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CZW 3.10.11: SATURDAY 'Status Update: Fantastic!'; CZW Wired TV

*COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING - “Status Update: Fantastic!”*

Saturday, March 12, 2011 – 7:30 pm bell time

The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA

”Status Update: Fantastic!” Facebook Event Site

* CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Ego” Robert Anthony
vs. Devon Moore

(Hear Anthony’s “final words” for Devon Moore at CZW’s
Official YouTube Channel

* Drake Younger/Drew Gulak/Masada vs. Danny Havoc/Scotty

(This last weekend, Younger violently assaulted Scotty Vortekz after
an IPW match with a fireball! Watch it here

. How will this impact this HUGE six man match-up?)

* Ultraviolent Rules Match: CZW Owner DJ Hyde w/ Kylie Pierce vs. Greg

* “BLK JEEZ” Sabian vs. co-CZW Tag Team champion Jay Briscoe

* Joker vs. co-CZW Tag Team champion Mark Briscoe

* For Akuma’s Best of The Best Spot: Ty Hagen vs. Akuma w/ Kimber

* Last Chance for Best of The Best: Ryan McBride vs. A.R. Fox vs.
Aaron Arbo vs. Alex Colon

* Ruckus vs. tHURTeen

* 1PW Showcase Match: Kid Fite vs. “Unstoppable” Andy Wild

* Also featuring Ryan Eagles and so much more

Tickets available online

or at the door before the event.

*New CZW Wired TV FREE STREAM on HybridEnt.TV*

NOW on HybridEnt.TV

, it’s the NEW episode of CZW WIRED TV on the Free Stream!

On this episode of CZW Wired TV, catch the action as we count down to
“Status Update: Fantastic!” THIS SATURDAY, March 12.

• Kit Osborne tries to break his losing streak against Ryan Eagles

• A preview of CZW’s TWELVE DVD as Danny Havoc challenges CZW
Wired TV champion Drew Gulak

• A message from Ruckus about Best of The Best X on April 9

• In the main event, Team Macktion returns to take on the The Best
Around, the team with the longest CZW Tag Team Title reign in Combat
Zone history

During the match with The Best Around, TJ Cannon suffered a possible
career threatening injury. Visit

for an update.

CZW TWELVE is also available NOW on DVD and On-Demand at HybridEnt.TV


Big Japan Pro Wrestling: The Best of the Current Ultraviolent
Underground champion Yuko Miyamoto is also available on DVD and
On-Demand (w/ both Japanese and English commentary) at HybridEnt.TV


*Best of The Best X/wXw Kreuzzuf ZXI on Pay-Per-Stream; Bus Trip Info*

CZW brings you Best of The Best X on Saturday, April 9 to The Asylum
Arena in a doubleheader with wXw’s return to Philadelphia. You will
also be able to stream the action from both events LIVE on

Already announced for Best of The Best X:

* From CZW Akuma, Sami Callihan, Jonathan Gresham, and Adam Cole. See
what Callihan is threatening

and what Cole has to say
about BOTB.

* Big Japan’s Daisuke Sekimoto

* wXw’s Zack Sabre, Jr.

* Evolve’s Chuck Taylor

* DragonGate’s Johnny Gargano

* ROH’s Kyle O’Reilly

* PWG’s Brandon Gatson

* 1PW’s Jake Crist

From NYC or North Jersey and want to see all of April 9’s action?
Click to view arrangements for a bus trip to catch both CZW and wXw


Also visit The “Best of The Best X” Facebook Event Site


*CZW/Big Japan Stars to Appear at K&S WrestleFest on April 9*

CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion Yuko Miyamoto and “Crazy
Monkey” Jun Kasai will be among the guests at this year’s K&S
on April 9 at The Ramada Philadelphia, 76 Industrial Hwy (Rt. 291) in
Essiington, PA.

This year’s WrestleFest will feature the likes of Bobby “The
Brain” Heenan, Orient Express (Tanaka & Sato w/ Mr. Fuji), Molly
Holly, Barry Horowitz, George South, The Sandman, Road Warrior Animal,
Lex Luger, Paul Ellering, Pat Tanaka, Doug Williams, Lance Hoyt aka
Vance Archer, “Grappler” Len Denton, Shinja Akio Sato, Salvatore
Bellomo, special guest Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, and more.

- - - - - - - - - -

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The Rock Set For WWE Appearance Post WrestleMania 27

According to Joey Styles's Twitter page, The Rock will be at Raw the night after WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, GA.
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John Morrison And Melina Banned From Nightclub?

