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Former WWE Talent Reopening Restaurant

Former WWE talent Armando Estrada announced on his Twitter that he is reopening his restaurant Baby's Steak and Lemonade.
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Results For Ring Of Honor's Honor Takes Center Stage: Part Two

Kings Of Wrestling vs Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly

The Kings brutally attack Cole & O'Reilly before the opening bell, and Claudio kills Cole with a hard back elbow. Hero tags in and hits a hard slam and then nails O'Reilly off the apron. Shane Hagadorn joins Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak at the announce booth where Kevin Kelly suggests that there might be some dissension between Shane and the Kings. Cole catches Claudio with a bulldog and then O'Reilly tags in and nails a hard dropkick, and Claudio responds with a European Uppercut. Claudio tries another and O'Reilly catches the arm and gets a backslide for 2, but Hero comes in and they hit the double parachute drop on O'Reilly. Hero with a running senton for 2 and then starts unloading with heavy strikes. Claudio comes in and easily lifts O'Reilly into the air and press slams him for 2. Hero back in for a delayed atomic drop, leaping elbow into the corner, and then whips O'Reilly into a running clothesline from Claudio for 2. Claudio tags out to Hero, clocks O'Reilly with a European Uppercut, and then Hero gets a hard elbow to the back of the head for 2, then O'Reilly gets a sunset flip out of nowhere for 2. Claudio back in and a complex series of moves leads to O'Reilly slipping past the Kings to make the hot tag to Adam Cole, who comes in and takes out Claudio with a flying headscissors and then gets the knees up on Hero on a senton attempt and then catches him with a leg lariat from the second rope. Cole blocks a German suplex attempt and hits a leaping enziguigi on Hero and dodges a move from Claudio, dropkicks him to the floor, and then hits a diving flying headscissors on the floor on Claudio, followed by O'Reilly with a diving dropkick off the apron, then Cole comes back in and hits a flying bodypress for 2. O'Reilly gets Hero in a fireman's carry but Hero slips out and hits rolling elbows on both opponents and makes the tag to Claudio. The Kings go for the waterslide elbow but Cole grabs Hero's ankle from the outside and O'Reilly converts to a front guillotine on Claudio. Hero repeatedly kicks O'Reilly in the head, but O'Reilly refuses to break, and Cole comes in and superkicks Hero to the floor and follows him out with a dive. O'Reilly nearly puts Claudio out, but claudio recovers and pops O'Reilly into the air for a European Uppercut, then a double bicycle kick puts O'Reilly down for 3.

Winners: Kings Of Wrestling

Awesome opener, O'Reilly and Cole did great this weekend and got a big pop from the crowd, who chanted "that was awesome" at them. Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly arrived in ROH this weekend.

Prince Nana comes out with his entourage to introduce his latest acquisition for the next match...

Dave Taylor vs Colt Cabana

I've been looking forward to this one. They tie up and Taylor takes Cabana to the corner and breaks clean. Taylor gets a three quarter nelson and snapmares Cabana, but Cabana rolls to his feet. Another three quarter nelson from Taylor and another snapmare with Cabana landing on his feet so Taylor hits a pair of dropkicks to send Cabana to the floor where he pantomimes his shock that Taylor can still hit dropkicks. Taylor ties Cabana up again with a straitjacket hold and steps on the back of Cabana's knees to break him down, but Cabana reverses to one of his own. Taylor reverses back to the advantage and rams into Cabana's shoulder a couple of times, but Cabana uses Taylor's momentum to backdrop him across the ring. Cabana goes for a handshake and pulls Taylor in, but Taylor backdrops him and just wallops Cabana with a European uppercut, then hits a second one and traps Cabana in an armbar/crossface combo. Taylor breaks Cabanadown flat and drops elbows across Cabana's arm, then lets him out and whips Cabana to the ropes but Cabana ducks the clothesline and hits some jabs, only to eat another European uppercut from Taylor. Taylor with an ankle pick and applies a stepover toehold, then releases Cabana and stretches the leg out before smashing his elbow into the bridge of Cabana's nose. Taylor back to the armbar/crossface and Cabana makes the ropes, so Taylor breaks clean and whips Cabana across the ring, but Cabana slips through the legs, whips Taylor to the corner and hits the Flying Apple. Taylor smashes him with another European uppercut, but Cabana gets a schoolboy rollup and gets the three count.

