Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jimmy Jacobs added to TPI 2011

John Thorne sent the following in:


Absolute Intense Wrestling
TPI 2011

Friday May 20,2011
Saturday May 21,2011

7:00pm Bell Time
Live from The AIW Arena
St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall
12920 Madison Ave. Lakewood,Ohio

Night 1:$15
Night 2:$15
Two Day Pass:$30

Tickets are on sale now at

TPI 2011 is a two night single elimination Pro Wrestling tournament that
will feature 24 of the best Independent Wrestlers in the world ending in
a 3 way dance final on Saturday May 21st.

The winner will receive a open contract for the AIW Absolute Title which
he can use at any time!

1.Mad Man Pondo
2.Tim Donst
3.Sonjay Dutt
4.Sugar Dunkerton
5.Bobby Beverly
6.Marion Fontaine
7.Shiima Xion
8.Dave Crist
9.Gregory Iron
10.Jimmy Jacobs

First Round Match ups (Friday May 20th,2011)
Tim Donst VS. Mad Man Pondo

The Event will also Feature Non Tournament Matches on Both Nights

Non Tournament Matches Night 1 (Friday May 20th,2011)

Johnny Gargano VS. Akira Tozawa

AIW Womens Championship
Mickie Knuckles VS. AIW Womens Champion Jessica Havok
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Report:WWE Bans Jerry Lawler's Finisher

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jerry Lawler was told that he cannot use the piledriver in his match with Michael Cole at WrestleMania 27.
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Miz Comment Leads To New Conan T-Shirt

The Miz's appearance on Conan the other night has inspired a t-shirt. During the show, Miz suggested Conan change his nickname to "Ginja Ninja." Now, the show's official website is selling a t-shirt featuring the nickname, found at this link.
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The Sun UK Interview Rob Van Dam

ROB VAN DAM has revealed how he decided to join TNA when Hulk Hogan personally called him and asked him to sign.

Leaving the WWE in late 2007, Van Dam had no immediate intentions to return to wrestling — and made it clear he'd only go back on his terms and in a company were he felt fully backed and respected.

And, speaking exclusively to SunSport, RVD told how a call from Hogan convinced him TNA would be that company.

Rob told us: "I was fortunate enough to be able to pick and choose what I wanted to do when I left the WWE, so many of the guys can't afford to do that for various reasons.

"I needed to recharge my batteries, pursue my many outside interests and see if I still wanted to step back in the ring again. I need time to clear my head and find myself.

"When my contract ended with the WWE, TNA tried to get me straight away but I said no.

"They had big plans for me, it seemed, and a spot in the Main Event Mafia was brought up. But I'm not, and never have been, one for sharing the spotlight. I prefer to be the star and in the limelight by myself.

"Plus WWE had really burned me out. My contract stated I'd be given breaks and they never gave them to me.

"They did that constantly and they probably wrecked the chances of many guys going back by treating the talent that way.

"Eric Bischoff called me, Dixie Carter called me, even Jason Hervey picked up the phone. But I said to myself that they