call 501 588 7957 or send your emails to Charles@caws.ws and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of the broadcast.
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*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact 4/22/11



*Impact with a AJ Styles promo, coming down from the roof. He talks about Lockdown and asks Bully Ray for a match now in the cage. Bully Ray comes out cuts a long promo on AJ from the stage, teases getting in the cage until Daniels comes down and throws Bully in the cage and locks it. AJ beats up Bully and teases jumping off the top of the cage. Bully escapes.

*Gunner and Rob Terry come out and wants to face Beer Money in the cage for the TNA Tag Team champions and of course Beer Money accepts.

*Hulk Hogan cut a promo saying RVD missed his chance to join Immortal. Rob Van Dam comes out and they go back and forth talking about respect. Sting comes out and they announce it's Sting vs. RVD at Sacrifice Sting said the Network gives him a clause that allows him to pick his challengers. Hogan got angry and said he's going to find out who is running the Network soon enough.

*Later tonight, it will be Matt Hardy vs. Sting and Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss with Hogan in Abyss' corner.

*TNA Knockout Tag Team champions Rosita & Sarita defeated Madison Rayne & Tara. Rayne and Tara were fighting amongst themselves.

*The Jarretts come out. Jeff is going to crown Karen the Queen of the Mountain since Jeff is the King. The fans chant "Sloppy seconds." Kurt Angle comes out and Angleslams Jeff through a chair. He tells Karen it will never be over.

*Abyss defeated RVD after Hulk Hogan interfered. Crimson made the save.

*Matt Morgan came out and cut a promo about wanting a World title shot. Scott Steiner comes out and wants a title shot as well. Matt proposes a match and Steiner accepts, then beats up Morgan.

*TNA champion Sting defeated Matt Hardy. Post match, Anderson hit the Mic Check on both and cut a promo on Sting to end the show.
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TV Rating For WWE Raw And Tough Enough 4/18/11


The 4/18 edition of Raw did a 3.1 rating, with 4.7 million viewers whilst Tough Enough did a 1.53 rating with 2,196,000 viewers
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Live *Spoiler* Results Coverage For WWE NXT And Smackdown 4/19/11

WWE's European tour stops in London England for a second day as WWE presents its Smackdown TV Tapings. Headlocks2headlines.com's Chris Kelly will be in attendance for the show and will be tweeting results from the event starting at 7:30pm GMT(2:30ESTpm) and the spoilers will be posted on our Twitter page found at www.twitter.com/H2HOnline
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Why The WWE Is Holding A Draft

According to : Wrestling Observer Newsletter, There is speculation that WWE went ahead and announced the WWE Draft for next week's RAW partly because of Edge's sudden retirement It is expected that one big star from Raw will move over to Smackdown to fill Edge's spot
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