Winner: Colt Cabana

That was terrific, so much psychology in that one and everything they did meant something. I really hope they bring Dave Taylor in again at some point, there's so much he can bring to the company both in the ring and behind the scenes.

Taylor gets a "thank you Dave" chant on his way out and Prince Nana gets mad that Taylor lost, but Barrister RD Evans tells him not to worry about it because they have another match up next...

Homicide vs Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa sneak attacks Homicide with a dropkick, but Homicide quickly responds by tossing Ciampa to the floor and ramming him repeatedly into the guardrails, then ramming the guardrails into Ciampa. Homicide grabbed a chair and the referee pulled it away, so Homicide rammed Ciampa into the rail again. Homicide drops Ciampa throat first on the guardrail and then rolls him back into the ring where he catches Ciampa with a flying back elbow. Homicide whips Ciampa into the ropes and catches him again with an overhead release suplex. Ciampa scurries back out to the floor and Homicide goes for the tope suicida, but Ciampa's entire group jumps up on the apron to distract Homicide and allow Ciampa to sneak up from behind and pick Homicide up in a torture rack into a sitout F5 for 2. Ciampa whips Homicide hard in to the corner and hit a running knee to the jaw and covered for 2. Homicide nailed Ciampa and went up in the corner for punches and Ciampa tried to carry him out into the ring for a powerbomb, but Homicide kept drilling him and Ciampa goes down. Homicide goes for a lariat, but Ciampa kicks the arm and hits a lariat of his own for 2. Ciampa yells at Homicide and slaps him in the face, but Homicide gets fired up and goes toe-to-toe with Ciampa in the middle of the ring. Ciampa tries a charge and Homicide sidesteps him to send Ciampa back to the floor. Homicide goes out and continues the assault on the floor, then goes up to the stage and hits a running suicide dive off of the stage and onto Ciampa at ringside. That was just insane. Homicide sends Ciampa back into the ring and hits a tornado DDT and a T-bone suplex for 2. Homicide goes for another lariat but Ciampa catches Homicide for a Boss Man Slam into a backbreaker for 2. Homicide recovers and beats Ciampa down in the corner and hits the Facewash, then goes for a Butterfly something, but Mia gets on the apron to distract the referee and Ciampa hits a neckbreaker cutter for 2. Ciampa goes to finish Homicide with the powerbomb backbreaker, but Homicide slips out and hits the Ace Crusher. Homicide sets for the Cop Killa but Mia is up on the apron again and Homicide goes after her, but Ciampa sneaks up on Homicide and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for 3.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Homicide is so happy for the biggest victory of Ciampa's career that he grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. RD Evans warns Homicide not to do it, so Homicide launches it at Evans and knocks him out. Mia gets in Homicide's face and Homicide grabs her by the hair, but Prince Nana is able to drag Mia to safety on the floor.

Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak talk about how Christopher Daniels refused to shake Eddie Edwards' hand after their match last night, and Dave Prazak reminds us that Daniels refused to follow the Code Of Honor going all the way back to the beginning of ROH.