John Morrison tweeted the following:

"... Security doesn't like confrontation... @realmelina and I are banned for life from Skybar... And... I DON'T CARE"

"Skybar! Why would you have a pool if you didn't want us to jump in? It's Melina's birthday! ... C'maaaaan!!!"

"Haha! They called the cops but we took the got the Brain Surge limo outta there!
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The Sun UK Interviews Kurt Angle

KURT ANGLE has vowed NOT to follow in the footsteps of fellow wrestling legends The Rock and Steve Austin — by insisting he'll never return to the WWE.
Instead, in another exclusive SunSport interview, Kurt has pledged his future to TNA.

Although the Olympic gold medallist — who has been with Dixie Carter's company for four-and-a-half years — did admit he may well scale down his level of involvement in wrestling.

Angle, 42, told us: "My contract comes up in August/September. I'm going to re-evaluate.

"But I am NOT going anywhere else. I will stay in TNA, I just need to see how much I'm going to be wresting for them, whether part time or whatever amount of time, but I'm very happy in TNA.

"A lot of my fans have been asking 'When are you going back to WWE?' but I will retire here.

"I'm very excited about the product, the company keeps growing and I like to think I've been a small part of it. I'm going to stick around and hopefully I'll do something part time when my contract is up.

"I think Dixie Carter and myself need to sit down and work it out. I'm not against even working every PPV.

"I just know that I can't continuously go on the road and wrestle hundreds of days a year. I'm not able to any more. Not if I'm to be able to perform the way they want me to."

Angle will be appearing at TNA's huge Lockdown event, which the company have released exclusive UK travel packages for including flights, accommodation and even breakfast with the wrestlers.

He is also a very busy man outside of the wrestling ring. His fiancé recently gave birth to their first daughter prematurely, causing Angle to dash home from the TNA European tour to be by her side.

He also runs a health food provider and has a 30 per cent share in a film production company, North Shore Pictures.

North Shore's latest offering, River of Darkness, sees Angle play a small town sheriff investigating a series of grisly murders, and also stars Kevin Nash and Sid "Vicious" Eudy.

Kurt is clearly relishing being an actor, but in typical Angle fashion, he isn't content with simply reading his lines.

He said: "We're going to do two films a year — and I'll star in all of them, of course!

"We're thinking about getting TNA involved, so we might have a TNA wrestler starring in it as a supporting actor, but we don't want it to be just wrestlers. We want actors who are non-wrestlers too.

LEGEND ... Kurt Angle
"I'm very serious about our company. I'm a 30 per cent owner so I have a vested interest in making sure we do the right things.

"But I'd like to build the wrestlers on a different platform by giving them an opportunity to be in the movies which they wouldn't normally be, and show their skills in other forms.

"I love wrestling, I really do, but as much as I love wrestling I love acting even more, and I just want to make sure this company does the right thing.

"I also have my food company, Angle Foods, and I've been really busy mixing the wrestling with the movies and the food company. My head's been spinning, and now I have a new little baby girl.

"My life has changed dramatically, but for the better. I have to say I'm a lot busier, but at least I'm not taking as many bumps!"

Wrestlers turning to acting is a topical issue. WWE is abuzz from the return of The Rock in an angle with John Cena — a feud which has joint origins of WrestleCast and Hollywood.

Angle — who stays in contact with Dwayne Johnson — is happy to see his former colleague back involved in wrestling.

He told us: "I think it's great. I honestly believe that Rock misses wrestling. He loves the fans. He comes back partially to promote his movies, but the other part is his passion for the fans. He loves being out there and doing things live.

"He actually performs better when he is out in front of a crowd live. That's The Rock. I heard he cut a promo on Cena and I texted him saying I heard about it, and heard it was great. He's always been the best promo guy I've ever known."

Of late, Angle has been embroiled in a feud with Jeff Jarrett in which art is imitating real-life.

Off-screen Jarrett is married to Angle's ex-wife Karen, and the whole situation has proved irresistible to TNA writers, who have transitioned the drama to the screen and the ring.

Some have suggested the angle is in bad taste, others find it compelling. But how does the man at the centre of it all feel about working with Jarrett?

Angle admitted: "From a professional standpoint I think Jeff is one of the better wrestlers in TNA.

"But I'm not going to lie, we've had our personal differences. At one point I asked for a release here. Basically the choice was it would be me or Jeff, but they pulled Jeff off the air for a while and kept me on.

"As time went on and everybody's wounds healed, I was fine with Jeff coming back and my life seemed to be better.

"I found a woman I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with. Jeff also found a woman — you know who it is — so it actually worked out for the better in the long run.

