Saturday, March 26, 2011

TMZ Picks Up On Michael Cole's "Gay Slur" Tweet

TMZ has picked up on the story of Michael Cole tweeting the word "faggot" to Josh Matthews. The article can be read here
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Hulk Hogan Comments On TNA's Lack Of Progress

When asked on Twitter about the lack of progression in TNA, Hulk Hogan tweeted the followng:

"Have you ever moved a mountain?" "It moves slow. There's more to this business than you or I will ever understand.

"I'm trying, I think I've learned a lot in thirty years, we are on the same page. I've been there a year. That's funny. McMahons have been in it for decades and decades!"
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Hulk Hogan Back Peddles On Claims He Runs TNA

On Twitter, Hulk Hogan was asked by a fan if he ran TNA Wrestling and Hulk tweeted the following:

I'm talent I didn't run that company. It's a work

When asked the same question a few weeks back, Hulk claimed he had been on the creative team for 3 weeks.
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Radio: Unplugged 3/35/11 Archived

UnPlugged with JJ $exay returned to the airwaves on 3-25-11 on the SNS Radio Network. On the broadcast JJ reviewed the latest episode os WWE Smackdown on the SyFy Network leading to Wrestlemania 27 in 9 days and the build for Wrestlemania thus far. Chris Kelly of stopped in to discuss the latest news of the week including TNA Star Kurt Angle being arrested. JJ and Crelly also talked about Hogan on American Idol and Miz on Conan and how one was promotional ....and one was certainly not.L-Train from the chat called in to talk this topic as did WNL Host The TreyDawg. The Sensational Sean called in to talk favorite WrestleMania matches as JJ, Crelly and Sean gave 5 this week and will give another 5 next week. Sean talked the latest gaming news and movie news as well before wrapping the show with calls from "The Pope" Trentavious and Hollywood as well as a few emails. JJ encouraged the listeners to send in emails every week to
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Sin Cara Makes WWE Debut

Sin Cara made his WWE debut at tonight's Raw live event at Assembly Hall in Champaign, Illinois, defeating Primo. The follow recap of his match is from


Wow, this was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to Sin Cara hopefully bringing back this exciting style to Monday nights. Mistico errr Sin Cara did most of his trademark spos, including the Corkscrew Plancha, the Springboard Rana, the Spinning Flying Head Scissors and the running headfirst dive between the ropes. They weren't all super smooth, but this is still night one. Sin Cara tried for another springboard rana but Primo reversed it into a power bomb. Primo tried for another Power Bomb, but this time Sin Cara reversed it into the La Mistica (!) for the submission win at 11:12. Good match and people liked Sin Cara, especially considering no one had seen him before or knew who he wa
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