Michael Elgin vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels attacks Elgin right at the bell and beats him senseless and rams him from corner to corner. Daniels with a running forearm in the corner and then knocks Elgin to the floor and follows him with a dive over the top rope. Daniels rams Elgin into the ring apron and then into the guardrail, then back into the apron again before rolling him back in the ring. Daniels comes right back in but Elgin picks him up and just dumps him with a Bodybag. Elgin with a hard whip into the corner and follows him in with a charging clothesline. Daniels with a chinbreaker and a leaping enziguiri sends Elgin back to the floor, but Elgin dodges a baseball slide and picks Daniels up to try and ram him into the ringpost, but Daniels slipped out and Elgin hits the post instead. Elgin gets back in the ring and tries to suplex Daniels in, but Daniels lands on his feet so Elgin charges him with a shoulderblock that sends Daniels to the floor. Elgin goes to the outside and rams Daniels all the way across the ring and through the barricade. Elgin tosses Daniels back into the ring and hits a Patriot Missile for 2, then a very delayed vertical suplex for another 2. Daniels fights back and hits another chinbreaker, but Elgin nails him and rams him into the ringpost, then sits on the top rope and puts Daniels in a Boston Crab in the corner! Elgin is so awesome. Elgin goes back up top but misses whatever he was trying and Daniels comes back with jabs and a flying leg lariat. Daniels drops Elgin to his knees and hits a Northern Lariat and a second rope curb stomp for 2. Elgin blocks Angel's Wings and another second rope curb stomp and hits a twisting pump handle driver for 2, then powerslams Daniels into the corner, hangs onto him, and hits a Cyclone for 2. Elgin goes up top but misses a twisting senton, and Daniels goes for a uranage but Elgin blocks and gets an O'Connor roll into a pair of forearms to the back of the head and comes off the ropes into an STO from Daniels. Elgin scores with a back elbow, Daniels ducks a lariat, but Elgin hits a second one and yells at Daniels to get up. Elgin goes for a powerbomb, Daniels lands on his feet, and lowblows Elgin, drawing boos from the fans. Daniels regards them for a moment before hitting the BME for the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

im Cornette kicks off the second half by saying he won't take too much time since the ROH main events go longer than a minute and 28 seconds, drawing a f*** TNA chant from the crowd. He politely asks them who is at their first ROH show (getting a loud reaction) and how many people think ROH is the best wrestling around today (getting an even louder reaction). Cornette guarantees everyone there and on iPPV that they will always do their best to justify our time and money on their product. He then asks Davey Richards to come join him in the ring, and asks him for his thoughts on his match tonight against Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. Davey says he has a lot of respect for Benjamin and Haas, but even though they've come into ROH and steamrolled over everyone, but the American Wolves are on another level and when they get in the ring with them, they'll be in for a fight. He thanks the fans for the reaction they gave Eddie Edwards because he embodies everything there is to do with honor. Davey is proud of Eddie and people might think he's getting jealous, but he's known what Eddie was about all along and he's always had the spirit and honor it takes to be a champion. Cornette brings up Davey's tough break against Roderick Strong at Final Battle, but points out that Davey has been undefeated since and avenged that loss to Roderick last night. Cornette brings up Davey's quest to make sure he's at his best the next time he challenges for the World Title since it will be the last time and he wants to be ready, but tells Davey that ROH is a business and needs to sell tickets and DVDs and says that they're going to make that match. Davey looks very unhappy about being put in the position to fight Eddie, and says he understands ROH's position, but this is Eddie's time and he's not saying he'll never fight Eddie because they've already done it once, but this is Eddie's time and he's not going to be the guy to destroy his brother's dream.
Eddie Edwards' music hits and he comes out to join in the conversation, and Cornette asks for his position on this. Eddie says he feels the same way as Davey because they're partners, Wolves, and family...but Davey said he didn't want to be the one to crush his dreams and he made it sound like it would be a foregone conclusion that he would beat Eddie. He knows Davey didn't mean it that way, and points out that the one time they did wrestle, he came out on top. Cornette says he's not trying to break up any friendships, but there's a lot of money on the table and asks them to consider it. Davey says he knows that at the end of the day Cornette is a promoter, and if they end up having to fight each other then that'll happen, but tonight it's about the American Wolves against the ROH World Tag Team Champions. Eddie finishes by telling Haas & Benjamin that tonight, the hunt is on!

SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara

Nakagawa and Matsumoto start off and Matsumoto runs over Nakagawa with a series of shoulderblocks, but Daizee comes in and nails Matsumoto from behind. Matsumoto bowls through a double clothesline attempt and hits a double crossbody for 2. Kurihara tags in and nails Nakagawa with a clothesline and locks in a kneeling figure four, but Daizee comes in and boots Kurihara in the chest and then Nakagawa goes to the eyes. Daizee tags in and does a fast paced sequence with Kurihara, who locks Daizee into the cross armbreaker in the ropes that actually drags Daizee over the top to the floor. Kurihara goes to the top and Nakagawa runs over and sprays water in her eyes, allowing Daizee to dump her off the top rope and cover for 2. Nakagawa snapmares Kurihara, rakes her boots across the face, and dropkicks her in the face for 2. Nakagawa gets caught with a running victory roll from Kurihara for 2, but Daizee runs across the ring and nails Matsumoto and they follow it up with a double baseball slide to Kurihara for 2. Nakagawa comes back in and gets caught with a dropkick, and Kurihara makes the hot tag to Matsumoto, who comes in and runs over both girls with shoulderblocks. Matsumoto went for the backdrop driver, Makagawa tries to counter to a victory roll, but Matsumoto hangs on and hits the suplex anyway. Daizee tries a sleeper on Matsumoto and hangs on her back, but Kurihara jumps onto Matsumoto's front and she carries them both over for a double kneedrop on Nakagawa. Kurihara and Matsumoto hit a series of running knees to Nakagawa and then Kurihara hits a running dropkick to send Nakagawa through the ropes. Nakagawa manages to make the tag to Daizee, but Kurihara gets a lungblower and tags Matsumoto and then all hell breaks loose with all four girls in the ring. Kurihara hits an overhead uranage on Daizee and then Matsumoto hits a backdrop driver on Daizee but Nakagawa pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count 3. Daizee recovers and hits a heart punch and running Yakuza Kick on Matsumoto, Nakagawa hits a leaping enziguiri, and Daizee finishes with a Tiger Suplex.

Winners: Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa

That was awesome, great match and the SHIMMER crew had a great overall showing this weekend.

All Night Express vs Jay & Mark Briscoe

The Briscoes got the jump on King and Titus by coming out of the crowd and attacking them from behind, and the fight quickly spilled out to the floor with the Briscoes basically destroying the ANX. Mark went for a piledriver but Titus backdrops him on the floor as Jay rammed King into the guardrail. They head back into the ring and try to double team King, and Mark gets backdropped to the floor but Jay superkicks King. Titus makes a blind tag and comes in with a slingshot shoulderblock for 2. Mark comes back in and beats King down as a second referee comes in the ring to try and control this. This is so going to end in a DQ. The referees put Mark and King out to the apron as Titus works Jay over with a chop and a sweet dropkick for 2. Inverted atomic drop/clothesline combo gets 2 for King, and then King gets a snap suplex and starts drilling Jay in the face with rights. Titus with a charging elbow in the corner and then whips Jay into a leaping spinkick from King for 2. Jay makes a blind tag to Mark, who comes in with a clothesline to Titus and then pummels titus with crossfaces and punches. Mark takes a shot at King and then the Briscoes take Titus out to the floor, ram him into the barricade, and then double whip him into the ringpost, busting him open. Jay walks him around ringside to show off his handiwork, then dumps him back into the ring so Mark can gouge at his face and drill him with more punches and crossfaces. Briscoes with a double football tackle to Titus, and then Jay unloads with chops and punches in the corner, then just stomps him into oblivion. Mark comes in and lights Titus up with chops and then bites him on the head. Jay clears off the timekeeper's table as Mark hits a slingshot double stomp for 2. Titus desperately tries to make the tag, but Mark cuts him off and puts him in the corner so Jay can hit a running boot to the face and a charging clothesline, followed by a snapmare and baseball slide for 2, and Titus counters with a crucifix for 2 but gets right up into a superkick from Jay. Mark comes in and puts Titus on top, but Titus shoves him off and hits a double kneedrop from the top and tags King in. King comes in and destroys Jay with clotheslines and a cartwheel kick followed by a cradle suplex for 2. King leapfrogs Jay and hits shotgun knees in the corner for 2. King gets Jay in a fireman's carry and Jay slides out to the apron to escape, but Titus comes out of nowhere to hit the Sex Factor through the timekeeper's table. King and Mark are going at it in the ring, and Titus joins in for a 2-on-1 beatdown on Mark. ANX goes for the double football tackle, but Jay drags Titus to the floor and Mark hits King with a superkick and then a bloody Jay Briscoe comes in and kills King with a clothesline and sprays blood out of his mouth at the audience. Jay with a Falcon Arrow suplex for 2 on King, then Mark puts Titus up top and goes for a top rope suplerplex, but Titus slid under and dumped him face first on the ringpost. Jay and Titus go face to face and exchange blows in the middle of the ring, and Jay sprays more blood at Titus and fires rights at him, but that just fires Titus up who comes back with a hard clothesline to lay Jay out. Titus and King hit the Blockbuster/powerbomb combo and go for the cover, but Mark makes the save and then gets summarily dumped to the floor. The ANX go for a double team on Jay, but Mark nails Titus and Jay hits the Jay Driller on King for the win.

