Saturday, April 2, 2011

Former WWE Talent Reopening Restaurant

Former WWE talent Armando Estrada announced on his Twitter that he is reopening his restaurant Baby's Steak and Lemonade.
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Results For Ring Of Honor's Honor Takes Center Stage: Part Two

Kings Of Wrestling vs Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly

The Kings brutally attack Cole & O'Reilly before the opening bell, and Claudio kills Cole with a hard back elbow. Hero tags in and hits a hard slam and then nails O'Reilly off the apron. Shane Hagadorn joins Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak at the announce booth where Kevin Kelly suggests that there might be some dissension between Shane and the Kings. Cole catches Claudio with a bulldog and then O'Reilly tags in and nails a hard dropkick, and Claudio responds with a European Uppercut. Claudio tries another and O'Reilly catches the arm and gets a backslide for 2, but Hero comes in and they hit the double parachute drop on O'Reilly. Hero with a running senton for 2 and then starts unloading with heavy strikes. Claudio comes in and easily lifts O'Reilly into the air and press slams him for 2. Hero back in for a delayed atomic drop, leaping elbow into the corner, and then whips O'Reilly into a running clothesline from Claudio for 2. Claudio tags out to Hero, clocks O'Reilly with a European Uppercut, and then Hero gets a hard elbow to the back of the head for 2, then O'Reilly gets a sunset flip out of nowhere for 2. Claudio back in and a complex series of moves leads to O'Reilly slipping past the Kings to make the hot tag to Adam Cole, who comes in and takes out Claudio with a flying headscissors and then gets the knees up on Hero on a senton attempt and then catches him with a leg lariat from the second rope. Cole blocks a German suplex attempt and hits a leaping enziguigi on Hero and dodges a move from Claudio, dropkicks him to the floor, and then hits a diving flying headscissors on the floor on Claudio, followed by O'Reilly with a diving dropkick off the apron, then Cole comes back in and hits a flying bodypress for 2. O'Reilly gets Hero in a fireman's carry but Hero slips out and hits rolling elbows on both opponents and makes the tag to Claudio. The Kings go for the waterslide elbow but Cole grabs Hero's ankle from the outside and O'Reilly converts to a front guillotine on Claudio. Hero repeatedly kicks O'Reilly in the head, but O'Reilly refuses to break, and Cole comes in and superkicks Hero to the floor and follows him out with a dive. O'Reilly nearly puts Claudio out, but claudio recovers and pops O'Reilly into the air for a European Uppercut, then a double bicycle kick puts O'Reilly down for 3.

Winners: Kings Of Wrestling

Awesome opener, O'Reilly and Cole did great this weekend and got a big pop from the crowd, who chanted "that was awesome" at them. Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly arrived in ROH this weekend.

Prince Nana comes out with his entourage to introduce his latest acquisition for the next match...

Dave Taylor vs Colt Cabana

I've been looking forward to this one. They tie up and Taylor takes Cabana to the corner and breaks clean. Taylor gets a three quarter nelson and snapmares Cabana, but Cabana rolls to his feet. Another three quarter nelson from Taylor and another snapmare with Cabana landing on his feet so Taylor hits a pair of dropkicks to send Cabana to the floor where he pantomimes his shock that Taylor can still hit dropkicks. Taylor ties Cabana up again with a straitjacket hold and steps on the back of Cabana's knees to break him down, but Cabana reverses to one of his own. Taylor reverses back to the advantage and rams into Cabana's shoulder a couple of times, but Cabana uses Taylor's momentum to backdrop him across the ring. Cabana goes for a handshake and pulls Taylor in, but Taylor backdrops him and just wallops Cabana with a European uppercut, then hits a second one and traps Cabana in an armbar/crossface combo. Taylor breaks Cabanadown flat and drops elbows across Cabana's arm, then lets him out and whips Cabana to the ropes but Cabana ducks the clothesline and hits some jabs, only to eat another European uppercut from Taylor. Taylor with an ankle pick and applies a stepover toehold, then releases Cabana and stretches the leg out before smashing his elbow into the bridge of Cabana's nose. Taylor back to the armbar/crossface and Cabana makes the ropes, so Taylor breaks clean and whips Cabana across the ring, but Cabana slips through the legs, whips Taylor to the corner and hits the Flying Apple. Taylor smashes him with another European uppercut, but Cabana gets a schoolboy rollup and gets the three count.

Winner: Colt Cabana

That was terrific, so much psychology in that one and everything they did meant something. I really hope they bring Dave Taylor in again at some point, there's so much he can bring to the company both in the ring and behind the scenes.

Taylor gets a "thank you Dave" chant on his way out and Prince Nana gets mad that Taylor lost, but Barrister RD Evans tells him not to worry about it because they have another match up next...

Homicide vs Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa sneak attacks Homicide with a dropkick, but Homicide quickly responds by tossing Ciampa to the floor and ramming him repeatedly into the guardrails, then ramming the guardrails into Ciampa. Homicide grabbed a chair and the referee pulled it away, so Homicide rammed Ciampa into the rail again. Homicide drops Ciampa throat first on the guardrail and then rolls him back into the ring where he catches Ciampa with a flying back elbow. Homicide whips Ciampa into the ropes and catches him again with an overhead release suplex. Ciampa scurries back out to the floor and Homicide goes for the tope suicida, but Ciampa's entire group jumps up on the apron to distract Homicide and allow Ciampa to sneak up from behind and pick Homicide up in a torture rack into a sitout F5 for 2. Ciampa whips Homicide hard in to the corner and hit a running knee to the jaw and covered for 2.