Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 3/11/11


*Booker T, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews are the announcers. Booker got a huge pop coming out.

*Smackdown opens with World champion Edge coming out and challenging Alberto Del Rio to a fight. Del Rio and Brodus Clay come to the ring. Edge nails them but is cut off by Clay. They work him over but Christian makes the save. The heels overcome the best friends until referees break them up. Teddy Long declares there is going to be a Tag main event tonight.

*Kane defeats Wade Barrett by DQ when the Corre attacks. Big Show comes out with a chair to make the save. Teddy Long comes out and decrees it is now Show and Kane vs. Barrett and Heath Slater with the rest of The Corre banned from ringside. That match ends in a DQ win for Show and Kane when The Corre come out anyway. Show gets the chair and nails Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett as the others powder out of the ring.

*Cody Rhodes is seen walking backstage.

*Cody Rhodes defeats JTG in a quick match, wearing his suit and shoes.

*They push that Triple H will respond to the Undertaker tonight.

*Michael Cole interviewed John Cena. They showed clips of what Miz did to Cena on Raw. Cole is all over Cena. Jack Swagger tries to attack Cena and works him over. Cena makes the comeback and throws him out of the ring. Cena goes after Cole, who was taunting him during the beatdown. He grabs Cole but the Attitude Adjustment but Swagger pulls Cole out. In the end, Swagger eats an AA.

*They ran the Sin Cara video.

*Layla El pinned Kaitlyn and they worked her over after the match.

*Michael Cole returned to ringside.

*They are pushing a new Divas calendar hard.

*Rey Mysterio pinned Drew McIntyre with the 619.

*Triple H cuts a promo saying he will beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Undertaker comes out. They have a staredown. Triple H gives Taker the crotch chop. Taker gives Triple H the throat slash and leaves.

*Christian & World champion Edge defeated Alberto Del Roio & Brodius Clay when Christian nailed a Tornado DDT followed by an Edge elbow for the pin.
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Radio:The CAWsCast Returns Tonight With Marcus Stephenson 10:30pmEST

Tune in tonight to www.sundaynightshowdown.com starting at 10:30pm Est, 8:30pm Mst as The CAWsCast returns to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network with your hosts "The Phenom" Charles Shane and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay.
On tonights show JJ and Charles welcome back THQ Community Manager Marcus Stephenson to talk the latest details on WWE ALLSTARS hitting shelves on March 29th, SVR2011, and possibly even RAW.As always the boys will take your calls via the Skype line just add sundaynightshowdown to your buddy's list or simply call 501 588 7957 or send your emails to Charles@caws.ws and join the "Live" chatroom to be an interactive part of the sh
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*Spoiler* Full Cast For NXT Season 5


*Darren Young with Pro Chavo Guerrero.

*Connor O'Brien with Pro Vladimir Kozlov.

*Lucky Cannon with Pro Tyson Kidd.

*Byron Saxton with Pro Yoshi Tatsu.

*Jacob Novak with Pro JTG.

*Titus O'Neil with Pro Hornswoggle.
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Current Ring Of Honor Star Works WWE Dark Match


Former WWE and current Ring Of Honor star Shelton Benjamin wrestled Curt Hawkins in the dark match before WWE Smackdown
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WWE Sign Lance Storm Students

The following was posted on Lance Storms's website:

Very happy to report that the 4th Storm Wrestling Academy Student has been offered a WWE Developmental contract. This past weekend WWE held one of their FCW tryout camps and several SWA students attended. With these tryout camps the top prospect is offered a WWE developmental contract and for the second straight tryout camp in a row a Storm Wrestling Academy graduate took that top spot and earned the WWE contract.

The previous camp winner Mattias Wild has been in developmental for a couple months, and is competing under the name Mike Dalton. Out of the same camp but hired later, Brandon Barker, has just reported for duty in FCW and will no doubt be renamed soon. My third signee (name withheld until her work visa and all paper work is finalized) heads for her medicals and testing this week. The latest signee (another female student) will now have a lot of paper work as well as her medical testing to go through before she gets to report to work in Florida.

Congratulations to all four. I can't wait until you take that final step to the big stage and debut on WWE television.

Lance Storm
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Radio: Wrestling News Live 3/7/11 Archived

WNL Returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network on 3-7-11 with both "The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ (ALL CAPS) $exay.
JJ was in a mood as the boys ran down the latest news of the week and Trey brought up a very interesting topic of disscussion as things got heated toward the current Snookie situation for next weeks Raw and why the WWE gets a pass on using Jersey Shore and TNA did not...very heated. After the first break JJ addressed comments made in regards to being a TNA hater toward the chat, Crelly called in to talk about his expierience at the TNA UK fan event, Santo Loco called in with his thoughts on RAW and JJ asked about Sin Cara and what the WWE U niverse can expect from him. The Pope Trentaviuos called in for another Sermon for the WNL Congregation. JJ addressed the wrestling media /radio shows for their negative comments concerning wrestling fans bu so called Anal-lysts. After the last break JJ and Trey ran down Raw and graded the show which was very phoned in, read emails, and took a call from Ace Attitude before wrapping the show on a very voalitile episode of WNL.

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Press Release:SHIMMER Confirm New WWE Siging

SHIMMER Women's Wrestling sent out the following today:

Everyone at SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES would like to congratulate Tenille on signing a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Melbourne, Australia native relocated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to train under Lance Storm at Storm Wrestling Academy prior to expanding her schedule to include competing regularly for both SHIMMER and ECCW in the Vancouver area in 2009.

Tenille will also be featured on the reality television series "World of Hurt" which completed filming prior to her signing with WWE.

Best of luck to Tenille on her future in professional wrestling!
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Report:WWE Looking For More Divas


WWE is working on signing a number of new women right now. They recently signed Brandi Alexis Reed, a 26 year old model from Florida and there will be some additional developmental deals signed shortly to replenish the developmental roster