Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Edge On WWE's European Tour

Edge left for the European tour today with the Smackdown crew, so he'll be appearing in a non-wrestling role on the shows.
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Jim Ross Blogs On Edge's Retirement

Jim Ross wrote a new blog on and comments on the retirement of Edge:

Edge’s retirement this past Monday on Raw was a shocking surprise. I had no idea that it was going to happen even up until the time Edge came to the ring and gave us the emotional news. There are no wrestlers in the business that I respect more as a performer and a man than I do Adam Copeland aka Edge. When I signed him in the 90′s, he was a lanky, over achieving kid who simply wanted to live his dream of making it onto the WWE Roster. He and Christian were like brothers and both fed off the other in the ring as they each worked diligently every day to improve their game. I honestly can’t remember a single day when Adam Copeland ever did anything to disappoint me or cause our department or company any problems.

Edge has a brilliant mind, a kind soul, patience, and would be a great teacher, producer, broadcaster, scout, or whatever task he may want to undertake in WWE. I look for Edge to take some much needed time away from the business and enjoy the North Carolina mountains and his dogs that he loves so much. He deserves no less than to return to WWE in whatever role that creates a win/win for Edge and the company but only whenever Edge is ready to re-engage.

In my role as the head of WWE Talent, I signed many athletes/performers who ended up excelling in WWE but none, and I mean no one, was more of a pure joy to work with and to watch grow from a mid card, tag team wrestler into one of WWE’s most prominent and enduring superstars who will no doubt be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame some day.

I shutter to think what would have happened to Edge in another generation of the biz as it relates to accurately diagnosing his injury. Most old timers would have ‘worked through it,’ or attempted to do so, until their body completely shut down. That’s sad and unnecessary. Modern medicine and the WWE attention to such matters regarding their talent’s health were a blessing for Edge who will now be able to lead a somewhat normal life. I am especially pleased that one of my guys has attained financial independence and that he was able to live his boyhood dream.

Notwithstanding the touching farewell address by the popular native of Ontario, no one can debate that this story did not have a happy ending. Good things more often than not happen to good people and Adam Copeland aka Edge was one of the truly ‘good guys’ I ever had the privilege of knowing in the business. Now, Adam, if he so chooses, can start phase two of his WWE life and potentially gift the younger talents with his wonderful knowledge and passion for the genre.

Do it on your schedule Adam. Enjoy those North Carolina mountains and reflect upon a job well done. It’s people like you that make me extremely proud to be in the business.
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Video: Edge's Smackdown Farewell Speech

Following Tuesday night's WWE Smackdown taping, Edge came down to the ring one final time and did a “five second pose” with Christian in front of the live crowd before the entire WWE roster (including Triple H) came out from the back and paid tribute to the Rated R Superstar.

The video can be viewed at below:

edge tribute albany ny by Drunkninjamast420
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WWE Diva Denies Retirement Rumors

WWE Diva Gail Kim tweeted the following regarding internet rumours she is set to retire:

"Retiring? haha why would I do that?"

"I can still go with the best and still look good :))))hehe can’t get rid of me that easily! Haters u wish!
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When Edge Will Be Going Into The Hall Of Fame

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The feeling is that Edge will be inducted into Edge entering the WWE Hall of Fame when WrestleMania returns to Toronto.