Winners: Jay & Mark Briscoe

Roderick Strong vs El Generico
They do wristlock exchanges to start, but Roderick gets a cheap kick to the gut and then starts stomping Generico, but Generico comes back with some chops. Roderick kicks at Generico's knee and then boots him in the head, but Generico catches him with a series of armdrags and goes up in the corner for the diez punch count and then hits a leg lariat for 2. Generico goes for a springboard move from the apron, but Truth Martini yanks Generico down by the ankle and puts the boots to Generico on the floor. Generico gets back in the ring and Roderick covers for 2, then goes to a neck vice. Roderick with a vertical suplex for 2 and then goes to a chinlock, Generico fights his way free but Roderick gets a dropkick for 2 and then locks him in a Sabu clutch. Generico makes the ropes and goes to the floor, so Roderick follows him out and works him over with hard forearms. Generico fires back with some shots of his own so Roderick cracks him with a leaping knee to the jaw and whips him into the barricade, and then whips Truth Martini into Generico, getting a pop from the crowd. Roderick rolls Generico back into the ring and covers for 2, then gets a leg nelson, then leans forward and nails Generico with a few crossfaces. Generico rocked backward to put Roderick to his back for a 2 count, but Roderick comes right back and just destroys Generico in the corner with chops and stomps. Generico gets whipped hard to the corner but comes out with a series of clotheslines, Roderick responds with some forearms of his own but Generico hit a Blue Thunder Driver for 2. Roderick blocked the half nelson suplex and went for a superkick, but Generico rolls him up for 2. Roderick comes off the ropes and Generico catches him with a Michinoku Driver for 2, then feeds off the fans and goes for the running Yakuza Kick in the corner, but Roderick gets the boot up and follows right up with a leaping enziguiri, then a pair of running forearms in the corner and a cradle backbreaker for 2. Generico goes for the climbing DDT but Roderick blocks and hits a leaping knee for 2. They exchange forearms in the middle of the ring with Roderick coming out on top, Generico spits in Roderick's face, Roderick spits back and boots Generico in the face, Generico comes back with a big boot of his own and now hits the climbing DDT. Roderick spills to the floor and Generico goes for a dive, but Truth Martini grabs his ankle and pulls him to the floor, then gets in the ring and sets up for a dive of his own, but Roderick pulls the ropes down as he tries to drag himself back up and Truth tumbles to the floor then Generico knocks Roderick back to the floor and finally wipes both men out with the dive. Generico hits the running Yakuza Kick in the corner and the half-and-half suplex for 2. Generico motions for the top rope brainbuster and sets Roderick up top, but Roderick blocks. Generico is persistent and tries again, but Truth Martini distracts the referee while Michael Elgin runs in and tries to attack Generico. Generico takes him out and Roderick tries to catch him unawares, but Generico catches him coming in and hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner: El Generico