"I have mixed feelings. For me I don't have any pride as a character. I might give a little bit too much of myself to make the other wrestler look better. I wasn't worried it damaging my character as a wrestler.

"A lot of fans are upset and against what is going on — but they are watching.

"As much as I respect Jeff as a wrestler, as a person it's kind of hard to get close to him. When something like that happens, you start to question them. Do you trust them? That was the hardest part.

"How do I trust somebody that ended up with my former wife?"
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Breakdown of WWE Raw TV Rating

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The March 7th RAW scored a 3.92 cable rating with 5.78 million viewers. This was the highest rated RAW since August 24th, 2009 when Floyd Mayweather hosted.

In a segment by segment breakdown, The Undertaker's interview opened the show with a 3.91 rating and the brawl with Nexus and Randy Orton plus Orton vs. David Otunga gained 71,000 viewers, which is good. Christian vs. Brodus Clay and Sunny's Hall of Fame announcement gained 219,000 more viewers. The increase in viewers is likely attributed to the Sunny video as this part in the show did a 5.2 rating among teenage boys, which beat everything else on the show except Steve Austin's return.

Following the "Original Diva" keeping viewers tuned in, the Divas Title match between Eve Torres and Nikki Bella lost 610,000 viewers. This match had a 4.2 rating among teenage boys and as noted, the Sunny segment did a 5.2.

The segment with Steve Austin, JBL and Michael Cole gained 961,000 viewers to a 4.46 rating. This is the best RAW quarter-hour rating in a long time. In Males 12-17, the rating was up from a 4.2 to a 5.5. The match with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus lost 1,102,000 viewers, which is the largest numbers of viewers lost during a segment of any WWE or TNA show in many years. This shows that many viewers tuned in to see Steve Austin and once he was done, they tuned out and returned at 11pm to see if anything else big was going to happen with the show in general.

The CM Punk vs. R-Truth match, the Shawn Michaels video and the segment with Vickie Guerrero lost 119,000 viewers while the Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison match lost 43,000 more. The end of RAW with John Cena's "final knockout" on The Rock and the attack from The Miz did good numbers, gaining 965,000 viewers and finishing with a 4.25 overrun.
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Cherry Bomb/WWE Update

According to her Twitter page,Cherry Bomb has not signed with WWE but she was at the FCW clinic this past week.
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Wade Barrett Helping Out Comic Relief

WWE Superstar Wade Barrett announced on Twitter that he is selling off a sign Nexus and Corre T-Shirt to raise money for Comic Relief. The items can be seen here
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Dick Togo makes his final U.S. appearances at CHIKARA's King of Trios 2011

The weekend of April 15, 16 and 17th will see 48 wrestlers converge on the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia for the monstrous King of Trios 2011! Among them - the leader of Kaientai DX, Dick Togo! 2011 marks Togo's final year in wrestling, as he is set to retire in the month of May. Don't miss him in action - with the legendary Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki (formerly "Hakushi" is WWF) as they come together one last time as "Team Michinoku Pro" at the epic King of Trios 2011!
Previously announced for the biggest weekend in independent pro-wrestling:

-Team Michinoku Pro (Great Sasuke/Dick Togo/Jinsei Shinzaki)
-Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge/Daisuke Harada/Ultimate Spider, Jr.)
-Manami Toyota/Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw
-The Colony (Fire Ant/Soldier Ant/Green Ant)
-F.I.S.T. (Icarus/Chuck Taylor/Johnny Gargano)
-The Osirian Portal (Ophidian/Hieracon/Amasis)
-Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz/Marshe Rockett/Willie Richardson)
-The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield/Sugar Dunkerton) with Matt Classic
-Sinn "Kizarny" Bodhi & The Batiri (Obariyon/Kodama)
-A trio representing the BDK captained by Tim Donst
-Team Australia (Tama Williams/Percy/Kabel)
-TNA star Amazing Red with the Maximos!
-The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked/Frightmare/UltraMantis Black)
-Team 3.0le! (El Generico, Scott "Jagged" Parker/Shane Matthews)
-Another trio will be revealed next Tueday at !

Season 10 is here:

"Operation Big Freeze"
3.12.2011 - Saturday Evening
Live @ The Campbell Street Center
600 Campbell Street
in Williamsport, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

"Creatures from the Tar Swamp"
3.13.2011 - Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Warsaw
261 Driggs Ave.
in Brooklyn, NY!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

King of Trios 2011
4.15 - 4.16 - 4.17 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
Live @ The former ECW Arena
7 W. Ritner St.
in Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm on Friday, April 15th!

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