Saturday, March 12, 2011

Report: Smackdown Star Threatens To Retire

According to, Rey Mysterio recently requested his release from WWE and told officials that he would retire if they did not grant his wish to take time off.

Mysterio is known for having several issues with WWE management over nagging injuries, issues over how much money he makes and just recently, time he requested to take off.

It’s currently not known when Rey requested his release, but most believe within the company suspect it was before WWE’s big Sin Cara press conference two weeks ago in Mexico.
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Kevin Nash And Sean Waltman Having WrestleMania Party

Former WWE, WCW and TNA star, Sean Waltman is headed to Atlanta during WrestleMania weekend. Waltman has officially been added as a guest to Kevin Nash's party that will be held on Friday, April 1st at the Sutra Lounge in downtown Atlanta. Ticket holders will get the chance to meet and party with both former Kliq members that night, but are very limited.

VIP tickets are $79 each and there are only 50 available; General Admission Tickets are $39 and there are only 200 available.

Tickets go on sale at Midnight this Monday morning, March 14th, so be sure to get yours secured early! For more information on the event, visit
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New WWE TV Deal In Canada

Credit:Slam Wrestling

Canadian wrestling fans received good news on Thursday when The Score, one of the nation's three all-sports stations, announced that it and World Wrestling Entertainment had renewed their broadcast agreement.

Though the exact length of the "multi-year agreement" was not announced, Score Senior Vice President and Legal Counsel Asha Daniere told SLAM! Wrestling in an exclusive interview that the agreement gives The Score very coveted rights to WWE programming.

"It's a deal that's exclusive to The Score with respect to essentially all programming that comes into Canada," she said in a Thursday interview, noting that "there are a couple small exceptions."

It is a deal over more than just the broadcasts of the shows, and covers online, mobile and VOD rights.

The cause for this renewal can be immediately seen in the numbers. Greg Sansone, VP, Television with Score Media Inc., reports that in the past two years ratings for WWE programming on the channel have increased, with Monday Night Raw averaging over 500,000 viewers and Friday Night Smackdown in the high 300,000s on a weekly basis.

Sansone also credits The Score's eagerness to make WWE a flagship part of their programming schedule for the success of wrestling on the network.

"We've been having discussions with WWE for the better part of the last couple years and have been talking about what we've wanted to do with the property and make it a core of our programming," he explained. "That was really important to WWE -- that we embrace their product. They often talk about that before they came to The Score, it was almost treated as a secondary product, whereas we put it front and centre."

"WWE is thrilled to expand its partnership with the Score," said Andrew Whitaker, Executive Vice President of International for WWE, in a press release. "They have been a great partner, and we are confident we will build on our success in Canada by developing WWE content across multiple platforms." (Whitaker, on assignment for WWE in Russia, was unavailable for further comment.)

Sansone and Daniere also outlined to SLAM! Wrestling that NXT, WWE Experience and WWE Vintage Collection -- which do not have a broadcaster in the U.S. -- will continue being broadcast on the station, while the Right After Wrestling broadcasts that follow the Raw repeat on Tuesday afternoon and after Smackdown on Fridays, have been maintaining strong numbers. To this point in time, however, neither the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony or the returning Tough Enough reality competition have been confirmed for Canadian broadcasting.

The Score did, however, let slip that other projects are in the works.

"We're in discussions with WWE about doing co-produced programming," Daniere reported.

The relationship between The Score and WWE dates back to 2000. On top of the agreement that WWE programming would run on The Score, WWE took an equity position in The Score's parent company, Headline Media Group Inc. (HMGI).