Good match, though not the blowaway classic I expected after the way the SoCal Showdown II match was talked up. Michael Elgin and Truth Martini attack Generico after the match, but Colt Cabana runs out to make the save. Cabana goes to nail Truth Martini, but Elgin attacks him from behind and puts the boots to Cabana. Daniels runs in with the Book of Truth in his hand and goes to nail Elgin with it, but instead turns and hits Generico. Daniels hands a smiling Truth Martini the Book of Truth, then gives Cabana the Angel's Wings. Daniels and Roderick go face-to-face, then smileat each other and go back to beating up Cabana and Generico, finishing with Roderick hitting a uranage through a chair on Generico. The new and improved House of Truth raise their arms in victory to the booing fans, and then Daniels and Truth Martini shake hands before heading to the back.

ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs American Wolves

This is non-title. Davey and Haas start us off, with the crowd evenly split between both men. They do a mat wrestling sequence with neither man getting a clear advantage. Davey asks the fans if they want him to team Eddie in, and the fans react positively so he makes the tag and Haas goes and makes the tag to Shelton. Shelton shoots in with a double leg takedown and pretty easily outwrestles Edwards, but Eddie goes to the ropes and tries a test of strength instead. Shelton powers Eddie down into a bridge and tries straddling Eddieand bouncing his body weight onto Eddie, but can't break the bridge and Eddie ends up kicking to his feet and hitting a Frankensteiner. Crowd chants "that's our champ" at Eddie, and they tie up again. Shelton takes Eddie to the corner and tags out to Haas, but Eddie breaks cleans and tags out to Davey, who takes Haas down with a single leg and hooks the ankle. Davey tags Eddie and and they do a wishbone split and Eddie covers for 1. Davey back in and locks Haas in an Indian Deathlock and then turns it into a Muta Lock, but Haas makes the ropes so the Wolves tag in and out and work over the left arm of Haas. Davey hit a top rope double stomp on the arm and covers for 2, then tries a cross armbreaker but Haas clasps the hands, so Davey goes to a top wristlock instead. Eddie comes in with a double stomp to the arm and gets a nasty armbar where he kneels on Haas' shoulder and pulls up on the arm.

Davey comes in and rams Haas to the corner, but Haas returns the favor by literally launching Davey into the corner and making the tag to Shelton, who comes in and ties Davey up with a half nelson while ramming knees into the ribs and then ramming Davey hard into the corner and then covering for 2. Shelton with a gourdbuster for 2 and tags out to Haas for a wishbone of their own. Haas again rams Davey into the corner and covers for 2, then gets a chinlock with a bodyscissors. Davey reverses to a surfboard and Shelton comes in to save his partner, then tags in for a headbutt to the lower adbomen of Davey. Shelton fights for it and turns Davey over into a Boston Crab, but Eddie comes in and saves his partner with a kick to the face. Haas tags in and hits a running kneedrop for 2 and goes back to the chinlock, but Davey fights free and hits the handspring enziguiri. Haas rolls to the outside and Davey goes for the dive but Shelton comes in and nails him. Shelton tries to toss Davey to the floor, Davey reverses and tries to dump Shelton, Shelton tries to skin the cat back in but Eddie dropkicks him in the face and dumps him again, then the Wolves hit stereo dives and nearly drive Haas & Benjamin through the barricade.

They head back in where Eddie slams Haas and Davey hits an assisted flying headbutt for 2. Eddie with a chop on Haas and rams him to the corner for a charging elbow, then a snap suplex gets 2. Crowd chants "let's go champ" at Eddie, then locks him in a kneeling abdominal stretch and cradles Haas back into a crucifix for 2. Haas drives Eddie back to the corner and tags Shelton in, and Shelton superkicks Eddie's knee out from under him. That was unique. Shelton DDTs Eddie's foot multiple times and goes for a figure four until the crowd starts whooing at him and he just drops the legs and tags out to Haas. Haas drops on the leg and gets a side angle Indian Deathlock, and he and Eddie exchange chops while still locked in the hold. Eddie comes out on top to break the hold, but Haas just drops Eddie with a vicious single leg takedown, then tags in Shelton, who comes over the top with a vertical drop on the knee. Shelton picks Eddie up atomic drop-style, but just rams Eddie's knee into the top turnbuckle before hooking a toehold. Eddie makes the ropes so Shelton goes for a powerbomb, Eddie tries to fight it off, but Shelton powers him up and Eddied goes over the top and gets a sunset flip for 2. Shelton does "superkick uh oh you caught my foot but haha you threw my leg away so I'm going to spinkick you now" and then tags out to Haas. Eddie slips out of a suplex attempt and gets a second rope Codebreaker onto his bad knee, kicks away from Shelton, and makes the hot tag.

Davey comes in with a double missile dropkick and assaults Haas in the corner, then sets him up top. Haas tries to fight Davey off and headbutts him into the ring, but Davey fires up and goes back to the top to deliver repeated headbutts back to Haas, just headbutting him over and over until Haas is knocked silly, and then hits a top rope superplex on Haas for 2. Haas blocks a suplex and tries to counter to one of his own, but Davey slips out the back and gets a victory roll into the anklelock. Haas rolls through and sends Davey hurtling into the corner, and Shelton makes a blind tag and Haas catapults Davey into a fireman's carry by Shelton, but Davey counters to a crucifix for 2. Davey with kicks and kicks in the corner and now all four men are in the ring. Wolves with a pair of leaping enziguiris and dump Haas to the floor, then hit a double knockout kick to Shelton for 2. Wolves with the double team Alarm Clock on Shelton, then they go for the superkick German Suplex combo, but Haas breaks it up and they hit stereo rolling Germans to the Wolves, and then the Wolves hit stereo rolling Germans of their own, then switch opponents and hit more rolling Germans. Haas & Benjamin both hit switches and start delivering more rolling Germans to the Wolves until the Wolves get stereo victory rolls that get 2, and then a pair of double clotheslines wipe all four men out.

The crowd is really into this as Davey and Haas regain their footing and exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Haas comes out on top so Davey hits a spinning enziguiri out of nowhere, then eats a nasty superkick from Shelton. Shelton turns around and gets superkicked by Eddie, and then Haas comes over and hits an Angle Slam on Eddie. It's back to Haas and Davey, and Davey fires repeated forearms at Haas, but Haas gets an inverted atomic drop and Shelton follows with another superkick for 2. Haas & Benjamin put Davey on top, but Davey dumps Haas to the floor so Shelton comes up the ropes and Davey knocks him off, so Shelton runs up the ropes for a hard kick to Davey. Eddie nails Shelton and they hit a double team powerbomb into a super lungblower for 2, then Davey gets Shelton in an ankle lock as Eddie gets Haas in an Achilles Lock. Shelton kicks Davey off into Eddie and then hits the leaping Flatliner for the win.

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
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Video: WWE Hightlight Shawn Michaels And Ric Flair Reunion

Over on, as part of Shawn Michaels's "WrestleMania Diary, WWE put up the following video with TNA Talent Ric Flair giving Shawn Michaels a gift.

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Part 1 Of Ring Of Honor's "Honor Takes Center Stage" Report

Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak welcome us to the show and run down the card, then send us to the ring for our opening match...

Michael Elgin vs El Generico

The House of Truth is barred from ringside for this match. They tie up and Elgin overpowers Generico, but Generico du